Weekend of March 30, 2018

My weekend was so tiring, but it was great!

Friday night, we went to my dad’s friend Shari’s house in Carlsbad. I saw this cute man named Zach and he was like a gleam in my eyes; he was so cute! I wanted to date him but it did not work out. I went to sleep at 10 pm!  


Saturday, I went horseback riding. It was awesome because I did a figure 8!


Then I went hiking at Batiquitos Lagoon.


While we were hiking, my dad told me his story about last night because I forgot it and I wanted to hear it. Basically, it was about how Shari went out on a date with my dad. At night, my family came for a Seder when we celebrate the victory after the people in Egypt were slaves and how the sea split and the Israelites were free at last! When it was time to find the hidden Afikomen, I was so worried because I thought that it would be dangerous. It was:

  1. Under the piano bench
  2. Outside the front door
  3.  Behind a painting
  4. Under my drum set

It was #3 behind a painting. “Clever hiding spot,” I thought. I went to sleep after that.

Sunday, we first watched Pippin. It was so funny! One part I liked was when these people looking like clowns were dancing up a storm! At the end, there was supposed to be a grand finale but it did not happen. Weird ending huh? In the afternoon, we went on a hike near route 56. My dad told me camp stories about:

  1. The bees
  2. Sailing
  3. How he broke his arm
  4. How I broke my leg in Hawaii
  1. 2 airplane stories

Lastly, after drum practice I made a birthday card for Arlie with my dad’s help! It was a nice card!

My favorite part of the weekend was the hikes because of the stories Dad told. My least favorite part was when I went to sleep late. Overall, my weekend was so great because “age is something that doesn’t matter unless you are cheese!” Next weekend I want to either pack for my trip on Wednesday April 11, 2018, or go on a date because it will be like “a third wheel!”


Weekend of March 23, 2018

My weekend was just perfect because the quality of it was so viral.

Friday night I went to Temple for Sabbath service. Besides us singing, there were a small band with a piano player, a cello, an accordion and percussion. I was so impressed!

Saturday was picture day at baseball, so I did not smile from 7 until 10:45 am. When it was time for the group picture I smiled for that! 


I got a home run 2 times!


Sunday, Friendship Circle had a bowling event at Poway Fun Bowl. I did not get a strike but my dad got a strike. He had 115 I think and I had 86 so I was tied in 3rd behind my dad! After 5 rounds I screamed because I was tired. While we were playing, there was an exciting basketball game between Duke and Kansas on TV at the bowling alley. Kansas won. It was a very close game!  


My favorite part of the weekend was bowling because it was so competitive! My least favorite was when my dad’s team from college, Duke, lost! Overall, my weekend was average! Next Saturday my dad and I will host the 2018 annual Passover seder. On Easter Sunday, I want to either do an Easter play/dance or do an Easter egg hunt near a lake or a beach because it will be so eggfully fun!


Weekend of March 15, 2018

My weekend was so fantastic because I was with my Dad.

Friday night, my Dad and I went to Kulanu (togetherness) at the temple. It was like a Sabbath party! There were 4 teens who led the event. We sang songs, and had a good time! When it was time to say our wish for the world, I said one wish for the world is to be strong and healthy.

Saturday was St. Patrick’s Day, so I wore green because it was an Irish theme.


I did not have horseback riding but I did have Miracle League baseball. The first time I did not hit well. The 2nd time, I hit the ball! I was so happy because I managed to play well the 2nd time!

Sunday I went to Legoland with my dad! We saw the Lego Friends show which is about 5 friends name Andrea, Emma, Stephanie, Mia, and Olivia.


We also went on a few rides, and went to the SeaLife Aquarium to see the new Bioluminescence exhibit. It was cool because  the waves come to the floor!


Also some staff showed us facts about sharks.


My favorite part of the weekend was Legoland because I was with my Dad and I love my Dad! I did not have a least favorite part because there was nothing I did not like. Overall, my weekend was superb! Next weekend, I want to either work out at the Y or go sailing because it will be so exciting!


Weekend of March 8, 2018

My weekend was so great because I did so much things!

Thursday night, I went to see  the play Beauty and the Beast with the Friendship Circle. It was well done. I loved it because the pots were so cute! Belle was played by a girl named Amber who danced with me when I was little!

Saturday, I rode Boss the mechanical horse because it rained.


I visited grandma because I miss her!  We saw Jeopardy since Hannah my cousin was on. She lost but she won one thousand dollars! I did not have opening ceremony or baseball game in Miracle League because it rained.          

Sunday Colleen and I went bowling. The game was exciting, but I lost the game. At 2 pm my dad and I saw Willy Wonka at the San Diego Rep theater with Friendship Circle. I liked it because the Oompa Loompas were so cute and mechanical too! At the end, there was a celebration. Everyone wore bracelets and they lit up with the music.


My favorite part of the weekend was seeing grandma because I just love her! My least favorite part was when I lost at bowling because I was so disappointed. Overall, I had an average weekend. Next weekend, I want to either see a funny movie or chill at home because it will be the nicest weekend ever!


Weekend of March 2, 2018

My weekend was amazing!

On Saturday, my dad told me “There is riding today,” but as soon as we got to Helen Woodward Animal Center, there was a downpour. It rained so hard! So instead I rode Boss, the mechanical horse, in the barn, while playing horse Jeopardy and guess what? I knew every answer like a pro!


I did piano and drums, ate lunch, and helped dad with our pre-airplane trip to New York, which will be on 4-11-2018. We also watched a movie called Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly. It is an amazing movie because one part was super funny; this man danced in the most hilarious way.

Sunday at Shooting Stars kids from JCompany came and they did/are performing the play Beauty and the Beast at the JCC from the 2nd to the 18th I think. I will go to the play on Thursday. I made Mickey Mouse ears, one ear represents Belle’s yellow dress and other one represents the beast’s soft shirt. We also danced to Be Our Guest.


I also had Karate. We did catch practice for coordination, target practice forms, nunchucks, and Star Wars battle. That was so powerful. “May the force be with you.”


My favorite part of the weekend was that movie because it was so grand!!! I did not have a least favorite part because it was all so wonderful! Overall, my weekend was fantastic! Next weekend is opening day at Miracle League baseball and a one inning game. I also want to either see the livestream of the 2018 Mountbatten Festival of Music or go to the beach.


Weekend of February 23, 2018

My weekend was so fabulous, because I did so much stuff that made my weekend amazing.

Friday I had my meeting and we chatted about my new group. I inquired about new options like can a group go to the movies? They said nope!  I was talking up a storm!

After that, my dad and I went to Royal India, which is a restaurant by Souplantation. We were invited to go there for my cousin David’s 31st birthday! We delivered to him a Pirate card with a shirt and he adored it a lot!


Saturday, my dad drove me to horseback riding. It was awesome, cuz I love Hollywood! After that, my dad and I proceeded to Balboa Park because we wanted to explore a new museum the Timken Art Museum. Omg, they had paintings of the countryside, and old paintings from the 1600s to the 1900s. I liked this painting of Mary married to Joseph, who had an angel. It was a neat museum because it was all about images. As we strolled close to the Natural History Museum to have lunch, we heard and saw this string quartet. It sounded so pretty like a swan swimming in water!

At the museum, we learned about how millions of years ago the Earth had dinosaurs and how the skulls are now clues to its past. We also watched a movie about all the animals that lived during the Ice Age like a Sabertooth tiger. I really enjoyed it because it had so much details!  

Sunday was the best day ever! There was a pre-purim festival in Chabad. Purim will be this Wednesday. My costume was a special one for 2018, I was Queen Esther!  


I even had 2 hearts on my hand, a sword balloon, and a clown painting on my face! It looked so funny on me!!!


Outside, there was a bucket drum circle and I even helped out. Me!


After that, this guy made the most huge, immense bubbles ever! It was like so amazing! After that, I went onstage because I was the main girl character helping out in the Purim story.


It is an old classic story in the book of Esther about a king named King Ahashuerus who wanted to rule his kingdom. Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, wanted to help the king. Queen Esther said, “No don’t kill the Jews!” but Haman, the king’s advisor, almost killed the Jews until the end when the Jews were saved because of Esther! Phew!!

My favorite part of the weekend was the Purim festival, because I was like a ruler of Chabad in Poway.


My least favorite part was that I missed Arlie because she had a not good weekend since she was not busy like I was! Overall, my weekend was royal-perfect! Next weekend, I  want to either go get Arlie a going away gift, or look for other things to do with my group in 2 weeks because it will be a just right weekend for me! 


Weekend of February 16, 2018

My weekend was so tiring but it was amazing!

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Hollywood because that’s who I always ride every Saturday morning from 9 am to 9:30 am. After that, I went to Evergreen Nursery because my dad bought a rosebush. I was amazed because there were a lot of plants to choose from. It was a drive through store so basically, say you are looking for a rose so instead of walking there you drive around until you find that area, not the specific flower, but the area. After that, we hiked on a trail past route 56 east and south. It was pretty because it was overlooking a horse ranch.


At 3:30 pm, Elle, my dance teacher, came over for a dance lesson! First we did some ballet barre before we did tap to 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. In June we will have a little recital. Sunday, my dad and I went to the Safari Park. Omg, we stayed from 9 am to 3:30 pm! That’s more than 6 hours. I said 6 hours! We rode a shuttle bus to and from the African tram area. We also saw the elephants who were running while we sat on a swing. We also went to the Hidden Jungle which was so vivid with flowers. I felt inspired because the flowers were so detailed.


Monday was President’s Day but it was so cold! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Imagine all day cold cold freezing like ice!!! On that day, Arlie and I went to the Zoo in the cold temperature.     First, we went on the bus tour and Ashley our guide was so cool. We went to Africa Rocks  instead of Urban Jungle area to see the giraffes, rhinos and zebras. We walked to the bridge between Lost forest and Elephant Odyssey past Monkey Trail and Hippo Trail to watch the movie Ice age, No Time For Nuts. Omg, it was the most hilarious 4d/3d movie you have ever seen!


 My favorite part of the weekend was the hike Saturday because the atmosphere was like a rainfall in the forest. My least favorite part was when I was tired after the weekend. Overall, my President’s Day weekend was ok. This Friday will be my CIS meeting about my own group. Next weekend, I want to either host a movie marathon or try out new hair-do’s because it will be perfect for a 22 year old lady!