Weekend of September 22, 2017

My weekend was so simple but it was great!

Friday, I went to the Safari Park with Arlie. Omg, we went on the tram and saw giraffes, rhinos, one horned antelopes, and birds. It was interesting because I walked 2 miles and we stayed from 9 am to 3 pm. I was so tired that I took a nap after that.


Saturday, I went horseback riding on Hollywood from 9 to 9:30. It was fun because I love horseback riding! I did this exercise where I had to ride over the poles and around the cones. After that, I came home, got ready for picture day at baseball and I smiled.


In the afternoon, I saw who won on America’s Got Talent on TV. It was the ventriloquist Darci Lynn.

Sunday, I met a new nurse named Marlene who was so nice because she was so lovely. My dad, Marlene, and I went to the aquarium. We saw a turtle, a bioluminescence area, and a shark display. It was so cool! My dad made the Bioluminescence exhibit with an artist, in April. It was an awesome experience! We also saw seahorses and seadragons.


My favorite part of the weekend was the aquarium because it was so grand!


I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, I had an awesome weekend. Next weekend, I want to either get a pumpkin or get some candy because it will be a great weekend.


Weekend of May 5, 2017


My weekend was awesome because I was so busy! I had a gig, some of my side of the family came for dinner, I went to the orchestra rehearsal, strolled to Fletcher Cove, and had a baseball game.

Friday, I went to Fletcher Cove with my class. We walked there and I saw the beach. It was so pretty there at the beach but it was so cold that we headed back and saw the movie, My Fair Lady, in the classroom. My Fair Lady is a movie about these guys who had a bet that they could take any British woman from the street and teach her to speak correctly.

At night, we went to the orchestra’s dress rehearsal and this flute player was only 21 years old and he was amazing! It lasted 3 hours but we only stayed for 1 hour. The music was like two birds that sat on a tree which then fell because a small cat came and it was like that.  

Saturday, I went horseback riding but it was sprinkling while I was going on a trail ride. I thought “oh no will there be a baseball game?”  On my trail ride, I saw many horses in the barn and some were smaller than others. Guess what happened, it didn’t rain at baseball and I got a home run! I had 3 buddies named Ben, Dave and Troy.


At home I finished the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie which was so funny! My favorite part of the movie is when they did a song dedicated to Dave who always screams “Alvin!”

Sunday was the best part of the weekend because not only was I with Cece, but I had a gig at Music Box (it used to be Anthology), and I did awesome! I stayed until 2 pm and the ladies next to me were vivid; they were rocking out to one song by a band called Rush, played by another band, but not ours. We played 3 songs named Work song, All Blues and Cantaloupe Island.



Watch my gig here:

The teachers did a song called Superstition by Stevie Wonder. They didn’t even practice it at all but they just went for it!  


After all that, we went home and got ready for family dinner with Ellinora, Matthew, Anne-Marie, my grandma, Uncle Robert, Riley, Otis and Macie.  My Dad and I and all of our family ate dinner early because Ellinora needed to go home for bed. My dad cooked salad and rice and Ellinora was walking by herself. Aww!

My favorite part of the weekend was the gig because my dad filmed my band and put on Youtube so it’s there now! “Just as a reminder, my gig was in Little Italy. Once again Little Italy was the area it was located! Thank you!” My least favorite part of the weekend was when it was sprinkling because it was so odd.  I thought, “how could it be sprinkling during my trail ride? ” Overall, my weekend was breathtaking! What was breathtaking about it was again that gig. Next weekend, I want to either go hiking at Del Mar Beach, or go camping high in the mountains because it will be so cool!


Weekend of April 21, 2017

My weekend was breathtaking. I went horseback riding, I traveled to Miracle League’s tenth year anniversary, I went to Shooting Stars, attended a candle ceremony remembering the Holocaust, and had a birthday dinner for Matthew.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and then my dad and I rushed over to Miracle League. Every team played one inning because it was their 10th year festival. They had games, food, even karaoke and a fire truck tour which was my favorite part. I didn’t like the group photo, which was taken by a drone.


On Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars and I made a crown that had stickers. It was so neat because the crown was so good looking and colorful. I also attended a candle ceremony with Cece and my dad because it was an honor to light a candle to think about those who died in the Holocaust. It was at the JCC. Soon it was time for Matthew’s birthday dinner. The cake was so beautiful! I can’t remember what was on the cake. I think it was a chocolate with gumdrops on it. Lisa, Rick, Grandma, Aunt Laurie, cousin David, Uncle Steven, Uncle Robert, Bob, Julie, Anne-Marie and Ellinora came too.   


My favorite and least prefered part of my weekend was when I had the ceremony because it was so nice, but some of it made me feel down in the dumps. The Holocaust was when it was WW2 and people killed all the Jews in Europe in the 1940s, so it was 77 years ago. Overall, my weekend was part great and part not so fun. Next weekend, I either want to go to Old Town or Petco Park for it will be the weekend and that will be so exciting!


Weekend of March 10, 2017

My weekend was so extraordinary! I went to La Colonia Park, traveled to horseback riding, went to baseball, hung out with Uncle Jay and his daughter Liliana, went to Souplantation, and visited the Safari Park.

Friday, our class went to La Colonia Park. While the kids took a load off on the benches, I walked 2 laps, that’s almost a mile. Then there were some little kids who learned how to play flag football. It was so funny because the teacher ran as fast as she could and the other kids grabbed the teacher’s flag off her hips. So funny, don’t you think?

Saturday, while I was getting in the car, Uncle Jay woke up and I was so surprised. He is a hysterical man. When I said “What’s up?” he said, ”The sky is up. I am up. You and Mike are up.” Anyways after horseback riding, I saw Liliana. She is a Junior, so she is my peer. I told her I adored her video but what about the commercials? She showed me a clip of a TV show called Aqua Kids and I saw her in it.


I also saw her in a video about when you leave text messages; how to handle terrible messages. Liliana was in the principal’s office in the video because she accidentally bullied someone online. She learned to make the right choice next time. Lily was then at home, on her computer, texting. There’s a wrong way happening and a right way and it is basically to show kids what to say appropriately. Anyways then the principal said, “What did we talk about? Go to the office, now!” While we were driving to baseball, that was what I watched. Also, I hit so well at baseball.


After that, we went to Souplantation, my favorite restaurant. It is my best-loved  restaurant of all time because when I was in 3rd grade we were going to have a project so my friend Blake said “What will it be about?” I said, ooh oh I know what about Souplantation? Then that night I realized Souplantation, wait what? At first I thought that restaurant sounds like a crazy name, but then I thought hmm, hey maybe it will be my favorite restaurant, so it is. Also, I love their soups because they smell so yummy! At home, Jay and I played piano.

Sunday, I went to the Safari Park with Cece. First, we waited in a long long really long line to go see the butterflies. It took over an hour to wait. Two butterflies landed on my arms, and one was on my back.


After lunch, I saw the lemurs, but they were sleeping. There were some gorillas that we saw, and 2 were chilling, and one was having a birthday because there was a wall that said Happy Birthday. At home, Carla my friend who is a doctor, came to visit. We played piano while my Grandma sang.  


My favorite part of my weekend was the Safari Park, seeing Uncle Jay,  Lilianna, and Carla because it was so fun. I didn’t have a least prefered part because it was so nice. Overall, my weekend was fantastic! Next weekend, I want to sketch a picture with Jay, or take him to the Art Museum. I want to do one of these things because it will be so inspiring for us! 



Weekend of May 13, 2016

My weekend was wonderful! I went to O.T., horseback riding, had my last baseball game for the season, made a birthday card for Grandma, and did the Friendship Walk.

On Friday, I had O.T. I did great!

Saturday, I went horseback riding with Scout. Then my Dad and I made a birthday card for Grandma.

P1030614 - Version 2

After that, I had my last baseball game. I got a trophy! It was a blast.


Sunday at 11:45, my nurse Cece, my Dad, and I, went to the Friendship Walk at the Jewish Academy. I saw some clowns and a puppet show before I walked.


I saw friends. I did one mile and it was the best walk ever! I walked with Cece and my Dad.


Afterward, during the Israel festival, there were some people dancing and singing. It was awesome!

My favorite part of the weekend was the walk because it was so cool, seeing the clowns and the puppet show.


I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was so exciting! Next weekend I will have a [jazz band] gig at Music Box. I also want to either go to the Safari Park or have a picnic at the beach because it will be so fun!


Weekend of March 18, 2016

My weekend was great. I went shopping at CVS, played UNO, and saw the movie Shrek 1. I also went riding on a horse. We had picture day at baseball and a baseball game. I saw Aunt Laurie’s apartment, went to the aquarium, and I went to a Purim Celebration.

Friday, I rode the 308 bus to the 101 area [of Solana Beach]. When we got out from the bus we walked down to the CVS. Good thing Arlie saw the CVS sign.   Finally we walked into CVS and saw a lot of Easter eggs on sale. It was great because Jason helped me find 10 things. When we got back to school, we played Uno and Caleb won. At 230, Nick and Alex were watching Shrek on the computer so I joined them. It was so funny!

Saturday, my dad said “It’s picture day at Baseball so don’t even smile once until I tell you ok”. I rode Scout without smiling. I drove to baseball with no smile, but for my solo picture I made an awesome smile.


For my team picture I smiled. Baseball was so cool!


My dad was the pitcher for our team. My buddies were Ellie and I forgot my other buddy’s names [Lily and Kirsten].


After that, we drove to see Aunt Laurie’s apartment. It is across the street from the Highlands mall. It was a nice place. After piano practice, I took a long power nap. I slept from 2 to almost 3.

Sunday, Cece and I went to the aquarium.


We saw a baby female turtle. In the shark area, one shark almost ate a fish. I took a picture of the shark and it looked cool. The funny part was when there was a video about how seahorses mate and the male pushes out babies in the seahorse’s mouth. I really liked the Sailfin tang fish because it was in front of the tank and easier to see. When we got home, I took another power nap from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm. I needed a costume for Purim. I wore a fancy witch hat with beads and a lei [boa]. My dad wore a nerd costume. Jaydon was there, he was a jester. I saw a Luigi costume. Purim is about spring and there are 3 people in the story. There is Haman, and every time you hear his evil name you say boo. Also there were some clowns and a clown made me a balloon horse.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Purim celebration. My least favorite was nothing. Overall, my weekend was great! My dad will be away on Thursday. I will go to a Purium carnival next weekend. I want to either go on an Easter egg hunt or go to a flower park. I want to do one of these things because it’s springtime, hello!


Long Weekend of October 29, 2015

My weekend was so fantastic. Some of the things I did were going to see Mary Poppins, a young people’s concert, Escondido, horseback riding, baseball, trick or treating, the Natural History Museum, and seeing the Chargers football game.

Thursday night, I saw Mary Poppins with my dad at the JCC and OMG, it was so amazing. We sat near the back and one group of kids said they loved it. Mary Poppins was so elegant. Bert looked drab.


Friday, Jason, Arlie and I rode the bus to Escondido and when we got there, Jesus and Reina were already at the corner waiting for us. I asked them if they wanted to trick or treat around the stores but they didn’t say anything. Luckily, we went to Target, TJ Max, and World Market. After that, we rode back to school because it was a Halloween costume party. In the evening, my Dad and I went to UCSD because Steve Schick, the symphony conductor did a young people’s concert. He talked about the music we heard which was called Tuning up, before a piano concerto by Brahms. They played the third movement first, dedicated to Halloween, then the first movement. After that, it was over and I was thinking, “What? Why didn’t they play the second movement?” Anyways, that was on Friday.


Saturday was the REAL Halloween. I was so excited because I wore my costume not only to my riding lesson,


but I wore it to my baseball game. Believe it or not, it looked so ridiculouly funny, but cute.


[With celebrity pitcher Mark Loretta]


I don’t understand why would a princess like Elsa play baseball? Anyways, then I looked up can young adults go trick or treating? I found that the age level to stop is 14. After that age, you give out candy. I cried oh no! But I still wanted to go. We got ready to trick or treat with Skyler and when we were getting candy I said, “Go to that house? Don’t go, skip, skip” and I asked dad, “Can we go down the street?” We went trick or treating across the street, and I saw kids and when I went to the next house, they went ahead. When my dad and I got back inside my house, we noticed there were more kids getting candy than last year.

Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum and I saw the 3d movie, Walking with Dinosaurs. Then I got ready for Ms. Frizzle which was about evolution revolution. Next, I got a behind the scenes tour with Ms. Frizzle.


After I got home, I played Bouree on the piano by Bach. Soon I saw the game between Chargers and the Ravens. In the final quarter we almost won but the only mistake was when the Ravens kicked a field goal and won! Chargers will not make it to the playoffs for sure.

My favorite part of my weekend was when I went trick or treating because I had fun! My least favorite was seeing the Chargers lose because they almost won. Overall, my weekend was great because it was a Halloween perfect weekend a score of 10! Next weekend, I want to go to a rock concert or go to a park. I want to do one of these things because it will be awesome! Rock it on girl!!!!!!