Weekend of July 14, 2017

My weekend was great!

Friday, I went to Camp Simcha and omg, the skit was so funny, but besides that, the song we did was light the candles, drink the wine, eat the Challah, and have a very, very, very, good time! The theme was listening. The skit I saw was about 2 kids who wanted to go to the playground, with their peers.   


Saturday, after horseback riding I saw grandma’s new kitchen table. It was so pretty because I loved it. The table was like stone or wood. Besides that, at night I watched Lawrence Welk and guess what the theme was.

  1. Legos
  2. Songs of the present
  3.   Wedding
  4. County fair

It was county fair which I’ve seen before. I didn’t remember the costumes they wore. I do remember Bob Ralston who played an old song about a merry go round that breaks down. That’s the name of the song, “The Merry Go  Round Broke Down.”   

Sunday, I went to the Surf Museum and the Oceanside Museum of Art. I walked around them with Cece. I saw these big surfboards, and a video about this disabled girl who got bitten by a tiger shark and lost her left arm. But she didn’t give up and she got up on her surfboard and surfed.


At the art museum, first there were these paintings of people who did something that made her/him disabled, so in this video we watched, the most interesting person was a deaf woman who got a cochlear implant. Also, this lady signed to me and she toured me and Cece around the art museum. My favorite part of it was when there was an artist who made these moving objects like a bike that pedals automatically and has water in a tub, like a machine!


At night our family celebrated Anne-Marie and Aunt Laurie’s birthdays by having a special family dinner with Ellinora, Lisa, Rick, Bob, Uncle Steven, Anne-Marie, Aunt Laurie, Otis, Macie, grandma, Matthew, and the most important ones, Michael Latz and me.


My favorite part of the weekend was family dinner because it was nice. No least favorite part for me because it was so calm. Overall, my weekend was so super! Next weekend/week I want to either go see the new Spider Man homecoming movie or stroll around Del Mar beach because it will be really awesome!


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