Weekend of November 2, 2018

My weekend was fantastic!

Friday night, I went to see the La Jolla Symphony Orchestra for the Young People’s concert. The first piece was a water concerto. It was so weird because they had these glasses and Steve Schick was the soloist with two other percussionists. I loved it so much. Now I want to try to do that next time I wash my hands. There were also flip flops in the piece. They were stirring the water as if they were playing in the water. Water is part of our life. Without water we will die! There was also a waterphone. It was a contemporary concerto by a Chinese guy named Tan Dun. I loved it!!! The last piece for the concert was Petruska by Stravinsky. It is about a carnival and three puppets come to life. It includes a piano. One of the questions before the final movement I heard was “What is the piano?” Steve Schick said, “The piano is a keyboard instrument and it can play pretty melodies.” David the pianist demoed to us the Russian dance from that piece. I liked it because it was like a fairytale!  

Saturday, I had an awesome day. Why? Not only during horseback riding, where we did a simple obstacle course, and the game red light, green light, which ended in a tie, but at Miracle league baseball, I got two first pitch hits. Isn’t that amazing!   

Sunday, I had Shooting Stars. First, we made lanterns for the centerpiece of the restaurant for our Friendship Circle event coming up. Then Lisa from zumba came, and we danced to Israeli music like Hava Nagila.

In the afternoon, I did yoga at the University City Chabad. I liked the butterfly and gorilla stretches. While we were waiting for the rabbi we played an ice breaker game, such as to name truths and a lie.  You tell 3 things about yourself and one needs to be not true or a lie. Everyone else guesses which one is a lie. My example was I go horseback riding, play baseball, and ride a motorcycle. My lie? I do not ride a motorcycle!


Soon the rabbi came and he had his guitar and told a story. It was about this man who wondered how can he be poor and still be happy? So he asked the rabbi, “Rabbi, how can I be poor but still be happy at the same time? Is that possible?” He answered yes it is possible. Even if you are rich, poor, have cancer, etc., happiness is important. If you are happy, God is happy. At night I had Karate and Analyssa was my buddy. We did Kata 1 and some defense.



My favorite part of the weekend was the concert because it was lively. My least favorite was nothing because it was delightful! Overall, my weekend was a pretty good weekend! Next weekend, I will have my last baseball game. I also want to either go to a street fair or get a present for our white elephant potluck! I want to do one of these things because it will be a weekend where if I found something I don’t like I will “not look a gift horse in the mouth!”


Weekend of July 13, 2018

For my weekend journal, I decided that it will be funny because my weekend was that great!!


Note: During the week, Shari painted my bathroom and now it has butterflies and flowers! It makes me feel like I am in nature! Because of that, I say to Shari, “Oh Shari thank you so much! It makes me feel safe and calm right now because it looks beautiful!”


Saturday, I went horseback riding. I was like a cowgirl because it was an intense course! After that my dad and I went to Home Depot and we bought towel racks for my shiny bathroom! The store was like a wonderland or a big toy store for the house!    

Sunday, with Friendship Circle we went to San Elijo Lagoon for a hike. The hike was amazing because in nature you see hawks, ducks, other birds, butterflies, and my favorite, lots and lots of trees!!!


I met a girl from Russia named Nina who signed to me! After the walk I took a nap!


My favorite part of the weekend was the Lagoon because I adore lagoons. I also love the painting in my bathroom, because it is so pretty! My least favorite was that I did not go swimming! Overall, my weekend was just superb! Next weekend I want to either look at previews for MiraCosta College classes or start composing an original song to perform at CIS.  

I want

To do one

Of these things


It will




Oh yeah

So fantastic!!!!!


Four Day Weekend of September 1, 2017

My four day weekend was great!

Friday I went to school. My teacher was Marianne. In the afternoon we played games so our group Elizabeth, Jaydon, and I played go fish and I won!

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Hollywood. I rode on a trail ride and it was so fun because Shannon rode with me. At 1 pm my dad and I went swimming at Rick and Lisa’s house. I hated it so much because I haven’t been swimming for a long time and it was so freezing my eyes were teary. It was so bad! In fact, when I went into the water, IT FELT TOO ICEY!  But, my dad liked it!

Sunday, my Dad was my nurse. We went to Shooting Stars in Pacific Beach. It was so fun because my buddy Tal was so nice like an angel!


In the afternoon I had dance with Elle. We did ballet, stretching and Lyrical, which is when we danced to the words of a song.

After that  my dad and I, watched an amazing movie called Trolls. The message in it says, “Happiness is inside everyone, even if you don’t know where or how to find it, and you shouldn’t have to change to get someone to like you.” I liked the movie because it had the song Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake. Trust me it’s a good movie!

Monday, I went to Legoland. During one part of the Coast Cruise ride the captain said “While we are under the Lionscape Bridge for the second time I want to hear you yell with a giant lion roar on 3 ready? 1 2 3..” Once everyone roared he said, “That’s terrifying!”


That night we ate at Souplantation, which is my favorite restaurant because they had so much food!

My favorite part of the weekend was that movie Trolls because it was real nice! My least favorite was swimming. It was terrible! Overall, I had a awesome weekend! Next weekend, I want to either go golfing or fishing because it will be so fantastic!


Weekend of May 13, 2016

My weekend was wonderful! I went to O.T., horseback riding, had my last baseball game for the season, made a birthday card for Grandma, and did the Friendship Walk.

On Friday, I had O.T. I did great!

Saturday, I went horseback riding with Scout. Then my Dad and I made a birthday card for Grandma.

P1030614 - Version 2

After that, I had my last baseball game. I got a trophy! It was a blast.


Sunday at 11:45, my nurse Cece, my Dad, and I, went to the Friendship Walk at the Jewish Academy. I saw some clowns and a puppet show before I walked.


I saw friends. I did one mile and it was the best walk ever! I walked with Cece and my Dad.


Afterward, during the Israel festival, there were some people dancing and singing. It was awesome!

My favorite part of the weekend was the walk because it was so cool, seeing the clowns and the puppet show.


I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was so exciting! Next weekend I will have a [jazz band] gig at Music Box. I also want to either go to the Safari Park or have a picnic at the beach because it will be so fun!


Weekend of December 4, 2015

My weekend was awesome! Some of the things I did were to go to Escondido, see the TV special The Wiz, go horseback riding, go to grandma’s house, go to the Natural History Museum, see a lot of apples. and go Bowling.

On Friday, we took the 308 bus to Escondido. We ate at Jamba Juice. It was fun. Then we went shopping at Target and Arlie bought surprise gifts for Hanukah for me. Then I came home and saw the Wiz live. OMG it was based on the Wizard of Oz, but in a modern way. Saturday, I went horseback riding on Scout and I thought, where is Mark my other horse? I remembered he died. He was too old and weak. Isn’t that sad? Yeah. So after that, my Dad called Tyson and we didn’t have to go to the Time Warner Cable office in Miramar. Phew! Then I went to my grandma’s house and saw that they changed the location of the piano. I forgot uncle Robert will buy a new puppy, named Riley on Sunday. Also Cece, my night nurse, painted my nails so my fingernails are green and my toes are red for Christmas.

Sunday, I went to the Natural History Museum and there was a big tree with lights that was so pretty.


Ms. Frizzle’s show was about storms and pollution, and I got to help out. We also watched Walking with Dinosaurs. After we got home, my Dad showed me big bunch of apples that he had picked.


Then we watched football [stinky Chargers] for a little. Then I played piano before I went bowling. Omg, I won I got the highest score with my Dad’s help and I ate late. It was the first night of Hanukkah.


My favorite part of the weekend was going bowling, because it was amazing. My least favorite was nothing. Overall, my weekend was exciting. Next weekend I want to donate one of my gifts to someone who is in need, or do a white elephant with my family. I want to do one of these things because it will be fun!


Weekend of April 24, 2015

My weekend was entertaining. It was jam-packed with breathtaking things such as meeting my new relatives, horseback riding, and going to the friendship circle walk.

On Friday, I met my new cousin Steven, his mom and his dad who are my grandfather George’s mom’s grandson from Russia. Cool! They all came for dinner. They were amiable.


Saturday I woke up, l looked outside and it was dreary. It rained intermittently all day! I went horseback riding on a nag and then I had some adversity. I was so sick my stomach was squeezing and I had a bad day. It was not subtle. I slept and stayed home. Not fun!! But I played a horse game with my dad and I won!


Sunday, Elizabeth, my dad and I went to the friendship walk and there was not a lot of things to do or see because I was expecting a circus like last year but, there was a snare drum player.



The walk was so so tiring an I felt haggard, but I did have fun.

After the walk, there was a festival for Israel independence day and OMG, there was folk dancing. Traditionally, they did circles and a line dance. They had a band and I danced a lot. It was weird that there was no belly button circus, they usually have one at the festival. Acts are done by kids who are meticulous!



My favorite part of the weekend was the festival because, 1: there was a fun drummer boy and 2: it was amazing. My least favorite part was when I didn’t feel good on Saturday because it was terrible. Overall, my weekend was all right. Next weekend, I expect the weather to be pristine and I will go to the a night to remember prom. I also want to go to the children’s pool in La Jolla or go visit my mom’s grave. I want to do one of these things because it will be so nice!


Weekend of April 17, 2015

My weekend was awesome! It was filled with amazing things like celebrating my uncle Robert’s and my brother Matthew’s birthday, going horseback riding, seeing cousin Carole, playing baseball, and going to a music festival.

On Friday, cousin Carole and my dad came home and I played my Sonatina by Chemeni on the piano. Then Carole played piano for a little while which was fun.


After that, the rest of our guests came, and we had Shabbat; you know the prayers… for the wine. Baruch atah adonai, eloheinu melech hoalam, borai prei hagofen, amen… for the bread. Hamotzi lechem min haaretz, we give thanks to God for bread, our voices join in song together, as our prayer is humbly said, Baruch atah adonai, eloheinu melech hoalam, homotzi lechem min haaretz, amen… Finally, for luck, Shabbat shalom [the song]. It evoked feelings of thankfulness in me. After dinner… “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Robert and Matthew, happy birthday to you.”


On Saturday, I woke up disheveled and got dressed and I went horseback riding. Baseball was great! Why? I had a new buddy named, I think its Shaman and she was super nice! Aw! I saw some college boys and I wanted them to be buddies with me and they did. They were so nice that I thought I will marry them! I played really well.



Then, Cousin Carole, my dad and I went to this restaurant called Naked Café. Funny/weird name for a café right? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, then we dropped Carole off by the train station. She went to Orange County.

Sunday, Elizabeth and I drove to Shooting Stars [Friendship Circle teen girls club], and we decorated a poster for the friendship circle walk. I made a bouquet of flowers for the performance that we will do in 2 Sundays. Guess what song we will do? Ok I will divulge it to you… Taylor Swift’s Shake it off. Then my dad and I went to a music festival at our temple. It was so fun and erratic, because there were different people and things to do. My friend Craig was performing the Camp Simcha Greatest songs. Basically, these are the same songs that are played at a camp I always attend in the summer. There are skits and songs and it’s always fun. Contrary to what you might think, the camp is 5 days long, but I only go for 1 day. We stayed for 4 hours at the festival!!!!



My favorite part of the weekend was the festival because I got a butterfly from the balloon maker.

P1020659 small

There was nothing to aggravate me, and no one was stingy. I didn’t feel distraught, only happy, so I can say my prevalent feeling was joy and my weekend was wonderful!! Next weekend I will go on the friendship circle 5k walk and there will be a snare drum player leading us.