Weekend of July 7, 2017

My weekend was so fantastic! I went to Camp Simcha, attended horseback riding, saw the Angry Birds movie, and went to the Old Mission Luis Rey de Francisca.

Friday, after summer school, I went to Camp Simcha. The theme was brave. It was nice because courage is important because if you go down on a rollercoaster you have to have courage. There were some song parodies to Bruno Mars “Treasure” and Sira “Try Everything” that were about courage.

Saturday, after horseback riding, I went home and did music. In horseback riding I went to each letter and told Grechen one horse word that starts with that letter. So if it was M, my word was mane. After that I saw the Angry Birds movie with my dad at home. It was so funny. My favorite part of it was when the pigs came from bird island.  Soon, I had a bath, ate and slept.

Sunday, Cece and I went to the Old Mission Luis Rey de Francisca in Oceanside. It reminded me of Balboa Park because both the Mission and Balboa Park had a bell tower. I liked their church because it was interesting. It was started by Friar Francis in 1798.


My favorite part of the weekend was when I was at that mission because they had bells. My least favorite part was nothing because it was so relaxing. Overall, my weekend was excellent. Next weekend, I want to either relax at home or go see Wonder Woman because it will be so mellow!


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