Weekend of May 18, 2018

My weekend was so lively and exciting because I was with Uncle Jay.


Saturday, I went horseback riding which was great because I was riding with confidence. I felt lively because my horse had so much energy!  



After that I had my last baseball game for the season. This was my buddy Ellie’s last time as my buddy because she will go to college.


OMG, it was awesome because I got a homerun!!! While I was trying to hit, I was thinking what my dad said, “fast swing.”  There were a lot of people there. After the game, I got a trophy! I felt proud because I worked hard all season to earned that trophy!



I also watched the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and actress Megan Markle. Her dress was so pretty! It was lovely because the choir made me feel like there are angels around me.


Sunday, I exercised, did yoga, had lunch, and got ready to go to La Paloma Theater in Encinitas near Cottonwood Park with Shari to watch the movie Isle of Dogs. It made me feel loving because of the way the dogs talked in it! The dogs spoke English while the people spoke Japanese. It was living up the hype. In the movie, one dog was locked up. It was so funny! After that, we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was nice because I love Mexican food although I can’t taste it!  It made me feel really relaxed because it was the end of my weekend!

My favorite part was when I went to the movie with Shari and Uncle Jay because my dad loved it! My least favorite was my last baseball game because I cried so hard! Overall, my weekend was perfect! Next weekend I want to either go look at homes to move to or go on a UCSD tour because it will be interesting!!!


Weekend of May 11, 2018

My weekend was so exciting because it was Mother’s Day weekend.

Saturday I went horseback riding and it was like a cowboy in the rodeo… Yeehaw partner! I did a hard course. I did so well! At baseball for my first hit I got up to bat and swung it for 7 times. For the second hit, I got a first pitch hit! I felt so happy because the people in the stands had vivid clothes and that was why I did awesome!


Sunday, my dad and I went on a hike on a new trail called the Coast to Crest Trail across from  the fairgrounds. It used to be a parking lot but now it is a pretty restoration area. You can see the I-5 freeway. It’s a really nice area because it reminded me of Hawaii.

At 4:30 pm, we went to Grandma’s house for a nice Mother’s day/birthday dinner with Riley the dog, Uncle Robert, and Uncle Steven. It was so nice because I love my grandma!!!! She’s 92 years old!!!!!!


My favorite part of the weekend was when I was with grandma, because it was so lovely! My least favorite part was nothing because it was all so fantastic! Overall, I had a swell Mother’s day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow Uncle Jay will come on his real birthday! Next weekend, I want to either take a tour of UCSD or go on a nice boat ride because it will be really great! At noon I will have my last baseball game!



Weekend of May 4, 2018

My weekend was a mixed between exciting, terrible, and tragic…

Friday night I went to the orchestra rehearsal. A new conductor directed the orchestra. The first piece was so weird that it reminded me of a story about this man who wanted to trick his son because he was trying to find some sort of treasure but he can’t so the son says, “Excuse me, how can I trick you if I am not an adult. It’s magical right?” It was that strange! When we were about to leave to go home, they started another piece by a man who was inspired by Mozart. Because Mozart loves birds, one part of the piece sounded like birds!!! Clever, right?


Saturday, I went horseback riding. When I got on Hollywood, I felt good because I was being timed during an obstacle course. I did from 3 minutes 30 seconds to 2 minutes 45 seconds. Big difference! At baseball, I was kinda lazy with my swing that during the 2nd time that I went up to bat. It was so funny because the pitcher threw the ball, I missed it, and again he pitched to me, I missed, and again AND AGAIN… finally my buddy helped me and I finally hit it!!! Phew, what a relief! I felt better because I did it after all!  Shari and her dogs Tippi and Amare came to visit! At home, my dad and I watched the Kentucky Derby!

Sunday I had my last Shooting Stars meeting for the season. Isn’t that sad? I know, right? For the last one we did an art project for the Shooting Stars gala in June!


We also tried some new dance formations. That was neat!


We also finished the book The Swap along with the movie, which was awesome! Lastly I had my last karate and I was on fire! I learned how to use these sticks called sickle. It was like drums sticks but you use them as a weapon.


My favorite part of the weekend was the weather because it was so great on Sunday! My least favorite part was that I had my last Shooting Stars and karate. Overall my weekend was average. Next weekend, I want to either see Shari again or have a Mother’s Day picnic. I want to do one of these things because it will be nice!!  On Tuesday, Uncle Jay will visit me!!


Weekend of April 27, 2018

My weekend was exciting!

Saturday, I went horseback riding. It was fun because I did a steering exercise on my horse Hollywood. In the afternoon, we went to Bob and Julie’s house for a BBQ. My family ate steak, meat, chicken, etc… The house was like a cottage because of its old style walls. I also liked to watch Bob cook on the BBQ! It was Matthew and Uncle Robert’s birthdays!

Sunday, I woke up early and my Aunt Laurie and cousin David came. We went to Liberty Station for the Friendship Walk. When we got there, we got a t-shirt and a wristband. There was a small band before the ceremony of the walk began. It had Ethan my friend on drums, and Corbin on vocals. They played Shake it Off, by Taylor Swift, Yellow by Coldplay, We are the Champions by Queen, Party Rock Anthem, and We Will Rock You, by Queen.


Soon the walk started and I thought woah! I can do it! I can do it!  Guess how long I walked? It was 44 minutes! It was like a marathon! After the walk, I was so tired like a tired puppy! Shari, my dad’s new girlfriend, and her dogs walked with me!  


We then went to Israel Fest. Israel is celebrating its 70th years. Wow right? They had this group of girls dancing with other people. Then it was DJ time. They had a dance party!!!!  It ended up being so fun!!!!!!!


Soon at 5 pm at home, my new sitter Stephanie came for an interview. She stayed until I went to sleep. Funny thing was when I asked her, do you sing? She said yes, to her preschool kids, lullabies in Spanish, and we laughed because she forgot the rest of the words….

My favorite part of the weekend was the walk and meeting Stephanie because it was super exciting! My least favorite part was when it was cold at the walk, because it wasn’t great. Overall, my weekend was kind of awesome! Next weekend I will have baseball, go to the La Jolla Symphony Orchestra dress rehearsal, Shooting Stars, and Karate!



Weekend of April 20, 2018

My weekend was relaxing!

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I did a steering exercises with poles! It was so awesome because I was on Hollywood! Then we went on a hike next to La Jolla High School but it was not a great hike because there was no water around it except in the background. It was a normal lame hike.


Sunday morning, I woke up at 7:40 am surprised because there was no nurse. My dad was my nurse/dad. Anyways, I exercised and had a snack. Soon, I did a yoga tape with my dad upstairs. It made me feel good afterward but the funny thing was we did plank to downward dog like 18 times. The teacher, Stacy, made us do seated stretching like twisting, and then transitioned into plank and downward dog a bunch of times. It was like sun salutation.


At 4:30 pm I got ready for Karate. I did great because my two buddies were sweating me out!  


My favorite part of the weekend was yoga because it felt so good! My least favorite part was staying home all morning because I did not have a nurse! Overall, my weekend was ok. Next weekend, I will do the annual Friendship Walk. I also want to find another volunteer site for the following week, or get Heather or Lisa a funny gift because it will be grand!


My Trip to New York April 11, 2018

My trip was so amazing!

Wednesday morning, I woke up and at 915 I got ready to go to the airport with my nurse Rosalinda, grandma Rhoda, and my dad. I was so excited like a happy bunny because I was going to New York! The security was so smooth! My flight was nice. On the plane I thought, look if you are on a plane you might as well sleep, but I did not sleep. I watched the Pitch Perfect 3 movie. When we arrived there, Uncle Ron picked us up.

Thursday, I went on a tour of the Osborn and omg, Grandma M was in rehab.

Friday, we went to the Bronx Zoo and saw Julia, the gorilla, and giraffes, went to a Madagascar exhibit, and a butterfly Jungle. Jonathan met us there.


At night we had a dinner at the Osborn dining room. Grandma M, Aunt Betty, cousins Carole, Hannah, Andrew, Sue, and Bob, Aunt Julie, Uncle Ron, Jonathan and David were there! I asked  my dad to tell the Shari story about how he met Shari, a friend from Carlsbad!



Saturday the same group of people plus Eric, Theo the eating machine, cousin Ellen, and Aunt Marilyn, had a lunch at my cousins’ house. You might be wondering why did Benjamin did not come to New York? Well now Benjamin is in Chicago! It was also Uncle Robert and Aunt Betty’s birthdays!


For dinner we went to an Indian restaurant called Jewel of Himalaya, and every 30 minutes they had a lady dancing Indian for us as a treat!


On my last day in NY, I went to Jonathan’s apartment in Manhattan. It was so nice because I loved his place.


Then we went to Eric, Alex, and Theo’s place for lunch. Cousins Mimi, Josh, Dahlia, their 5 year old son Roei, Alison, baby Joshua, her parents, Barbara and Norman, came. We left  at 2:45 pm to go say goodbye to grandma M.


Monday we flew home and it was delayed by a lot. The flight home was nice! At home I was jetlagged!
My favorite part of the trip was seeing family because it was so exciting! I did not have a least favorite part because it was all amazing! Overall, my weekend was really fantastic! Next trip I want to go to Hawaii or Mexico because it will be fabulous!


Weekend of April 6, 2018

My weekend was the best!

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I played and won Tic Tac Toe! It was awesome because I… I couldn’t believe it!! After that we headed to baseball. Omg, both hits were amazing! I thought, ”this was the best game ever!!!!” Then at home I had a dance lesson and we listened to music for my recital in June.


I also helped my dad pack for our trip to New York on Wednesday!

Sunday Colleen and I went to the Safari Park and we headed to Butterfly Jungle. We were waiting in line for a long time forever, so we got a pass that took only 15 minutes. One butterfly landed on my arm. It was so cool because it reminded me of a snail on my arm. On the tram, I felt like taking a nap because I was so tired.  

My favorite part of the weekend was baseball because it basically was a glorious morning! I did not like waiting for the longest time in the lines because it was boring! Overall, my weekend was pretty good! Like I told you I will go to New York in 2 days to see family! There I want to tour the city or go sightseeing because it will be fantastic! New York here we come!