My Trip to New York April 11, 2018

My trip was so amazing!

Wednesday morning, I woke up and at 915 I got ready to go to the airport with my nurse Rosalinda, grandma Rhoda, and my dad. I was so excited like a happy bunny because I was going to New York! The security was so smooth! My flight was nice. On the plane I thought, look if you are on a plane you might as well sleep, but I did not sleep. I watched the Pitch Perfect 3 movie. When we arrived there, Uncle Ron picked us up.

Thursday, I went on a tour of the Osborn and omg, Grandma M was in rehab.

Friday, we went to the Bronx Zoo and saw Julia, the gorilla, and giraffes, went to a Madagascar exhibit, and a butterfly Jungle. Jonathan met us there.


At night we had a dinner at the Osborn dining room. Grandma M, Aunt Betty, cousins Carole, Hannah, Andrew, Sue, and Bob, Aunt Julie, Uncle Ron, Jonathan and David were there! I asked  my dad to tell the Shari story about how he met Shari, a friend from Carlsbad!



Saturday the same group of people plus Eric, Theo the eating machine, cousin Ellen, and Aunt Marilyn, had a lunch at my cousins’ house. You might be wondering why did Benjamin did not come to New York? Well now Benjamin is in Chicago! It was also Uncle Robert and Aunt Betty’s birthdays!


For dinner we went to an Indian restaurant called Jewel of Himalaya, and every 30 minutes they had a lady dancing Indian for us as a treat!


On my last day in NY, I went to Jonathan’s apartment in Manhattan. It was so nice because I loved his place.


Then we went to Eric, Alex, and Theo’s place for lunch. Cousins Mimi, Josh, Dahlia, their 5 year old son Roei, Alison, baby Joshua, her parents, Barbara and Norman, came. We left  at 2:45 pm to go say goodbye to grandma M.


Monday we flew home and it was delayed by a lot. The flight home was nice! At home I was jetlagged!
My favorite part of the trip was seeing family because it was so exciting! I did not have a least favorite part because it was all amazing! Overall, my weekend was really fantastic! Next trip I want to go to Hawaii or Mexico because it will be fabulous!


2 thoughts on “My Trip to New York April 11, 2018

  1. Uncle Ron and Aunt Julie says:

    Casey, You also brought great weather with you as it was in the 70’s in NY. After you left the weather grew cold. You take the sunshine with you everywhere you go!! We all enjoyed being with you.

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