Weekend of August 3, 2018

My weekend was so exciting because everything was awesome!  

Saturday, since I did not have horseback riding, I went hiking at San Clemente Park. It was so vivid because it was like a desert with bumpy hills. I felt amazed because it was all peaceful!


Sunday, I did yoga. It was so refreshing. It was like you are on an island stretching. In the afternoon, I went swimming across the street from Aunt Laurie’s house. The water made me so sleepy but I did not take a nap after like I wanted to. Grandma tried a swim belt on me and at first, I hated it but then I got used to it. It felt so good because summer ahhhh! So good!!!!


My favorite part of the weekend was yoga and swimming because both were so fantastic! I did not have a least favorite part,  it was a perfect weekend. Next weekend, I want to either go get a new bbq for my yard, or hangout at the beach because it will be so fabulous!


Weekend of July 27, 2018

My weekend was swell!  

Friday afternoon I went to Camp Simcha. It was so cool because I saw so many kids.

Saturday morning, I went horseback riding. I had a new teacher named Grace who was great because she taught me to keep my feet in the stirrups. In the afternoon, I went swimming next to Aunt Laurie’s house. Cousin David, me, my Dad, and Uncle Steven went swimming! I liked swimming because it reminded me of Hawaii.

Sunday there were 2 Friendship Circle events.     In the morning it was Boomers. We mostly stayed outdoors. My dad and I went on the Go Karts and the Ferris wheel rides which I loved.  It reminded me of the time when I thought the top of the wheel looked like ice cream and the bottom looked like frosting!


In the afternoon I saw a summer/winter play called Frozen Jr. at the JCC. It was about a girl named Elsa, who had the power of making it  snowy and icy, but her sister Anna did not know. Elsa couldn’t control herself so she left. Later, Elsa saved Anna through sisterly love! Isn’t that a wonderful story? I loved that show because it had a live band with the famous songs accompanying the singers. Olaf made me laugh because the snowman in the movie talked but in the show a boy voiced the snowman. I liked when Olaf said,  “I like Warm Hugs”. When he said yeah why? when Anna said we have to find Elsa to bring back winter… Yeah why?… Because it is important. Yeah why? … It is our mission. Yeah why??????. So funny!


My favorite part of the weekend was the show because I like Let It Go! My least favorite part was nothing because it was all good! Overall, my weekend was so perfect! Next weekend, I want to either watch the Ant Man movie or go to a Luau because it will be great, aloha!


Weekend of July 20, 2018

My week was good, but my weekend was even better because I hung out with my dad all weekend long!
Friday I went to the YMCA to swim. It felt so good because the water felt nice! In the afternoon I went to UTC to buy some new shorts which I am wearing right now. They are a bit sexy and cute! At night I had Summer Jazz Band. It’s every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 3 more weeks. I like it a lot!

Saturday I went horseback riding. I rode Hollywood which was awesome! After that we went to hike at Rose Canyon in University City. It’s like going on a safari because one part you walk through a forest. It reminded me of Africa.  


Sunday my dad and I went to Legoland! First, we went to the submarine ride which is my favorite because I saw some treasures. I liked how they had a touch screen so you can touch the treasures.


Before lunch, I went on a pirate ride and omg I got so so so so completely wet wet wet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My shirt was like tearing from the wetness.


I went to the Sealife Aquarium and saw so many sharks, jellyfishes, seahorses, fishes, etc. I had a blast!


My favorite part of the weekend was Legoland because it was so swell! My least favorite part was nothing because it was all enjoyable. Overall, my weekend was so fantastic! Next weekend, I want to either go camping, on the beach or go canoeing because it will be so unique!!!!!


Weekend of July 13, 2018

For my weekend journal, I decided that it will be funny because my weekend was that great!!


Note: During the week, Shari painted my bathroom and now it has butterflies and flowers! It makes me feel like I am in nature! Because of that, I say to Shari, “Oh Shari thank you so much! It makes me feel safe and calm right now because it looks beautiful!”


Saturday, I went horseback riding. I was like a cowgirl because it was an intense course! After that my dad and I went to Home Depot and we bought towel racks for my shiny bathroom! The store was like a wonderland or a big toy store for the house!    

Sunday, with Friendship Circle we went to San Elijo Lagoon for a hike. The hike was amazing because in nature you see hawks, ducks, other birds, butterflies, and my favorite, lots and lots of trees!!!


I met a girl from Russia named Nina who signed to me! After the walk I took a nap!


My favorite part of the weekend was the Lagoon because I adore lagoons. I also love the painting in my bathroom, because it is so pretty! My least favorite was that I did not go swimming! Overall, my weekend was just superb! Next weekend I want to either look at previews for MiraCosta College classes or start composing an original song to perform at CIS.  

I want

To do one

Of these things


It will




Oh yeah

So fantastic!!!!!


Weekend of July 6, 2018

My weekend was so incredible!

Saturday, I went horseback riding. It was amazing because I went on a trail ride to meet Mille the goat. He was so cute! After that, my dad and I went to 2 stores called Marshalls and  HomeGoods to look for a comforter. We did not find anything good until Sunday. I was so upset because we didn’t want to get those plain comforters. In the afternoon, since it was warm, we went to my aunt Laurie and cousin Allison’s house in Camino del Sur in Carmel Valley. Across the street there was pickleball and a swimming pool. I went in the pool 2 times with my dad. It felt so cool because I was sweaty.


Sunday remember when I told you that on Saturday we couldn’t find a comforter? Well the good news was we went to Walmart. They had nice comforters so I have a complete bed set with flowers and it’s pink, which is my favorite color. It made my heart super happy! It will match the painting in my bathroom when Shari will paint it!


When I ate at UTC after that, they had a hockey game at the ice skating rink at the food court and the white team won! I also went in a store and Brandon, the manager, toured us around. We saw grillers for bbqs, sinks, and  refrigerators. It was a cool store. I loved it a lot. At home, I had dance with Elle. We practiced for the recital in September. Lastly, I went to karate. We did ninja star. I had my buddy Dad. I was outstanding because even though it was hard, I was confident enough to do it!

My favorite part of the weekend was the stores  because it was not drab! I also liked swimming because on a hot summer day, it was perfect! I did not have a least favorite because it was all awesome! Overall I had a fantastic weekend! Next weekend, I want to either go camping or go pick apples in Julian because it will be fairly sweaty great!


Weekend of June 29, 2018

My weekend was so awesome because all kinds of different things happened!


Saturday, I had my horse show. The theme was Summer Road Trip USA! In this course, you go by famous landmarks like Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, and the Golden Gate Bridge!  It was so clever because the show was fantastic and straight to the theme of summer!!! I got a trophy and a metal!


Sunday I went to a brunch of Jeffrey and Andrea who got married Saturday night. It was at a modern house like George Washington’s restaurant because the people were outside by the pool. I saw my bud Zack, which was awesome because I got to meet lots of people and it was so nice! It was Shari’s family and I met Andrea, Maxi and Madi. I was so hot there!

My favorite part was the brunch because I talked a lot and it was overall really sweet!!! I did not have a least favorite part because it was so fabulous. Overall, my weekend was just perfect! Next weekend I want to either go get a beach tan, or go surfing because it will be cool dude like a wave breaking in and the atmosphere will be so lively!



Weekend of June 22, 2018

My weekend was perfect because it was summer!

Friday night, my dad and I went to Bob and Julie’s house for dinner. Theo my nephew, Eric, Alex, Matthew, Anne-Marie, Ellinora, Grandma, Uncle Robert, Uncle Steven, Aunt Laurie, cousin David, Bob and Julie’s friend Nancy, and Shari were there.  It was fun because there was music playing in the background. We stayed until after 9:30 pm. I felt so tired!


Saturday during horseback riding, I practiced for my horse show this coming Saturday. I did really well for my practice run! After that my dad and I went to a park for hiking. There were baseball games at 3 fields. It was awesome! After that, I wanted to go to a ranch house so we went to the Rancho Penasquitos Ranch house which was the 2nd oldest house in San Diego. It was built in the 1800s. We took a tour of it. In the rooms there were old beds and an old piano. It was so interesting because it was during the days of cowboys, yee haw!


Sunday, the Friendship Circle had an event at the Black Mountain Park . The area was open, that means the houses were below us and there were  no cities around us. Also we did a scavenger hunt, music, and heard the rabbi tell a story about how in a few days we will remember the temple in Jerusalem and that a man in Canada found a box which had the 10 commandments that God gave Moses at Mount Sinai!


At 3 pm at home, I had a dance lesson with my friend Elle! First we did ballet, and then she taught me a technique more related to contemporary. Basically you move as if you’re  telling a slow motion story. For example o n e  d a y,  a  b o y  g o e s  t o  a  c r e e k  t o  g e t  w a t e r… (One day a boy goes to a creek to get water). I liked it because it was unique!

My favorite part of the weekend was the ranch because it was enjoyable. I did not like that the dinner Friday went so late!!! Overall, my weekend was so intriguing! Next weekend, I will have my horse show! Besides that I want to either paint a  summer photo to hang up or use my vision board to make a special project to do next week because it will be imaginative!