Weekend of September 29, 2017

My weekend was so peaceful and lovely! I went to temple, had dinner with my family,  and went to Shooting Stars.

Friday night, I went to Temple Solel for Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur is a holiday that deals with the forgiving of your sins. It was so interesting because there was a different pianist from last time. My dad fasted from that night to Saturday night. You fast because the Torah tells us to and it represents our faith.

Saturday, there was no horseriding or baseball because it was Yom Kippur. My grandma, my dad, and I went to temple. I liked the service so much because it was like being in Sunday school. I even liked the Torah service because each alliot (the person to be called to do the blessing before/after the Torah and read the Torah) lined up in a line in front of the doors. It was so cool! In the afternoon, my dad, Alison, baby Joshua, and Grandma went to the afternoon service. In the evening, everyone came to the house for the breaking of the fast. It was so enjoyable because I was with my family!


Sunday, I met a new nurse named Michelle. She is so charming! My dad, Michelle, and I went to Shooting Stars in the Pacific Beach area. Shooting Stars is a club for Jewish girls. We made chains for Sukkot, which is a harvest holiday celebrating the fall harvest. We will eat in a sukkah, a tent, next Sunday! We also danced! It was an amazing day! 


My favorite part of the weekend was temple because it was so breathtaking! My least favorite part was the fact that I didn’t have dance class. Overall, my weekend was awesome! Next weekend, I will go celebrate Sukkot at Chabad by eating in the sukkah because it will be so pleasant.


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