Weekend of February 2, 2018

My weekend was so great because I had a wonderful time.

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I felt happy because I rode lovely Hollywood! Then we went on a hike at San Elijo Lagoon. A lagoon is a place with water nearby. IMG_3167

There were so many trees and it was so lovely because one area felt so calming! We saw birds, bees, and dogs. After the hike, we went up to the Observation deck and I took a nap!    


Sunday afternoon, my dad and I went to the Coastal Roots Farm past the YMCA. It felt like we were in a garden. They had different plants, and chickens. There was even a rooster. It was really fun because it was celebrating Tu Bishvat, new year of the trees.   We had a scavenger hunt and I won!


After that, we went to Loft to buy a new shirt. Then my dad was looking for a rosebush. But they did not have any at Sunshine Gardens, and at Armstrong they had rosebushes, but not the right type. Then we went home and saw the Superbowl. Pink, who sang the national anthem, was awesome!  The Halftime show was so fun, because Justin Timberlake looked good and his music was grand! There was a marching band in the Halftime show too. It was the best Halftime show ever! The Eagles, the team that I was rooting for, won!

My favorite part of the weekend was watching the superbowl because it made me cheerful. I did not have a least favorite because it was all great! On Wednesday, Uncle Jay will come. Next weekend, I want to either watch the Olympics or go to a Museum   because it will be so nice!


Week of January 22, 2018

Monday we went to Sprouts and bought bananas. Then we went to the library to read a book about these sisters who are trying to solve a mystery with a top hat and flying feathers in Marco Square, Venice. I love this story; it’s very funny and adventurous! After that we proceeded to the YMCA  but I needed to fix a membership card problem. The only thing they needed was an emergency telephone number. We went to the park for lunch and then went home to get ready for jazz band! There were about 8 kids altogether in jazz band practice!

Tuesday was Yoga Day! Chair yoga, which we did at the Solana Beach library. I felt good because I was in my chair the whole hour stretching and exercising. It felt so good on my body because it made me breathe deeply and my whole body stretched. In the afternoon, we did gentle yoga at YMCA. I felt good for a bit until the teacher Andrew said, “If Casey is being  loud, or tired in the class, then you may leave.” I thought, what! We left because I was tired!  I should never forget that ever again!  

Wednesday we did zumba. One dance we did, High o Silver, was so funny because we were pretending we were riding in the wild west. Yee haw! After that, we went to Sunrise, a senior living place to play bingo and Hangman. It was entertaining because that place was like a hotel. The bad thing was we were so close getting a bingo but we did not win. For lunch, we went to Cottonwood park. I liked it because it was like an picnic/park area. We did not go to the library because there was no parking. So, we went home to get ready for my piano lesson.

Thursday we went to Sprouts  and then we did zumba at the Solana Beach library. We saw  Marianne Rather and the group from ATP.  It was exciting because we danced a lot! I miss them a lot so I am glad to see them. For lunch we went to Cottonwood Creek park before we went to the library.    

Friday, we went to Bonnie. Soon, we walked in the park for a mile. We met at  the Habit for lunch which was enjoyable! After that, we went to the library.

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Hollywood. It was so fabulous because I love Hollywood! Then we took a hike on Dust Devil trail which is like a desert with cactus. It took us an hour to hike.


This was my first hike in this place. We started around 9:50 am and ended around 10:50 am. The nature there was pretty. I saw a flock of geese land in the water. I want to go hiking again! I heard hiking is fun and it was. By the evening I was so tired.    


Sunday, I went to the zoo with my dad. We saw tiger, zebras, and the new Africa Rocks section. We came home at 2 pm and rested before Karate. In karate we learned half of Kata 1, which is a Japanese form of movement. I am in Yellow belt and I loved my buddies because they were so nice to me.


My favorite part of the week was Karate because it was nice being with my 2 awesome buddies. My least favorite was nothing because it was all good! Overall, my week/weekend was excellent! Next week/weekend, I want to either go to a beach or a lake because it will be so fantastic!


Weekend of January 19, 2018

My weekend was so great because, I was with my family.

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I had a trail ride. It was awesome!

My Aunt Julie, my dad, and I went to visit my niece Ellinora. She was so cute because she talked a lot! Then we went to this restaurant called Eve on Highway 101 in Encinitas. I liked the brobdingnagian people and the hospitality of the place, like a little cottage! After that we went shopping at Marshalls to get a gift for my late graduation. It was a bright pink and black pattern blouse from Aunt Julie, and I was so thankful!


After that we went to Aunt Laurie’s house in Camino del Sur. I enjoyed the clubhouse because it was like an Indian home.

Sunday, cousin Laurie, Aunt Julie, my new nurse Victoria, my dad, and I went to the aquarium. We saw a dive show that was awesome!


We also saw Joshua and Ellinora there.     We also went to a new restaurant called True foods in UTC. It was so nice because the people were so friendly! In the early evening, we went to Souplantation. I thought, huh this place looks yummy! After that we dropped Aunt Julie off at the airport. I took a nap on the way there and back because I was so tired!

My favorite part of the weekend was when I went to Souplantation because I was with my family and that Aunt Julie was visiting!


I did not like that I was exhausted at the end!


Overall, my weekend was the best (even though it was freezing!). Next weekend, I want to go to a lake, or go to a new mall because it will the most wonderful ever!


Week of December 22, 2017

My week was pleasing.

Saturday, it was my last horseback riding of 2017. My dad and I got ready to go to Dena’s 60th birthday celebration at her house next to my Grandma’s. At the party, old and new friends were there.

New Year’s means a new life ahead of us. 2018 will be a great year, I know it! My goal is to be stronger and more active.  

The next week was Community Interface Services, which was so enjoyable because it was different and weird not being in school. Erica was the main person in charge. One day, we went to a park called Poinsettia Park and walked around. It was so nice because it reminded me of when my dad used to take me to Ashley Falls school each morning. After that,  we went to a place called Sunrise which was a senior living home. I entertained the people by playing the piano.


We also played Musical Bingo which was a game where Erica turned on a song and read a song name out loud like Music Music Music. If we have that name on the board we put a chip on it and if we had 4 in a row we shouted bingo! I felt so happy because I got a fake dollar as a prize! After that we went to the  YMCA. We talked for a bit and it was the end of the day. My biggest highlight of Community Interface was hanging out with my friends, and being active by joining Zumba and Yoga.   


Well I did this class line dancing; it was too hard because it went so fast and I couldn’t keep up.

On yoga Tuesday, I did chair yoga. It felt so good because I had a massage on my shoulders at the end. We also did Gentle Yoga  which means we did the whole yoga experience! I thought “No complaining because it was calming!”         

Overall, my week has been good! I liked when I did yoga because it felt SO GOOD inside! I did not like when Erica left because she moved to Denver, Colorado.


Graduation Ceremony December 19, 2017

On Tuesday, 12-19-2017, I woke up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and got in my [new] dress, and had my hair straightened because it was my graduation from ATP. After Bonnie, I thought oh boy. My graduation? I also went to drop cookies at Maxim’s office.

Around 10 am I was feeling nervous because I’m graduating but then I was ok because Lorena, Arlie and I drove to the district office. I put on my makeup. My family was there. Matthew, Aunt Laurie, my grandma Rhoda, Uncle Robert, my cousin Alison, Pat, Bonnie, Jack, Sherrie, Joy, Mary Jeanette, Marianne, my dad, and classmates were there. My dad sat next to me. I was so excited when it started. Doran and Bradley also graduated.


Doran went first. When it was my turn, I was so proud because I realized that I did that powerpoint myself with some help from others. One part that I liked was when it said my hobbies because it has a picture of a horse.

After my presentation, Bradley went. He shared that he will be an actor and works at CVS. At the end, I got my certificate!


Getting her certificate

After it was over, everyone said “congratulations!” to me. During lunch, I got so many gifts. Vanessa gave me a christmas tree in a snow globe. Mary Jeanette gave me the UNO card game, and Lorena gave me a necklace and bracelet.  Bonnie gave me star earrings and I even got flowers from Mimi. My cousin, Alison, gave me a Macy’s gift card. Aunt Laurie, Uncle Robert, Steven, and Grandma gave me a red shirt for the holidays. It made me so happy. To me, my graduation meant a celebration of the end of my schooling. My graduation is dedicated to my mom and any loved ones who have died. I am so glad my family could come for my graduation.

For the rest of the day, I got the tires for my car rotated and then took a bath, had a drum lesson, did piano at home, saw part of the White Christmas movie, ate, and went to sleep at 7 pm.


Weekend of December 15, 2017

My weekend was interesting.

Saturday, I went horseback riding. It was so great, because I had a swell time because I rode my best horse. Then, my dad and I went to the Home Depot store to buy a new faucet because the faucet that we have at home is leaking and it needs to be fixed.           

  At night, my family came for a Hanukkah dinner. What was annoying was when there was no ice cream for Ellinora, my niece, she screamed so hard that I couldn’t stand it. The gifts I got were some cute clothes and some earrings.   


Sunday, Michelle and I went to Legoland and omg….there were neat holiday decorations for the season. I even took a photo with Lego Santa which was so groovy. Another thing, there was a Christmas friends forever show about what they like about Christmas time.


At 3:30 pm my dad and I went to the Hanukkah party at Chabad. We hung out, participated in music, and watched a news clip about the history of Hanukkah. Then we went outside and there was a 26 foot tall Menorah. After it was lit we went home.


My favorite part of the weekend was Legoland because it was so spectacular! I do not have a least favorite part because it was so satisfying! Overall, I had a dazzling weekend! Tuesday, will graduate from school finally! In January, I will start Community Interface Services which will feel like a long, long, week/weekend!  Next weekend, I want to go hiking, camping, find another small school program, or go on a graduation trip to New York or Hawaii, because nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.  


Weekend of December 8, 2017

Friday in class, we watched a thigh-slapping movie. It was called the Santa Clause movie about a boy named Charlie, who always thinks his dad is Santa who flies all over the world delivering gifts to kids on Christmas eve.  Finally, they made a decision that he’s not Santa but later he had a beard and gained weight and pretended to be Santa Clause.   

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I did great. I also checked out the rest of Santa Clause movie and in the end, he really was Santa Clause. Ho ho ho Merry Christmas! It was so funny because the dad was so talkative.

Sunday, I went to the Zoo. Michelle and I headed off to the bus ride and saw giraffes, hippos, birds, lions, camels, rhinos, zebras, koalas, and condors. The driver did not mention how to tell the difference between Asian and African elephants.

At  5:15 pm, my dad and I drove to the California Center of the Arts to see Elle, my dance friend [and teacher] and others perform The Nutcracker. Going to and from the theater was like Hogwarts, because it was an alley of walkways, and I walked quickly. We got to the lobby and our seats on our tickets were K33-34. First we went to the 2nd floor but the seats were at the bottom floor. So, we went down 2 floors and the first room had stairs and the next room had our seats. Elle’s dad came by to sit with us in that row. There were 8 levels for other people to sit and enjoy seeing the Nutcracker. Elle was leader of the snow fairies. The Nutcracker did not have any solos. It was only Clara, Elle, the group, sugar plum fairy and her partner. It was like angels singing at Christmastime in the church. It was so inspiring because Elle’s dad sat next to my dad and me. I thought, “Well done, well done!”  


My favorite part of the weekend was The Nutcracker because it was a Christmas spectacular! I did not have a least favorite part because overall, it was the best weekend ever! Tomorrow is Hanukkah so I want a toy with legs like a jellyfish or 5 gold rings for my room. Next weekend, I want to either get my powerpoint ready for my graduation, or go see holiday lights near LCC because it will be the best Pre Holiday weekend ever!!!