Weekend of August 11, 2017

My weekend was so great/cute/emotional. I went to Camp Let Loose, had an awesome summer jazz band concert, went horseback riding, saw the movie Boss Baby, met a new nurse, and went to the aquarium.


Friday, I met a new nurse named Peggy. She is so nice but I was nervous to meet her on Saturday, because when I meet a new nurse I sometimes cry but not always because I am getting to know them as the years go on. I went to my last Camp Let Loose for the summer. It was water day but I did not want to get wet because I had my concert that night.



  1. If I decide to wear my bathing suit to my jazz band concert, then Mark will say “uh, why are you wearing a bathing suit?”
  2. That’s gross.
  3. That’s rude.

One of the answers is right. It is #1. So, I  didn’t wear it to the concert. Speaking of concert, my concert, guys, was the best!  I liked how one player switched from tenor  sax to clarinet. It was like the life of the party. I played like it’s 1990s and a lot of people were rocking out to this music. [Here is a link to the concert: https://youtu.be/OC6wEGi9CPw.]


Saturday, I went horseback riding in a western saddle. It felt weird to start with but then I liked it because I felt like a real cowgirl, yeehaw!


During snack time at 3 pm, we saw the funniest/cutest movie called Boss Baby. It is about a boy who is 7 years old. He wanted all of the attention of his parents. When the boss baby came, he acted how?

  1. Misbehaved
  2. Wacky
  3. Wild
  4. Noble  

Both 1 and 3 are correct. After the movie, I got ready to eat and sleep. Zzzz zzzz zzzz…

Sunday, I went to the Birch Aquarium with my dad and Peggy. There were 2 Dory fishes in 2 different tanks. Also, I thought, “hmm, that aquarium sure makes me want to swim,” but I didn’t go swimming.  At night, I went to Souplantation with my Grandma, Uncle Robert, Uncle Steven, my dad and Aunt Laurie.

My favorite part of the weekend was the aquarium and the movie because one was cute, the movie, and the other one, the aquarium, was the most exciting for me. Note: if you look at the pictures, you will see a Nautilus, and the Infinity Cube.


See the Nautilus?


Infinity Cube

My least favorite was being nervous about Peggy. Overall, my weekend was again half ok but half fun! Next weekend, I want to either watch Boss Baby again, or go swimming at the Bay Club because it will be so fantastic!


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