July 4, 2017

Monday was the start of my July 4th holiday because it was Lisa’s early birthday. July 4th to me is about celebrating the birthday of our country since 1776, when we were free.

Monday, at 5 pm, cousin Alison, Trevor, Baby Josh, Ellinora, Grandma, Matthew, Anne-Marie, Bob, Julie, Rick, Lisa the birthday girl, Uncle Robert, Aunt Laurie, Uncle Steven, Cousin David, and Cousin Allison came over for dinner. Josh was so cute! I could see the tears from his eyes draining down when he cries. It was fun because it was both the USA and Lisa’s birthdays.


Tuesday Arlie came over and picked out clothes to make me patriotic. I wore flag earrings, hair ties, and a t-shirt that said, I love Boston. At 11, we watched Despicable Me 3 at Edwards Cinema. It was so funny!  The minion guy especially was silly. When I got home, I saw a Wiggly movie about this guy named Wally who needed to practice for the magic competition that night, but Anthony told this group of kids that there was a surprise party for Dorothy. My favorite part was the end when they had a party.

Then at night my dad, grandma, and I went to our family friend Carla’s house. I could smell salad and  broccoli. Only Carla, Grandma, my dad, and I were there. There was a big problem. I thought, “We cannot stay late, because I don’t want to see the fireworks and I am tired.” At 8:20, I was so scared, I thought take me home I’m tired. So at 8:30 we went outside to get into the car to go home and I heard this noise and the kids chanted, “fireworks, fireworks.” I was freaked out, and the problem did not get solved because we got home late. Besides, when I tried to go to sleep, every 15 minutes I heard this booming sound. I thought I heard fireworks til Wednesday  morning even though it was over. A Capital 4th, a TV show aired on KPBS celebrating the 4th of July, was the best year yet! They had The Beach Boys, The 4 Tops, and fireworks! I liked the fireworks because of all its colors lit to the music.

My least favorite part of the day was the fireworks live because they are annoying. My favorite part was seeing Despicable Me 3. Overall, my Fourth of July was fun!


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