Weekend of October 12, 2018

My weekend was so nice!


Saturday, since there was no horseback riding or baseball, Liliana, Uncle Jay, my dad, and I went to True Food Kitchen at UTC for my early birthday brunch. It was so nice because I picked out a dessert of pie. It was so so amazing!


Sunday, I had Shooting Stars. I did a dance to the song One Day. We also made a box with a candle in it because after Shabbat there is Havdalah where you smell the scent throughout the service. At home, I saw football and the  LA Chargers won! At night I was so tired. I am turning 23 on Friday.


My favorite part of the weekend was Shooting Stars because it was so fun [sorry Uncle Jay]! My least favorite was when I was tired afterward. Overall, my weekend was so thrilling! Next weekend is my birthday weekend, so I will go bowling and to the Zoo. I also want to go to Souplantation or get my nails done because it will be an  awesome/amazing birthday!!!


Weekend of October 5, 2018

My weekend was exciting because I did some wonderful things!

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I went on a trail ride to the barn! After that, I had  baseball at the Miracle League field. My dad was my buddy. I did awesome! Why? I got a home run!  

Sunday at 1:30 pm I went to a new Chabod place called Chabad Center of University City on Governor Drive for the Friendship Circle’s first yoga class. Amy was the leader. One move we did that I liked was when we swayed back and forth like a gorilla. After that we used these water bottles to decorate with stickers, drawings, and the Friendship Circle logo.


Soon it was time to play hot potato, which is a classic game where you pass bean bags around as fast as you can and if the music stops, if you still have the beanbag then you are out. Lastly, we had a group photo. It was fun because it was at a new location.


After that we went to UTC next to  Nordstrom to meet a new sitter who will be trained on Thursday. Something interesting about her is that she plays piano. Isn’t that cool? Her name is Melinda. She’s a Japanese young 24 year old girl and I loved her!  Lastly, I had Karate and we did blocks, our form, and Star Wars. We had the best time!

Version 2

My favorite part of the weekend was Yoga because it was so outstanding. My least favorite part was nothing because it was OMG marvelous! Overall, my weekend was the best! Next weekend besides Shooting Stars, I want to either go to the Children’s Pool or hang out at Dog Beach because it will be dogurific!


New York Trip of September 27, 2018

My New York trip was awesome!!!!!!

Thursday, I excitedly woke up and got ready to go to the San Diego International Airport with Rosalinda, and my Dad. Our flight was so amazing because I was one happy puppy!  When we got to New York, Uncle Ron picked us up at departures because arrivals was so crowded! I slept at Uncle Ron and Aunt Julie’s house for 6 nights!


Friday we had lunch with Marjorie my grandmother. Then we went swimming in the Jacuzzi at a hotel called the Osborn which is where my grandma lives now. It is both a hotel and a hospital in one complex. We ate dinner with Jonathan. How nice, I thought.   

Saturday, Cousin Hannah, Sue, Bob, Aunt Betty, Cousin David, Aunt Julie, Uncle Ron,  Rosalinda, Kenney, Ida, Cousin Rich, Grandma M, my dad and I celebrated the 65th anniversary of her 39th birthday by eating at a Thai restaurant.


My grandma got a Jewish joke book. I loved that book because it has some funny jokes. I forgot them already.


Anyways, after that we walked around the outside of Rye Playland. It was like a lovely garden park by the water!

Sunday we went to see baby Sophia at Eric and Alex’s place near Canal Street. She is so so cute!


But I did not like when my dad held her because I was uncomfortable with it and got so jealous! She got some cute books, and Theo got some new clothes!


Monday we went to the Bronx Zoo. I liked the 4D movie Storks which is about getting a new baby brother. It was so funny! We also went on the monorail. We saw elephants and a shofar deer, and it was so neat. We also went to Tiger Mountain. A giant  tiger was pacing back and forth. At first, I was so scared because I thought, will he eat me? He did not, silly. We also saw butterflies, went to Jungleworld, and went on a bug carousel.


Tuesday we went on the Circle Line boat tour.  We saw the Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty  the famous woman and the largest statue in the world, and many more famous buildings. The tour guide was also on the radio.


That night, my mom’s old friends Jeff and Audrey came for a nice dinner. Jeff played piano for me.


At 4 am I woke up and got ready to go back to San Diego. The John F. Kennedy airport was like a madhouse! We waited on 4 lines. The flight was smooth. Now I am a little jet lagged!

My favorite part and my least favorite part of my trip was the Bronx Zoo because I was so tired, but it was so fun! Overall, I had a wonderful trip.   Next trip I want to go to Hawaii during the winter because it will be aloha great!!!


Weekend of September 21, 2018

My weekend was really grand. Why? Because of the things I did!

Friday Arlie and I went to the Zoo! We saw some penguins, tigers, elephants, okapis, a lion, leopards, hippos, polar bears, California Condors, Koalas, some giraffes, some Tasmanians devils, some meerkats, some bears, some swamp monkeys, the skyfari, the movie area, the highway 163, and the 5 express bus stops. It was awesome!


Saturday I did a neat course on my horse because it was about moving around the fastest when I was being timed. When  I am on my horse I love being timed!

At 11:00 am I had baseball. I had a nice smile for both of my pictures, and I played so well.


We also watched America’s Got talent the finals. This magician Shen Lin did an act where he asked Tyra, the host, to pick one card. She picked the 9 of hearts, and then magically, and amazingly he made all the cards  turn into that same card. That’s why he won. He will headline a show in Las Vegas, in addition to the 1 Million dollars prize that he won!

Sunday, my Dad and I  did yoga which was hard but it was short.  After, I had Shooting Stars at the JCC, Jewish Community Center. We learned a dance to the song I’m a Golden Boy by Nadav Guedj. It’s a cute and high energy song.



In the afternoon during dance, guess what? I finished the dance to the song I do adore. Remember when I told you we learned that dance 2 weeks ago? It ended out so perfect!

My favorite part of the weekend was that I finished the dance because it was awesome! My least favorite part was nothing because it was fantastic! Overall, I had a remarkable weekend. This Thursday I will fly to New York to visit my family and the new baby, Sophia. There I want to either go sightseeing or go to the zoo in Central Park. I want to do one of these things because it will be fun!!!


Weekend of September 14, 2018


Friday Grace, Lisa, Heather, Geyna, Arlie and I  went to the Botanical Garden in Balboa Park. I saw some immense flowers. Then we went to the rose garden, it was so pretty. Outside the garden was a guitar player. He reminded me of Spain. The music was lively. After lunch, Arlie and I went to the Natural History Museum. We learned about fossils.


Saturday I had horseback riding. We did a fun course because during one part I went over the poles in a circle. It was great! At home, my dad and I read the book Frindle which means pen.  At 1130 am I practiced music. After lunch my dad took me shopping at Justice. I got some new jeans which are lovely.


Sunday my dad and I started our morning with yoga. This yoga was special because we did jumping jacks.

At 11 we drove to Torrey Hills Neighborhood Park. We walked around it felt so cool because there was a soccer game on the field.   


My favorite part of the weekend was the park because we could go there with CIS. My least favorite part was that my dance teacher, Elle, was sick. Overall, my weekend was so nice! Next weekend I will pack for my trip to New York. My birthday plans will be I will go to Universal Studios. Next weekend I want to either go to a fall festival, or sleep in because since the time will change, it will be a fantastic weekend!


Weekend of September 7, 2018

My weekend was so busy but it was exciting!

Friday after Bonnie, I went bowling with my CIS group. It was so fun because I won the game,  79 to 71. After that, we went to lunch at Sprouts in Mira Mesa, before we went to the Spirit Halloween store. The Halloween store was scary, because there was a haunted house, girl on a swing with her eyes so weird, and an upside down cat, but I did not get scared because it’s my favorite holiday of the year.


I saw some costumes like a royal storybook queen, but I decided nah, I did not want to be that. At home that night, my dad and I decided that for halloween we will both do a duo costume. We will dress as pirates. I will be the girl good pirate who is always good while my dad will be a bad boy pirate who always stole my good treasures. Argh matey!!!!!!!

Saturday, I did a neat horse riding obstacle course. It reminded me of a pumpkin patch. The color of the cones was orange. You steer through the cones like you are getting into the patch, then you steer through the L as when you are looking for a lovely pumpkin. Then you steer through the poles like when you carry your pumpkin through a maze to the front of the patch and you go over the bridge like you just said Happy Halloween to the scarecrow.

During lunch, there was opening ceremony for Miracle League baseball. My buddy was named Amy.


During the opening ceremony, a band called the Jungle Poppins performed for us for the first time because there was never a band for the ceremonies. This year was even more special because Reid was the lead vocalist and the drummer was Ethan. The bassist was Steven my old drum teacher. My time up at bat was awesome. That night I went to sleep at 6 pm because I was so tired!


Sunday was so busy. First I did yoga with my dad. Then after lunch I had a dance lesson. We danced to I Do Adore by Mindy Gledhill. It’s a cute song because it’s about adoring someone like the stars. During one part it says “hello, how are you my darling today?” It’s about politeness and feelings.

At 4:30 pm Ellinora, Grandma, Uncle Robert, Uncle Steven, Aunt Laurie and Matthew, came for dinner before we went to temple. I sat next to cousin Alison.


We stayed in this private room next to the sanctuary but the sermon was not good at all. It wasn’t about what Rosh Hashanah is about, it was about politics. I was up until almost 9:50 pm. I was so tired!

My favorite part of the weekend was temple because the music was so pretty. My least favorite was that it was so hot Saturday. Overall, my weekend was pretty good!! Next weekend I want to either pack for my trip or email about Universal Studios because it will be so fantastic!!!


Labor Day Weekend of September 1, 2018

My weekend was a special one because it was a holiday called Labor Day. My weekend was so magical because of the things I did.

Saturday during horseback riding, I did a four leaf clover and it turned out great because my wee little flower looked like a magical bell!  

After that I met Jane, my dad’s new girlfriend, who was so sweet like a rose. We went to the Birch Aquarium. We saw Infinity Cube for the last time. It was so immense because it was so dark that I could not see anything.


I talked up a storm with Jane. She told me funny stories. My dad also told us one about when he was in the airport coming home and he was hearing on the loudspeaker, “Last call for San Diego.” So he asked the lady if she had a seat and she said, “Yes but it will pass through San Jose.” It was the wrong gate!   

Sunday, I did yoga, had a dance lesson, and went to Souplantation with Grandma and Uncle Robert. It was so nice because we celebrated my dad’s birthday.


Monday, Arlie and I went to Safari Park. We saw a baby 3 week old elephant named Suli who was so cute. Also we saw a baby giraffe, a lion who slept with its paws on the glass wall,  and 5 kangaroos. It was so fun!


My favorite part was when I met Jane because she is so funny like Ellen Degeneres or Jimmy Fallon. I also liked the Safari Park because it was so neat to see the baby animals. My least favorite was of course when I got a cold because it was from the weather. Overall, my weekend was pretty grand. Next weekend is Rosh Hashanah so I will go to temple. Finally! I also want to either get a tiny cupcake cake for my birthday, or go to the Halloween store to look for my costume because it will be so interesting!