Weekend of October 6, 2017

My weekend was great!  I played the Game of Life, went horseback riding, played baseball, watched the movie Captain Underpants, went to see Aunt Laurie’s new house, and went to a Sukkot celebration!

On Friday, in the afternoon during school at ATP Lorena, Nick, and I played the Game of Life. It was so cool because you’re basically in a car and you either go to college or have a career. You get married, buy a house, go to night school, take the family path, go on the risky or safe path, and retire! It was so fun because it was her first time playing the game!                                                                                          

Saturday, I went horseback riding early because I had baseball. I did so well!  After that, I watched the silliest movie called Captain Underpants. It was about listening to one another and kindness.

Sunday, I had no nurse so my dad was my nurse. You can call my dad, “Nurse Daddy!” In the afternoon, I went to see Aunt Laurie’s house in Camino Del Sur. It was the most creative house because it was like an 80’s house. After that, I went to Chabad for Sukkot. They had a sukkah, a hut, and I shook a lulav, a plant, for good luck. They also had a violinist who was awesome! He played Israeli music.


There was also a ventriloquist show and he had:

  1. a person named John
  2. a shark
  3. a dragon
  4. a bear
  5. a plant
  6. a drawing that talked
  7. 2 dogs
  8. a turtle
  9. a cute baby!


Then the violinist played till 8 pm but my dad and I left at 7:15 pm.

My favorite part of the weekend was the sukkah because it was so cool! My least favorite part was nothing because it was all great! Overall, my weekend was ridiculously great! Next weekend, I will go to Brick or Treat at Legoland.


Weekend of September 29, 2017

My weekend was so peaceful and lovely! I went to temple, had dinner with my family,  and went to Shooting Stars.

Friday night, I went to Temple Solel for Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is a holiday that deals with the forgiving of your sins. It was so interesting because there was a different pianist from last time. My dad fasted from that night to Saturday night. You fast because the Torah tells us to and it represents our faith.

Saturday, there was no horseriding or baseball because it was Yom Kippur. My grandma, my dad, and I went to temple. I liked the service so much because it was like being in Sunday school. I even liked the Torah service because each alliot (the person to be called to do the blessing before/after the Torah and read the Torah) lined up in a line in front of the doors. It was so cool! In the afternoon, my dad, Alison, baby Joshua, and Grandma went to the afternoon service. In the evening, everyone came to the house for the breaking of the fast. It was so enjoyable because I was with my family!


Sunday, I met a new nurse named Michelle. She is so charming! My dad, Michelle, and I went to Shooting Stars in the Pacific Beach area. Shooting Stars is a club for Jewish girls. We made chains for Sukkot, which is a harvest holiday celebrating the fall harvest. We will eat in a sukkah, a tent, next Sunday! We also danced! It was an amazing day! 


My favorite part of the weekend was temple because it was so breathtaking! My least favorite part was the fact that I didn’t have dance class. Overall, my weekend was awesome! Next weekend, I will go celebrate Sukkot at Chabad by eating in the sukkah because it will be so pleasant.


Weekend of September 22, 2017

My weekend was so simple but it was great!

Friday, I went to the Safari Park with Arlie. Omg, we went on the tram and saw giraffes, rhinos, one horned antelopes, and birds. It was interesting because I walked 2 miles and we stayed from 9 am to 3 pm. I was so tired that I took a nap after that.


Saturday, I went horseback riding on Hollywood from 9 to 9:30. It was fun because I love horseback riding! I did this exercise where I had to ride over the poles and around the cones. After that, I came home, got ready for picture day at baseball and I smiled.


In the afternoon, I saw who won on America’s Got Talent on TV. It was the ventriloquist Darci Lynn.

Sunday, I met a new nurse named Marlene who was so nice because she was so lovely. My dad, Marlene, and I went to the aquarium. We saw a turtle, a bioluminescence area, and a shark display. It was so cool! My dad made the Bioluminescence exhibit with an artist, in April. It was an awesome experience! We also saw seahorses and seadragons.


My favorite part of the weekend was the aquarium because it was so grand!


I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, I had an awesome weekend. Next weekend, I want to either get a pumpkin or get some candy because it will be a great weekend.


Weekend of September 15, 2017

My weekend was average. Friday, we played Uno in school. It was so funny because our classmate Jillian was giving me draw 2, skip, skip, skip, draw 4, etc… and she had over a hundred cards! Then it was my turn and Arlie played a 3 green but she didn’t have any more  green so she drew more, more, and more cards and finally, Jillian got an uno. What was weird was I also got an uno but then, I got more and more cards too. Heh heh heh heh heh heh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So I was annoyed with myself having so many cards.

Saturday, during baseball, when my coach said “Casey it’s your turn to bat”, I felt so tired  to bat, I thought, “I can’t do it…eh..um maybe…”  When I was on the plate to bat it was nerve wracking. It was like that girl from Girl Meets World who was trying to convince her boyfriend to come to a date but she was so weak.  Anyways, on my second hit, I was pumped up and so it was so great because I hit like a rock star!

Sunday, Arlie and I went to Legoland. There was this ride we did when we were in a fire truck and this attendent and Arlie pumped the truck to go forward. Then, they got out of the truck to shoot water, and you can get soaking wet. Then they climbed back in the truck to go back to where we started and it was so fun! We also went to the water park. One part was like a jungle. They have a lazy river and you take your floatie and ride all the way down to the end.


They also had a pirate reef water ride when you go up up, up up up and turn and splashhhhhhhhhh!!! You get soaked. Also they had patches of hay for fall outside of the horse stable area where you can figure out parts of a horse and you can build legos for the craziest invention in Heartlake City.  


At home around 4, Elle came and we did ballet, modern and musical theater. In musical theater we did All That Jazz from Chicago.     Dad and I then saw this movie called Kubo and the Two Strings. It was about a boy in Japan named Kubo who had 1 eye, and he had this guitar with 3 strings. The story was about his journey to find his father’s armor.     

My favorite part of the weekend was dance because I memorized the musical theater dance so well. My least favorite was when I was at baseball, because

  1. I felt like “This will be great even though it was not but I think this hit unfortunately  will be like geez louise that bad!”
  2. It didn’t go that well.
  3. It will be baseballerific!  

It is #2 so yeah. Overall,

  1. my weekend was pretty good.
  2. my vacation was the best ever.
  3. my diary was so realistic.

It was #1.

Friday is no school so I want to go to Julian to check out that horse carriage, take a tour there or go apple picking. Saturday and Sunday, I want to either get my makeup done, have a suntan or have a BBBQ because it will be so fantastic!


Weekend of September 8, 2017

My weekend was just fabulous! I went horseback riding, played baseball, visited a farm, saw Carla’s son Elias, and did Karate.

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I played a game when you choose a letter to ride to, say a horse word to Gretchen that starts with that letter, pick up that beanbag color, ride over to the matching colored bucket, and put it into the bucket. So for M, my word was Mare, which is the name of a female horse. For a male horse it is called a Gelding. Next, I had my Miracle League baseball ceremony at 12 pm, which was also great because I signed our national anthem. I did super!


I had just one inning to hit and I did awesome!

Sunday, I met a new nurse named Annette. She’s so nice!


My dad, Annette, and I went to a farm in Encinitas on Saxony Road called Coastal Roots Farm. It was so cool! There were chickens, arts and crafts, and a beanbag game. The Friendship Circle helped make a salad with  a blue flower, watermelon, and strawberries. After that, we heard the shofar which was cool. A shofar is a ram horn that will be blown on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, which is next week. At 3:15 pm Elias, who visited me from Washington D.C., came over to my house. He had a book of folk songs from his camp. It was so neat because I knew some of the songs like Let It Be.


At 5 pm I went to Karate. I went through a maze and it was dealing with kicking with these punchbags. I love Karate because it is a fun martial art!


My favorite part of the weekend was going to the Coastal Roots Farm because it was a neat experience! I didn’t have a least favorite part; it was awesome! Next weekend, I want to either book my flight for my birthday trip to Hawaii, or go look at other programs for after finishing school because it will be like a nice paradise.


Four Day Weekend of September 1, 2017

My four day weekend was great!

Friday I went to school. My teacher was Marianne. In the afternoon we played games so our group Elizabeth, Jaydon, and I played go fish and I won!

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Hollywood. I rode on a trail ride and it was so fun because Shannon rode with me. At 1 pm my dad and I went swimming at Rick and Lisa’s house. I hated it so much because I haven’t been swimming for a long time and it was so freezing my eyes were teary. It was so bad! In fact, when I went into the water, IT FELT TOO ICEY!  But, my dad liked it!

Sunday, my Dad was my nurse. We went to Shooting Stars in Pacific Beach. It was so fun because my buddy Tal was so nice like an angel!


In the afternoon I had dance with Elle. We did ballet, stretching and Lyrical, which is when we danced to the words of a song.

After that  my dad and I, watched an amazing movie called Trolls. The message in it says, “Happiness is inside everyone, even if you don’t know where or how to find it, and you shouldn’t have to change to get someone to like you.” I liked the movie because it had the song Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake. Trust me it’s a good movie!

Monday, I went to Legoland. During one part of the Coast Cruise ride the captain said “While we are under the Lionscape Bridge for the second time I want to hear you yell with a giant lion roar on 3 ready? 1 2 3..” Once everyone roared he said, “That’s terrifying!”


That night we ate at Souplantation, which is my favorite restaurant because they had so much food!

My favorite part of the weekend was that movie Trolls because it was real nice! My least favorite was swimming. It was terrible! Overall, I had a awesome weekend! Next weekend, I want to either go golfing or fishing because it will be so fantastic!


Last Week and Weekend of Summer, August 21, 2017

My last week was really exciting!

Monday I went to Seaport Village to walk. I liked seeing the ships. [I also had karate class].


Tuesday, I went to Legoland and I went on so many rides.


Wednesday was Safari Park and the tiger was walking around the enclosure.

Thursday, I went to the Zoo with Linda who was so nice during our trip. I missed her a lot!


Friday, I went to Legoland. I liked the show Lego Friends because it was about Andrea who got ready for a concert and Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Mia and the fans helped out with the dances. They put on a cool show even with a theme summer beach party. My week was so fantastic so let me tell you about my weekend.     


Saturday I rode in my western saddle. Another rider and I played red light, green light. In the afternoon, my dad cooked a mexican casserole and we had a birthday dinner for Rick, Uncle Steven and my dad. We had cake and during gifts, I was so tired.


Sunday we stayed home. My dad and I exercised, hung out in the morning and then at 11:20 Kendra my friend and her parents came because guess what? Kendra can drive now so we/they test drove the blue and the black cars which are my dad’s cars. The blue car was electric but the black car was ok, nice. She is borrowing the Prius which is the black car. At 4 pm, my friend Elle came. We danced to that new Taylor Swift song. I liked that song but it was not the type I would compose in the future. After she left, my dad and I finished the movie, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.


My favorite part of the weekend/week was the Zoo because zoo rocks. My least favorite part was that movie which we finished because at the end, Jake realized that he knows a way out of the time loop to 1948 from 2016; it was so weird and scary. Overall, my last week of summer was the best ever! Next weekend, I want to go to a beach or Petco Park because it will be so wonderful!