Weekend of May 4, 2018

My weekend was a mixed between exciting, terrible, and tragic…

Friday night I went to the orchestra rehearsal. A new conductor directed the orchestra. The first piece was so weird that it reminded me of a story about this man who wanted to trick his son because he was trying to find some sort of treasure but he can’t so the son says, “Excuse me, how can I trick you if I am not an adult. It’s magical right?” It was that strange! When we were about to leave to go home, they started another piece by a man who was inspired by Mozart. Because Mozart loves birds, one part of the piece sounded like birds!!! Clever, right?


Saturday, I went horseback riding. When I got on Hollywood, I felt good because I was being timed during an obstacle course. I did from 3 minutes 30 seconds to 2 minutes 45 seconds. Big difference! At baseball, I was kinda lazy with my swing that during the 2nd time that I went up to bat. It was so funny because the pitcher threw the ball, I missed it, and again he pitched to me, I missed, and again AND AGAIN… finally my buddy helped me and I finally hit it!!! Phew, what a relief! I felt better because I did it after all!  Shari and her dogs Tippi and Amare came to visit! At home, my dad and I watched the Kentucky Derby!

Sunday I had my last Shooting Stars meeting for the season. Isn’t that sad? I know, right? For the last one we did an art project for the Shooting Stars gala in June!


We also tried some new dance formations. That was neat!


We also finished the book The Swap along with the movie, which was awesome! Lastly I had my last karate and I was on fire! I learned how to use these sticks called sickle. It was like drums sticks but you use them as a weapon.


My favorite part of the weekend was the weather because it was so great on Sunday! My least favorite part was that I had my last Shooting Stars and karate. Overall my weekend was average. Next weekend, I want to either see Shari again or have a Mother’s Day picnic. I want to do one of these things because it will be nice!!  On Tuesday, Uncle Jay will visit me!!


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