Weekend of September 8, 2017

My weekend was just fabulous! I went horseback riding, played baseball, visited a farm, saw Carla’s son Elias, and did Karate.

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I played a game when you choose a letter to ride to, say a horse word to Gretchen that starts with that letter, pick up that beanbag color, ride over to the matching colored bucket, and put it into the bucket. So for M, my word was Mare, which is the name of a female horse. For a male horse it is called a Gelding. Next, I had my Miracle League baseball ceremony at 12 pm, which was also great because I signed our national anthem. I did super!


I had just one inning to hit and I did awesome!

Sunday, I met a new nurse named Annette. She’s so nice!


My dad, Annette, and I went to a farm in Encinitas on Saxony Road called Coastal Roots Farm. It was so cool! There were chickens, arts and crafts, and a beanbag game. The Friendship Circle helped make a salad with  a blue flower, watermelon, and strawberries. After that, we heard the shofar which was cool. A shofar is a ram horn that will be blown on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, which is next week. At 3:15 pm Elias, who visited me from Washington D.C., came over to my house. He had a book of folk songs from his camp. It was so neat because I knew some of the songs like Let It Be.


At 5 pm I went to Karate. I went through a maze and it was dealing with kicking with these punchbags. I love Karate because it is a fun martial art!


My favorite part of the weekend was going to the Coastal Roots Farm because it was a neat experience! I didn’t have a least favorite part; it was awesome! Next weekend, I want to either book my flight for my birthday trip to Hawaii, or go look at other programs for after finishing school because it will be like a nice paradise.


One thought on “Weekend of September 8, 2017

  1. Uncle Ron says:

    Happy New Year Casey. May you and your Dad as wellas your family members in San Diego be blessed for a year of good health and success.
    Love, Aunt Julie, Uncle Ron and Cousins Jon, Ben and David

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