Weekend of April 28, 2017

My weekend was so swell because I did so much! I went horseback riding, strolled around Old Town, and watched the movie The Boss Baby.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and after that, my dad and I moved on to Old Town. We strolled to the barn which had the old stagecoaches from the 1700s. They looked very dull, like from the gold rush. Then I wanted to do a walking tour, but my Dad said, ”A walking tour? But if you want to take the tour you need to walk a lot. Plus, it will be boring.” I then thought, “Nevertheless, it will be fun.” We eventually did the tour after all. We ate lunch in the Mexican restaurant and my Dad had fajitas. I went to the Visitor’s Center to buy 2 tickets for the walking tour after lunch. Dennis was the tour guide and he was a park ranger.


We learned about the history of San Diego 200 years ago, and we saw the schoolhouse, which was my favorite because up the hill from it is where the first mission/church was located.


We also saw the very first restaurant, the courthouse, and Casa de Estudillo. After the tour, we saw a Mariachi group dancing to different traditional Mexican songs in Plaza de Reyes, and I loved it.


Sunday, Arlie and I watched Boss Baby which was the cutest and funniest movie ever. It was about a 7 year old boy who meets his handsome baby brother called Theodore Templeton aka the Boss baby, who was delivered to their house, but he goes on a trip.  The baby has a man’s voice which was so funny. Also, the voices in it were amazing  because in several parts of the movie, the character’s voices were clean and crisp.

My favorite part of the weekend was that movie, Boss Baby, because the movie was really well done and so funny!  My second favorite was Old Town because it was so awesome! Overall, my weekend was fantastic!  Next weekend I want to get ready for my gig because it’s this coming Sunday, May 7th. I will have a gig with my jazz band and other rock groups downtown at a place called Music Box which is an awesome music club venture!


Weekend of April 21, 2017

My weekend was breathtaking. I went horseback riding, I traveled to Miracle League’s tenth year anniversary, I went to Shooting Stars, attended a candle ceremony remembering the Holocaust, and had a birthday dinner for Matthew.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and then my dad and I rushed over to Miracle League. Every team played one inning because it was their 10th year festival. They had games, food, even karaoke and a fire truck tour which was my favorite part. I didn’t like the group photo, which was taken by a drone.


On Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars and I made a crown that had stickers. It was so neat because the crown was so good looking and colorful. I also attended a candle ceremony with Cece and my dad because it was an honor to light a candle to think about those who died in the Holocaust. It was at the JCC. Soon it was time for Matthew’s birthday dinner. The cake was so beautiful! I can’t remember what was on the cake. I think it was a chocolate with gumdrops on it. Lisa, Rick, Grandma, Aunt Laurie, cousin David, Uncle Steven, Uncle Robert, Bob, Julie, Anne-Marie and Ellinora came too.   


My favorite and least prefered part of my weekend was when I had the ceremony because it was so nice, but some of it made me feel down in the dumps. The Holocaust was when it was WW2 and people killed all the Jews in Europe in the 1940s, so it was 77 years ago. Overall, my weekend was part great and part not so fun. Next weekend, I either want to go to Old Town or Petco Park for it will be the weekend and that will be so exciting!


Spring Break Week of April 7, 2017

My Spring Break was awesome!   

Saturday, I horseback rode Hollywood and I did amazing because my time on the obstacle course was turbo! I had a great time. I also played baseball at Miracle League. My team was on fire for the first time. Second time I felt that our team was undefeated because I got a first pitch hit!  

Sunday, Barrie my nurse came and we explored the Birch Aquarium. We toured the new Infinity Cube exhibit, and I loved it. It was a bioluminescence exhibit with Haiku poems and we saw the different underwater animals in the dark. I liked how it was laid out because it was my dad’s project. He and his team did a fantastic job planning and putting it together. There was a big cube in which people could stand. It was dark and there was a flashlight you got to shine on the wall for the different poems and the animals. After that, we went home.  


Monday, I went to LEGOLAND early to beat the traffic jam. When we arrived, there was a huge construction zone. We peeked at the hole in the fence and saw they will build a castle hotel. We waited for a long time to get our access pass for the rides. We went to Ninjago ride, and I got 3rd in individual and 1st place in a team. I was proud of that. Then, we watched 4D Lego, a new adventure movie.  After the movie, we ate lunch at Heartlake City. Soon the show there started. I thought it was a pleasure to see the show. “Best friends forever forever, and ever. No, no, no matter what, we stick together. Best friends forever forever and ever, me and my girls, we’re best friends forever! ” Then, we watched the Character dance party.  It had the songs, “Shut up and Dance with Me, Can’t Stop the Feeling, and Uptown Funk.” There were theatrical dancers who were phenomenal and we took  pictures with them. Finally, we went on rides such as the Fairytale boat which had Lego characters named Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Billy Goat Gruff, Jack and the Beanstalk, etc. The last ride I went on was called Coastersaurus.


At night, my family had a Passover Seder. A Seder is when you are with a bunch of your family and friends. You read from the Haggadah, a Jewish book and you drink wine and tell the story of Moses, Joseph, and Leah. They were slaves but Moses said, “Let my people leave Egypt and go to the land of milk and honey.” At first the King said, no you cannot go. That’s why there were plagues like frogs, blood, lice, and the last plague was death of the firstborn. Finally, the King let the Israelites go. My brother Matthew, Anne-Marie, Ellinora my niece, Grandma Rhoda, Uncle Robert, dogs Riley, Macie, Otis, friends Rick, Lisa and cousin Alison, who sat next to me, along with Trevor and Dina were there.

Tuesday, after Bonnie, we went to Old Town. We toured around the Casa de Reyes area. We also went to this shop and in the middle of it, there was this duet with a Native flutist and a guitarist, and it was so beautiful! Old Town is the oldest part of San Diego, because of Mexican heritages. Lots to see, people, kids and we had a nice lunch.

Wednesday, we went to Safari Park. We rode on my first hot air balloon ride. It was so fun because when we went up, I thought, whoa! This is so cool! When we were going down, I thought, oh, here we go again, wheeeee!  I felt great after that! I rode the tram and saw a baby giraffe and her mom. It was so cute! It was a spectacular view. Then, we strolled up to the butterfly jungle and one landed on Arlie’s hat and an orange butterfly perched on my fingertip. Aw! It was a fantastic feeling! The greeneries and the flowers were calm and beautiful there too!


Thursday, we went to Balboa Park. First, there was a woman playing the organ to demo for the class. It was my first time actually getting a demo live at the Organ Pavilion. The Japanese garden used to have flowers for the cherry blossoms but it was gone now because it was last month. We also heard and saw this awesome vocal/guitar player.  

Lastly, on Friday Arlie and I walked around the Embarcadero. Then we strolled to Seaport Village.  OMG, there was a guitar/harmonica/flute/vocal player. He was awesome to listen to while we ate lunch. When we rode the carousel twice, I heard a weird and loud noise coming from the sky and I thought, hmm. Where is it coming from? Lots of people, even me were watching the sky because these airplanes practiced for the Red Bull air show for Saturday and Sunday. One plane flew around and up and down like a rollercoaster. It was very swift. Then we got gas and a car wash. It was great!


Saturday, I went horseback riding and I won tic tac toe with Gretchen my instructor. After that, my dad and I headed to the Aquarium and we went to the Infinity Cube exhibit. This time, we actually went inside the cube, and it was amazing because you feel inspired to be a scientist!  


On Easter Sunday, I went to the Zoo and Omg, there were a guitar player and a hula hoop dancer who were amazing! Then Cece and I headed to the bus tour. We saw elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, condors, koalas, and others. Then I saw the Easter bunny. I also saw some monkeys and a few were climbing from branch to branch.


My favorite part of my Spring break was LEGOLAND because it was so amazing  to go there when there was no school. I also liked Safari Park because of my first hot air balloon ride. My least favorite part was nothing because it was an exciting break!!!! Overall, my Spring break was fantastic and spectacular! This summer, I will go to New York to see my nephew Theo and for my grandpa Murray’s funeral.


Weekend of March 31, 2017

My weekend was great because it was breathtaking. I went to Sprouts, horseback riding, baseball, and Nobel Park.

Friday, I went to Sprouts to purchase my dad yellow apples. It reminded me when I volunteered at a ranch and the teacher handed me these fruits and I thought, hmm are these oysters? I shouted, “hey they aren’t oysters.” But it turned out, it was apples that were yellow. How strange!

Saturday, I horseback rode Hollywood. I did a course that deals with cones to weave through in less than 2 min which was my fastest yet. Then at baseball, I swung the bat hard and it was awesome!!!


Sunday Cece and my new Jewish nurse Barrie came and we went to Nobel park for Friendship Circle. We helped clean up the park by digging and pulling weeds. It was interesting because I had gloves but I wanted to take them off. Basically I held a big bag while my buddies took weeds and placed it into the bag. We then completed a hunt where we had to find some parts of seder plate for Pesach which is a holiday celebrating freedom. In this book called the Haggadah, every year we tell the story of the Israelites and how they were slaves over a thousand years ago. It also explains about when the pharaoh said let my people go and he wouldn’t let them go at first. Well then there were terrible  things or plagues, like frogs, blood, lice, poor animals, livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness for three days, and death of firstborn sons. Finally, the king changed his mind and the Israelites left Egypt. This story has a connection to Easter because Easter and Passover are similar. Easter is about when Jesus died but Passover is about when he passed over the blood. But both are about God. We found Matzah, hazeret, Maror, Onion, and the Shank bone. Then one of the volunteers taught us a dance about hanging out at the beach and surfing.  It was Isra dance and it was so fun!


My favorite part of the weekend was Nobel park because it was so exciting. My least favorite part was nothing because it was all fantastic. Overall, my weekend was Hasam elenanu, for our God it was wonderful! Next weekend, I want to learn more about the Torah or the history of Judaism. I want to do that in peace because, even though I am a Jewish adult, we are all in this together, amen.



Weekend of March 24, 2017

My weekend was

  1. Boring because I stayed home.
  2. Exciting because I went to watch Beauty and the Beast, went horseback riding, played baseball, and went to Boomers.

The answer is 2. It was so thrilling.

Friday, I went on the 308 bus to

  1. Escondido
  2. Del Mar
  3. Carmel Valley
  4. None of the above

It’s 1 and we saw Beauty and the Beast. It was enjoyable because

  1. Mickey was in the movie.
  2. Arlie was Belle in it.
  3. The pots were funny.

It was 3 because the pots were so off the wall. Their voices were so hilarious. I also liked Belle because for one, she was so beautiful and second, it was played by the amazing star, Emma Watson, who was Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.  

Saturday, I went horseback riding and

  1. My horse was flying.
  2. It was a unicorn.
  3. My horse was Hollywood.

Hmm, it must be 3 because it’s true.

After horseback riding, I went to baseball and then I changed into my nice, unsexy clothes because I went to my cousin Alison’s baby shower. It was so fun and it was at Myst which is a venue on Mira Mesa Ave.  Turns out Alison was opening gifts we got there at 2:30 pm, not 1:30 pm because we were getting dressed while watching the live streaming of the Mountbatten Festival of music on her Majesty’s Royal Marines page on Facebook. Basically it was a concert and for the first time in history the Switzerland Top Secret Drum Corps joined in. The gifts Alison opened were a card from me, a mini drums set, clothes, and other gifts. She is having a baby boy. The baby shower finished fast.


Sunday, I went to Boomers with the Friendship Circle. I played driving games. I didn’t go on the go karts because it was not on the cards my buddy had. It was super great!


My preferred part of the weekend was Boomers because I got 3rd place for 1 game. My least favorite part was when we got to the baby shower late. Overall, my weekend was so fantastic! Next weekend, I will go to a park to pull weeds. I also want to help dad with gardening or water the lawn because it will be another perfect day!!!


Weekend of March 17, 2017

My weekend was stupendous! I toured around Flower Hill mall, went to a Japanese restaurant with Uncle Jay, played baseball, went to Shooting Stars, strolled  around Mission Bay, and did Karate.


Friday, we rode on the public city bus to Flower Hill mall and we got food at Chipotle and ate at Mcdonalds. After lunch, we went to Pier 1 Imports and the items I needed to look for were  in the front of the store. The items were a bunny, cups and plates. Luckily in the end, I was under budget. We also went to Petco. We saw 2 cats named Cappuccino and Midnight which were sleeping. In class, we watched the movie 101 Dalmatians. Around 5:30 pm at home, Sabbath started and we went to this Japanese restaurant with Uncle Jay and Liliana. Omg, the food looked delicious. It is by Vons in Del Mar and you know, it was nice and a calm night.  

Saturday morning I was not smiling because I had my pictures taken before and after baseball. For my picture, it was hard for me to smile, until Liliana told me a joke. THEN I smiled.


Not only that, but I got a home run!!!!  


Sunday, I started the movie Cheetah Girls but I paused it because I had Shooting Stars.   Everybody had to learn a script for a play but I didn’t want to do a script. I was so shy! So another kid did the skit outside without me. After snack, we danced. We did the game, freeze, and tickle your tuchus. One kid goes in the middle and says tickle your tuchus if you are wearing green…and each kid who is wearing green changes position  to a different part of the circle. Whoever who can’t find a spot to move to gets to be the new leader in the middle.

After that, Cece and I went to Mission Bay to walk around. Every half hour I heard this buzzing noise and I thought, what is that noise?  Turned out it was a toy kite. It was so cool!  Ooh cool! At home, I completed the Cheetah Girls movie and I liked the end. The movie is basically about 4 girls who want to be in a talent singing competition, but some guy named Jackal Johnston ruined their song, and decided to make each of them wear masks for the show. But they decided no they will not sing in masks. Later, Toto their dog went in a hole and the girls were looking for him and finally, they sang, “Together we can, shoot the moon and the rain.” Well in order for the dog Toto to be rescued, they needed to sing, and that’s why and how they won. At 4:30 pm, my dad and I went to Karate and my buddy is so swell . We reviewed how to handle bullies, did self defense, did something about Ninjas, had pool noodles for lightsabers and had pictures at the end. It was a lot of fun!!!



My favorite part of the weekend was that Japanese restaurant because it was nice to be with Jay and Lilliana. I didn’t have a least preferred part. Overall, my weekend was fabulous!! Next weekend, I will go to a baby shower and Boomers. I also want to get a birthday present for Arlie and Joe, or go hiking on the beach. I want to do one of these things because it will be so exciting!!!



Weekend of March 10, 2017

My weekend was so extraordinary! I went to La Colonia Park, traveled to horseback riding, went to baseball, hung out with Uncle Jay and his daughter Liliana, went to Souplantation, and visited the Safari Park.

Friday, our class went to La Colonia Park. While the kids took a load off on the benches, I walked 2 laps, that’s almost a mile. Then there were some little kids who learned how to play flag football. It was so funny because the teacher ran as fast as she could and the other kids grabbed the teacher’s flag off her hips. So funny, don’t you think?

Saturday, while I was getting in the car, Uncle Jay woke up and I was so surprised. He is a hysterical man. When I said “What’s up?” he said, ”The sky is up. I am up. You and Mike are up.” Anyways after horseback riding, I saw Liliana. She is a Junior, so she is my peer. I told her I adored her video but what about the commercials? She showed me a clip of a TV show called Aqua Kids and I saw her in it.


I also saw her in a video about when you leave text messages; how to handle terrible messages. Liliana was in the principal’s office in the video because she accidentally bullied someone online. She learned to make the right choice next time. Lily was then at home, on her computer, texting. There’s a wrong way happening and a right way and it is basically to show kids what to say appropriately. Anyways then the principal said, “What did we talk about? Go to the office, now!” While we were driving to baseball, that was what I watched. Also, I hit so well at baseball.


After that, we went to Souplantation, my favorite restaurant. It is my best-loved  restaurant of all time because when I was in 3rd grade we were going to have a project so my friend Blake said “What will it be about?” I said, ooh oh I know what about Souplantation? Then that night I realized Souplantation, wait what? At first I thought that restaurant sounds like a crazy name, but then I thought hmm, hey maybe it will be my favorite restaurant, so it is. Also, I love their soups because they smell so yummy! At home, Jay and I played piano.

Sunday, I went to the Safari Park with Cece. First, we waited in a long long really long line to go see the butterflies. It took over an hour to wait. Two butterflies landed on my arms, and one was on my back.


After lunch, I saw the lemurs, but they were sleeping. There were some gorillas that we saw, and 2 were chilling, and one was having a birthday because there was a wall that said Happy Birthday. At home, Carla my friend who is a doctor, came to visit. We played piano while my Grandma sang.  


My favorite part of my weekend was the Safari Park, seeing Uncle Jay,  Lilianna, and Carla because it was so fun. I didn’t have a least prefered part because it was so nice. Overall, my weekend was fantastic! Next weekend, I want to sketch a picture with Jay, or take him to the Art Museum. I want to do one of these things because it will be so inspiring for us!