Weekend of September 15, 2017

My weekend was average. Friday, we played Uno in school. It was so funny because our classmate Jillian was giving me draw 2, skip, skip, skip, draw 4, etc… and she had over a hundred cards! Then it was my turn and Arlie played a 3 green but she didn’t have any more  green so she drew more, more, and more cards and finally, Jillian got an uno. What was weird was I also got an uno but then, I got more and more cards too. Heh heh heh heh heh heh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So I was annoyed with myself having so many cards.

Saturday, during baseball, when my coach said “Casey it’s your turn to bat”, I felt so tired  to bat, I thought, “I can’t do it…eh..um maybe…”  When I was on the plate to bat it was nerve wracking. It was like that girl from Girl Meets World who was trying to convince her boyfriend to come to a date but she was so weak.  Anyways, on my second hit, I was pumped up and so it was so great because I hit like a rock star!

Sunday, Arlie and I went to Legoland. There was this ride we did when we were in a fire truck and this attendent and Arlie pumped the truck to go forward. Then, they got out of the truck to shoot water, and you can get soaking wet. Then they climbed back in the truck to go back to where we started and it was so fun! We also went to the water park. One part was like a jungle. They have a lazy river and you take your floatie and ride all the way down to the end.


They also had a pirate reef water ride when you go up up, up up up and turn and splashhhhhhhhhh!!! You get soaked. Also they had patches of hay for fall outside of the horse stable area where you can figure out parts of a horse and you can build legos for the craziest invention in Heartlake City.  


At home around 4, Elle came and we did ballet, modern and musical theater. In musical theater we did All That Jazz from Chicago.     Dad and I then saw this movie called Kubo and the Two Strings. It was about a boy in Japan named Kubo who had 1 eye, and he had this guitar with 3 strings. The story was about his journey to find his father’s armor.     

My favorite part of the weekend was dance because I memorized the musical theater dance so well. My least favorite was when I was at baseball, because

  1. I felt like “This will be great even though it was not but I think this hit unfortunately  will be like geez louise that bad!”
  2. It didn’t go that well.
  3. It will be baseballerific!  

It is #2 so yeah. Overall,

  1. my weekend was pretty good.
  2. my vacation was the best ever.
  3. my diary was so realistic.

It was #1.

Friday is no school so I want to go to Julian to check out that horse carriage, take a tour there or go apple picking. Saturday and Sunday, I want to either get my makeup done, have a suntan or have a BBBQ because it will be so fantastic!


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