Weekend of August 18, 2017

My weekend was so amazing because I went to the Zoo, attended my last Camp Simcha, rode Hollywood in a western saddle with another rider, had a dance class with Elle, went to Old Town, and saw my friend Jaydon at his house.


Friday, I went to the Zoo with Arlie. OMG, the movie Rio was so funny! It was about 2 macaws named Blue and Jewel, who were  domesticated and they had to escape to another part of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Also I went on the bus tour and I loved the part while the bus goes up a hill overlooking the freeway, and the bus driver always says,”If you go 20 miles north from here, you will hit the Safari Park.” I like that part because it lets people know that they might go there too. Then, I went to my last Camp Simcha and there was a keyboard player this year. The theme was love.

Saturday, I rode Hollywood in a western saddle and omg, the seat felt a little bumpy.   In the afternoon at home around 3:30 pm I had my dance lesson with Elle. She taught me her tap version of Runaway Baby after she taught me the beginning of her ballet version of Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker), you know, the holiday classic ballet about a girl who wanted a nutcracker?  Well, that’s the one by Tchaikovsky.  

Sunday, I went to Old Town with my new nurse Peggy. There was no tour but luckily there was a group of folk dancers from Mexico.


After that at home I saw a weird movie about this boy who visited a house of peculiar children. After that, I went to Jaydon’s house. He played Scott Joplin, Bach, and his own songs on the piano. I played the Reaper’s Song by Schumann. I miss Jaydon a lot!


My favorite part of  the weekend was seeing Jaydon and Elle because it was pretty nice! I didn’t have a least favorite part because it was so fantastic! Overall, my weekend was amazing! Next weekend I want to try to go swimming or take a hike because it will be so exciting!



Camp Let Loose 2017

Camp Let Loose was a fun Jewish camp through the Chabad of Poway. Camp is from 10 AM to 2 PM.

There were about 22 kids this year. Each kid had 1-2 buddies and each day we did something different. Each morning, we started with circle time. The kids got their instruments and the rabbi put on music and we sang to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine.” Also one of the counselors led everyone with “Shimah Israel Adanoi Elehanu Ahoni Echad. Hear O Israel the Lord our God, the Lord is one.”

Monday, I met my buddies, Olivia, Danit and Chloe, who were so kind to me. We did carnival games in the morning. In the afternoon, we made a frame out out leather and planted a seed in soil.

Tuesday we did yoga, which felt so refreshing! My favorite poses were the deep breathing and the cat/cow.


Wednesday was sports day so we did an obstacle course and a scavenger hunt which was so interesting. We found 2 candles, a braided challah, wine, and a happy taffy candy.

Thursday we went to the Children’s Discovery Museum in Escondido which was  a cute place. They had an area for medical stuff like x rays, and temperatures. My favorite part of it was when we pet some chickens. They have a barn leading to this area where they had a stall for chickens only.


Friday was water day but I didn’t want to get wet because I had my jazz band concert that night!  During water day, they had a water slide, and water balloons.   


Overall, if you take your campers to this camp you will have a neat experience. This camp is for kids with special needs and is for all ages. If you’re a counselor, you have to be at least 15. I have been going to this camp for so many years. My favorite memory of camp was when we pet the chicken. Overall, my camp was so exciting! Thank you for making my summer amazing!

Special shoutout to Chloe, Olivia and Danit.



Weekend of August 11, 2017

My weekend was so great/cute/emotional. I went to Camp Let Loose, had an awesome summer jazz band concert, went horseback riding, saw the movie Boss Baby, met a new nurse, and went to the aquarium.


Friday, I met a new nurse named Peggy. She is so nice but I was nervous to meet her on Saturday, because when I meet a new nurse I sometimes cry but not always because I am getting to know them as the years go on. I went to my last Camp Let Loose for the summer. It was water day but I did not want to get wet because I had my concert that night.



  1. If I decide to wear my bathing suit to my jazz band concert, then Mark will say “uh, why are you wearing a bathing suit?”
  2. That’s gross.
  3. That’s rude.

One of the answers is right. It is #1. So, I  didn’t wear it to the concert. Speaking of concert, my concert, guys, was the best!  I liked how one player switched from tenor  sax to clarinet. It was like the life of the party. I played like it’s 1990s and a lot of people were rocking out to this music. [Here is a link to the concert: https://youtu.be/OC6wEGi9CPw.]


Saturday, I went horseback riding in a western saddle. It felt weird to start with but then I liked it because I felt like a real cowgirl, yeehaw!


During snack time at 3 pm, we saw the funniest/cutest movie called Boss Baby. It is about a boy who is 7 years old. He wanted all of the attention of his parents. When the boss baby came, he acted how?

  1. Misbehaved
  2. Wacky
  3. Wild
  4. Noble  

Both 1 and 3 are correct. After the movie, I got ready to eat and sleep. Zzzz zzzz zzzz…

Sunday, I went to the Birch Aquarium with my dad and Peggy. There were 2 Dory fishes in 2 different tanks. Also, I thought, “hmm, that aquarium sure makes me want to swim,” but I didn’t go swimming.  At night, I went to Souplantation with my Grandma, Uncle Robert, Uncle Steven, my dad and Aunt Laurie.

My favorite part of the weekend was the aquarium and the movie because one was cute, the movie, and the other one, the aquarium, was the most exciting for me. Note: if you look at the pictures, you will see a Nautilus, and the Infinity Cube.


See the Nautilus?


Infinity Cube

My least favorite was being nervous about Peggy. Overall, my weekend was again half ok but half fun! Next weekend, I want to either watch Boss Baby again, or go swimming at the Bay Club because it will be so fantastic!


Weekend of August 4, 2017

My weekend was part great, but one part scared me.

Friday, I went to the Zoo and omg, there was a new bridge that connected from  Treetops Way to Elephant Odyssey.  That was so cool because it was like a secret pathway in a jungle.


I saw the movie Ice Age No Time for Nuts. It was about this animal and robots. It was so funny because the animals in it were so comical. After the Zoo, I went to the last Camp Simcha for the summer! The theme was about hope. I felt sad, but it was nice because it was so enjoyable.  

Saturday, my dad and I went to the Air and Space Museum. At first, this man at the desk said, “There are rides and 4 D movies.” I thought I don’t want to go to the movie or the rides because it might be scary. It turned out that when we went in the 4D movies, the seats were rocking like in Wild Arctic. I was so scared! I thought,

  1. Wow this is  so cool!
  2. Aahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! (YELLING)
  3. This is great.   

It was 2. Freaky, right? After that I was ok.


The other movies were about an airplane and a car race. The first one was about Apollo 13 going to the moon for the first time. I also played a game called a flying simulator and I liked it.  


After that, we went to the cemetery to visit my mom. I miss my mom so much!  Then we finished the Jungle Book movie.    


Sunday was Cece’s last day because she will go to Reno, Nevada, for her family since they need her so badly! We went to the Natural History Museum and saw 2 movies. One was about this island called the Galapagos in Central and South America and the other was about the ocean.


My favorite part of the weekend was the Natural History Museum because it was awesome!   My least favorite part of the weekend was the Air and Space Museum because at first the movie was a little scary!   Overall, my weekend was all right because it could be better. Next weekend, I want to pick my clothes or get new binders for school because it will be a blast!


Weekend of July 28, 2017

My weekend was so enjoyable. I went to Legoland, had jazz band practice, went horseback riding with Hollywood, went shopping at Burlington, saw the Emoji movie, and hung out with Ellie my new friend.

Friday, Arlie and I went to Legoland. We rode Coastersaurus, which was awesome. We also saw that the Dragon ride was closed. I thought

  1. No way,
  2. Huh? Why is it closed on a nice day like today?

It was both of them because it reminded me of a lake I went to that was closed and I thought the same thing! It was closed because they had to fix the ride. I didn’t go to Camp Simcha. Why?

  1. I had a headache.
  2. I didn’t want to go
  3. It was rainy
  4. No reason

The answer?  1. Isn’t that so horrible to hear? At 5:40 pm, my dad and I went to jazz band practice. We were in a different room because in the big room there was a play called “Little Shop of Horrors.” Our practice was so great! We sight read a Peter Blair combo arrangement of Jive Samba.

Saturday, after horseback riding, my dad and I went to the Burlington Coat Factory store. My dad bought a nice plaid shirt and shoes, but I did not buy anything there. Not even a shirt! How terrible, right? Luckily, I did not hit the sack because you know it was not SO terrible.


  1. I forgot what I did
  2. I went bowling, had to go to the bank, and play with my dog, Rosy Charm
  3. I saw the Emoji movie with Arlie.

It was 3 of course and it was the funniest/cleverest movie I had ever seen. One part I liked was when this yellow face Emoji was on a board that looked like Candy Crush. That made it my favorite part because I love that game. After that, around 4 pm my new friend, Ellie showed up. I met Ellie at a BBQ on July 4th weekend. She is 15 years old. She’s our neighbor so we see her every Halloween. Ellie, like my other good friend Savi, is a dancer who has been dancing since age 3. She showed me tap, ballet, contemporary, and even taught me a new handgame. “Coca Cola went to town, Diet Pepsi shot him down.”


My favorite part of the weekend was seeing Ellie because she’s so cool! My least favorite part was that headache because it was an aching part. Overall, my weekend was fantastic. Next weekend, I want to do archery or go to La Jolla for a picnic because it will be so great! Even if you don’t think it’s going to be that wonderful, you’ll see that this will be another best weekend ever! Next week is also Camp Let Loose and “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it oh no oh no oh no I want it!”


Weekend of July 21, 2017

My weekend was so cool! My dad was in New York all last week and he will be coming home tonight. I missed him a lot!

Friday, I had my last day of summer school. It was so great because we did a treasure hunt and we found a brown leaf, purple flower, and more nature items. After lunch, I went to Camp Simcha. At camp, the kids did skits and I enjoyed the songs about Israel. After camp I had jazz band. We practiced songs like Malibu Drive, and Low Rider.


Saturday, after horseback riding, Cece and I went to the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista. It was so cool, seeing the sea turtles, and my favorite was the sharks and rays area. The one neat thing about it was the place was like a huge zoo. Cece’s phone was cracked so she bought a new phone at Walmart and I helped her pick one out . The phone was a Samsung Galaxy and we didn’t get anything else at Walmart.    

Sunday, I went to the Safari Park with Cece. We took the tram and saw giraffes and buffalos. At noon, it was so hot that we left and Cece bought some food for her friend who was in San Marcos. In the meantime, Rosalinda called Cece because she said that she was sick so she came at 9:30 pm not 7. For the rest of the day, we ate, had a bath and watched Beauty and the Beast.

My favorite part of the weekend was the Discovery Center because it was an interesting place. My least favorite part was when I missed my dad. Overall, my weekend was so nice! Next weekend I want to go to the Philippines, or rent a boat to take to Coronado because it will be a peaceful summer!


Weekend of July 14, 2017

My weekend was great!

Friday, I went to Camp Simcha and omg, the skit was so funny, but besides that, the song we did was light the candles, drink the wine, eat the Challah, and have a very, very, very, good time! The theme was listening. The skit I saw was about 2 kids who wanted to go to the playground, with their peers.   


Saturday, after horseback riding I saw grandma’s new kitchen table. It was so pretty because I loved it. The table was like stone or wood. Besides that, at night I watched Lawrence Welk and guess what the theme was.

  1. Legos
  2. Songs of the present
  3.   Wedding
  4. County fair

It was county fair which I’ve seen before. I didn’t remember the costumes they wore. I do remember Bob Ralston who played an old song about a merry go round that breaks down. That’s the name of the song, “The Merry Go  Round Broke Down.”   

Sunday, I went to the Surf Museum and the Oceanside Museum of Art. I walked around them with Cece. I saw these big surfboards, and a video about this disabled girl who got bitten by a tiger shark and lost her left arm. But she didn’t give up and she got up on her surfboard and surfed.


At the art museum, first there were these paintings of people who did something that made her/him disabled, so in this video we watched, the most interesting person was a deaf woman who got a cochlear implant. Also, this lady signed to me and she toured me and Cece around the art museum. My favorite part of it was when there was an artist who made these moving objects like a bike that pedals automatically and has water in a tub, like a machine!


At night our family celebrated Anne-Marie and Aunt Laurie’s birthdays by having a special family dinner with Ellinora, Lisa, Rick, Bob, Uncle Steven, Anne-Marie, Aunt Laurie, Otis, Macie, grandma, Matthew, and the most important ones, Michael Latz and me.


My favorite part of the weekend was family dinner because it was nice. No least favorite part for me because it was so calm. Overall, my weekend was so super! Next weekend/week I want to either go see the new Spider Man homecoming movie or stroll around Del Mar beach because it will be really awesome!