Weekend of June 23, 2017

My weekend was swell. Some of the things I did were go to summer school, horseback riding, tried the YMCA, and went to Legoland.

Friday, I had summer school at LCC.    My teacher’s name is Trish. I had no aide so it was Arlie. There were some kids I  knew and some kids were new, but others from last school year were not at summer school because they were taking the summer off. For the first day, I was late because there was a home checkup. I got to school around 10:30 AM to check out the place.

Saturday, I was with my dad, and I went horseback riding. While riding Hollywood, I went over a bridge for my first time. Soon after, we rushed over to the YMCA. When we got there, my Dad said “Casey has been authorized by the Challenged Athletes Foundation to sign up.” The manager gave my dad a form and after that the manager asked “Why are you here?” My dad said,  “Well, I kinda want to know what classes they have.” The assistant took us on a tour of the Y. He showed us the aquatics area, which was my favorite part. He showed us some studios, the gym, and the wellness center. It was so cool because I had never been there before and I loved it! I could take the swimming classes.

Sunday, I went to Legoland with Cece. First we saw the Lego movie experience, which was awesome! After that, we saw the Lego friends show. “Go left, go right we’re celebrating tonight!” I went on the big boat ride, which used to have the Sidney opera house and now they have the London Eye, and the fairytale boat ride which had 3 little pigs, little red riding hood, etc.


At night I did karate at Sorrento Valley and we did self defense.  


My favorite part of the weekend was when I was at LEGOLAND because it was so fun. I didn’t have a least favorite because it was so terrific! Overall, my weekend was  great!!!!!!!!!!!! Next weekend, I want to go to the YMCA to work out or go to La Jolla Cove because it will be so fun.


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