Weekend of April 27, 2018

My weekend was exciting!

Saturday, I went horseback riding. It was fun because I did a steering exercise on my horse Hollywood. In the afternoon, we went to Bob and Julie’s house for a BBQ. My family ate steak, meat, chicken, etc… The house was like a cottage because of its old style walls. I also liked to watch Bob cook on the BBQ! It was Matthew and Uncle Robert’s birthdays!

Sunday, I woke up early and my Aunt Laurie and cousin David came. We went to Liberty Station for the Friendship Walk. When we got there, we got a t-shirt and a wristband. There was a small band before the ceremony of the walk began. It had Ethan my friend on drums, and Corbin on vocals. They played Shake it Off, by Taylor Swift, Yellow by Coldplay, We are the Champions by Queen, Party Rock Anthem, and We Will Rock You, by Queen.


Soon the walk started and I thought woah! I can do it! I can do it!  Guess how long I walked? It was 44 minutes! It was like a marathon! After the walk, I was so tired like a tired puppy! Shari, my dad’s new girlfriend, and her dogs walked with me!  


We then went to Israel Fest. Israel is celebrating its 70th years. Wow right? They had this group of girls dancing with other people. Then it was DJ time. They had a dance party!!!!  It ended up being so fun!!!!!!!


Soon at 5 pm at home, my new sitter Stephanie came for an interview. She stayed until I went to sleep. Funny thing was when I asked her, do you sing? She said yes, to her preschool kids, lullabies in Spanish, and we laughed because she forgot the rest of the words….

My favorite part of the weekend was the walk and meeting Stephanie because it was super exciting! My least favorite part was when it was cold at the walk, because it wasn’t great. Overall, my weekend was kind of awesome! Next weekend I will have baseball, go to the La Jolla Symphony Orchestra dress rehearsal, Shooting Stars, and Karate!



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