Weekend of February 23, 2018

My weekend was so fabulous, because I did so much stuff that made my weekend amazing.

Friday I had my meeting and we chatted about my new group. I inquired about new options like can a group go to the movies? They said nope!  I was talking up a storm!

After that, my dad and I went to Royal India, which is a restaurant by Souplantation. We were invited to go there for my cousin David’s 31st birthday! We delivered to him a Pirate card with a shirt and he adored it a lot!


Saturday, my dad drove me to horseback riding. It was awesome, cuz I love Hollywood! After that, my dad and I proceeded to Balboa Park because we wanted to explore a new museum the Timken Art Museum. Omg, they had paintings of the countryside, and old paintings from the 1600s to the 1900s. I liked this painting of Mary married to Joseph, who had an angel. It was a neat museum because it was all about images. As we strolled close to the Natural History Museum to have lunch, we heard and saw this string quartet. It sounded so pretty like a swan swimming in water!

At the museum, we learned about how millions of years ago the Earth had dinosaurs and how the skulls are now clues to its past. We also watched a movie about all the animals that lived during the Ice Age like a Sabertooth tiger. I really enjoyed it because it had so much details!  

Sunday was the best day ever! There was a pre-purim festival in Chabad. Purim will be this Wednesday. My costume was a special one for 2018, I was Queen Esther!  


I even had 2 hearts on my hand, a sword balloon, and a clown painting on my face! It looked so funny on me!!!


Outside, there was a bucket drum circle and I even helped out. Me!


After that, this guy made the most huge, immense bubbles ever! It was like so amazing! After that, I went onstage because I was the main girl character helping out in the Purim story.


It is an old classic story in the book of Esther about a king named King Ahashuerus who wanted to rule his kingdom. Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, wanted to help the king. Queen Esther said, “No don’t kill the Jews!” but Haman, the king’s advisor, almost killed the Jews until the end when the Jews were saved because of Esther! Phew!!

My favorite part of the weekend was the Purim festival, because I was like a ruler of Chabad in Poway.


My least favorite part was that I missed Arlie because she had a not good weekend since she was not busy like I was! Overall, my weekend was royal-perfect! Next weekend, I  want to either go get Arlie a going away gift, or look for other things to do with my group in 2 weeks because it will be a just right weekend for me! 


Weekend of February 16, 2018

My weekend was so tiring but it was amazing!

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Hollywood because that’s who I always ride every Saturday morning from 9 am to 9:30 am. After that, I went to Evergreen Nursery because my dad bought a rosebush. I was amazed because there were a lot of plants to choose from. It was a drive through store so basically, say you are looking for a rose so instead of walking there you drive around until you find that area, not the specific flower, but the area. After that, we hiked on a trail past route 56 east and south. It was pretty because it was overlooking a horse ranch.


At 3:30 pm, Elle, my dance teacher, came over for a dance lesson! First we did some ballet barre before we did tap to 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. In June we will have a little recital. Sunday, my dad and I went to the Safari Park. Omg, we stayed from 9 am to 3:30 pm! That’s more than 6 hours. I said 6 hours! We rode a shuttle bus to and from the African tram area. We also saw the elephants who were running while we sat on a swing. We also went to the Hidden Jungle which was so vivid with flowers. I felt inspired because the flowers were so detailed.


Monday was President’s Day but it was so cold! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Imagine all day cold cold freezing like ice!!! On that day, Arlie and I went to the Zoo in the cold temperature.     First, we went on the bus tour and Ashley our guide was so cool. We went to Africa Rocks  instead of Urban Jungle area to see the giraffes, rhinos and zebras. We walked to the bridge between Lost forest and Elephant Odyssey past Monkey Trail and Hippo Trail to watch the movie Ice age, No Time For Nuts. Omg, it was the most hilarious 4d/3d movie you have ever seen!


 My favorite part of the weekend was the hike Saturday because the atmosphere was like a rainfall in the forest. My least favorite part was when I was tired after the weekend. Overall, my President’s Day weekend was ok. This Friday will be my CIS meeting about my own group. Next weekend, I want to either host a movie marathon or try out new hair-do’s because it will be perfect for a 22 year old lady!


Weekend of February 9, 2018

My weekend was so grand because I was with silly Uncle (even though he’s not really my uncle) Jay!  


Friday, I went to the orchestra rehearsal. The Mahler 4th symphony was so good!  A woman sang a song about heaven and saint cook. It was so long because it was like a fairyland in a magical forest.   

Saturday I went riding.


Then we went hiking.

  1. Nature was so dirty, so I said, “Let’s clean this up.”
  2. It was so pretty like Heaven.
  3. It was like in the 1700s when soldiers fought

It was 2. Then we went out to lunch at The Fish House in Solana Beach. They had huge fish burgers. After that, we saw the Olympics. OMG this 17 year old boy was snowboarding and got gold.

Sunday, Victoria came and we went to Shooting Stars to dance and to make clay masks.

  1. One looked like Mickey.
  2. One had a crown.
  3. One had feathers.
  4. One had a jewel.
  5. One looked like a clown upside down.  

The answer? 2 and 3.

Then at 2 pm I had dance lesson. First we did ballet, then Elle taught me a lyrical dance but I forgot the name of the song.

After that, I took a power nap before Karate. In Karate we did defense check, Khata form etc.

Finally, we went to an Indian restaurant between Ace Hardware and more restaurants. Uncle Jay had a fun time!

  My favorite part of the weekend was the hike because it was so pretty. My least favorite was nothing because it was so lovely.  Overall, my weekend was breathtaking because it was the best ever! Next weekend, I want to either do a little camping or go to a movie. I want to do one of these things because it will be so peaceful!


Jazz band concert February 5, 2018

At 5:45 pm Monday, my dad and I left for my jazz band concert. When we arrived, the Notre Dame elementary concert band went first.  There were 4 kids, plus Scott and Mark, who were jamming with them. After that, our Monday Night Jazz band performed. Guess how I felt?  

  1. Unlucky, because I did not play  well.   
  2. Scared because I did not want to play the right notes even though I secretly did.
  3. Happy because I was with my bandmates.

It was 3. We played:

  1. Coming Home Baby
  2.  Blue Charlie Brown
  3. Besame Mucho
  4. Blue Midnight
  5. Watermelon Man
  6. Mercy Mercy Mercy (with this combined band with Lumpy, Lenny, Scott, etc.)

I played really well because my Dad was taking a video of it!! I felt so relieved that I was done. Phew! 

Aunt Laurie, Grandma, Uncle Robert, and my dad were there to support me! The Monday Night Seniors band went last. They played the songs, All right Okay You Win, Wave, etc. I fell asleep at 9:15 pm because I felt so tired! That was so late for me!  


Overall, my concert was marvelous because everyone loved it! Playing in the band concert makes me feel brave and important. In the future I hope we can compose our own songs to perform just for fun!


Weekend of February 2, 2018

My weekend was so great because I had a wonderful time.

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I felt happy because I rode lovely Hollywood! Then we went on a hike at San Elijo Lagoon. A lagoon is a place with water nearby. IMG_3167

There were so many trees and it was so lovely because one area felt so calming! We saw birds, bees, and dogs. After the hike, we went up to the Observation deck and I took a nap!    


Sunday afternoon, my dad and I went to the Coastal Roots Farm past the YMCA. It felt like we were in a garden. They had different plants, and chickens. There was even a rooster. It was really fun because it was celebrating Tu Bishvat, new year of the trees.   We had a scavenger hunt and I won!


After that, we went to Loft to buy a new shirt. Then my dad was looking for a rosebush. But they did not have any at Sunshine Gardens, and at Armstrong they had rosebushes, but not the right type. Then we went home and saw the Superbowl. Pink, who sang the national anthem, was awesome!  The Halftime show was so fun, because Justin Timberlake looked good and his music was grand! There was a marching band in the Halftime show too. It was the best Halftime show ever! The Eagles, the team that I was rooting for, won!

My favorite part of the weekend was watching the superbowl because it made me cheerful. I did not have a least favorite because it was all great! On Wednesday, Uncle Jay will come. Next weekend, I want to either watch the Olympics or go to a Museum   because it will be so nice!


Week of January 22, 2018

Monday we went to Sprouts and bought bananas. Then we went to the library to read a book about these sisters who are trying to solve a mystery with a top hat and flying feathers in Marco Square, Venice. I love this story; it’s very funny and adventurous! After that we proceeded to the YMCA  but I needed to fix a membership card problem. The only thing they needed was an emergency telephone number. We went to the park for lunch and then went home to get ready for jazz band! There were about 8 kids altogether in jazz band practice!

Tuesday was Yoga Day! Chair yoga, which we did at the Solana Beach library. I felt good because I was in my chair the whole hour stretching and exercising. It felt so good on my body because it made me breathe deeply and my whole body stretched. In the afternoon, we did gentle yoga at YMCA. I felt good for a bit until the teacher Andrew said, “If Casey is being  loud, or tired in the class, then you may leave.” I thought, what! We left because I was tired!  I should never forget that ever again!  

Wednesday we did zumba. One dance we did, High o Silver, was so funny because we were pretending we were riding in the wild west. Yee haw! After that, we went to Sunrise, a senior living place to play bingo and Hangman. It was entertaining because that place was like a hotel. The bad thing was we were so close getting a bingo but we did not win. For lunch, we went to Cottonwood park. I liked it because it was like an picnic/park area. We did not go to the library because there was no parking. So, we went home to get ready for my piano lesson.

Thursday we went to Sprouts  and then we did zumba at the Solana Beach library. We saw  Marianne Rather and the group from ATP.  It was exciting because we danced a lot! I miss them a lot so I am glad to see them. For lunch we went to Cottonwood Creek park before we went to the library.    

Friday, we went to Bonnie. Soon, we walked in the park for a mile. We met at  the Habit for lunch which was enjoyable! After that, we went to the library.

Saturday, I went horseback riding on Hollywood. It was so fabulous because I love Hollywood! Then we took a hike on Dust Devil trail which is like a desert with cactus. It took us an hour to hike.


This was my first hike in this place. We started around 9:50 am and ended around 10:50 am. The nature there was pretty. I saw a flock of geese land in the water. I want to go hiking again! I heard hiking is fun and it was. By the evening I was so tired.    


Sunday, I went to the zoo with my dad. We saw tiger, zebras, and the new Africa Rocks section. We came home at 2 pm and rested before Karate. In karate we learned half of Kata 1, which is a Japanese form of movement. I am in Yellow belt and I loved my buddies because they were so nice to me.


My favorite part of the week was Karate because it was nice being with my 2 awesome buddies. My least favorite was nothing because it was all good! Overall, my week/weekend was excellent! Next week/weekend, I want to either go to a beach or a lake because it will be so fantastic!