Weekend of April 6, 2018

My weekend was the best!

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I played and won Tic Tac Toe! It was awesome because I… I couldn’t believe it!! After that we headed to baseball. Omg, both hits were amazing! I thought, ”this was the best game ever!!!!” Then at home I had a dance lesson and we listened to music for my recital in June.


I also helped my dad pack for our trip to New York on Wednesday!

Sunday Colleen and I went to the Safari Park and we headed to Butterfly Jungle. We were waiting in line for a long time forever, so we got a pass that took only 15 minutes. One butterfly landed on my arm. It was so cool because it reminded me of a snail on my arm. On the tram, I felt like taking a nap because I was so tired.  

My favorite part of the weekend was baseball because it basically was a glorious morning! I did not like waiting for the longest time in the lines because it was boring! Overall, my weekend was pretty good! Like I told you I will go to New York in 2 days to see family! There I want to tour the city or go sightseeing because it will be fantastic! New York here we come!


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