New York Trip June 17, 2017

My New York trip was awesome!

Saturday around 12:40 pm Rosalinda, my nurse, my Dad and I hurried to the airport and flew to John F Kennedy airport. We got there around midnight because the flight was delayed. We slept at my grandma M’s house which was on Sherbourne Rd.

Sunday I visited my brother Eric, Alex, my dad’s friend Ellie, and 3 different babies. They were named Theo, Torsten, and Ellinora. It was so fun seeing them in Manhattan.


Everyone was talking and I played on my iPad. After that we went to a buffet next to Green Acres Mall.

Monday, I went to my cousins’ house to swim there. It was so cold in the water but it was nice because I tried to throw the ball in this hoop. Unfortunately, I was so close but I didn’t make it in.  After I ate, Benjamin, David, and I played PlayStation together. We played this game where you drive a ball into the goal almost like soccer and hockey. Then at 5:15 pm I heard thunder and saw lighting the whole night so we ate there. It was so weird because we couldn’t go to a restaurant due to the rain.

Tuesday in the morning I got ready for something sad. It was my grandpa’s memorial so I read my poem. My dad’s speech was about what memories he had of grandpa. Grandma told us about when how Phil Zipser was golfing. The weird part was when she forgot to mention the fact that grandpa’s first words to grandma were “Do you play golf?” That’s not romantic. After that, we had a short service and we were praying for Grandpa Murray. It was so emotional because I miss my grandpa! After that we went to a Chinese/Japanese restaurant and they had a sizzling platter. Mmm!


[With Chippy the Chipmunk, Grandpa’s favorite toy]

Wednesday was a boring day because my dad helped Marjorie pack for her move. So we ate there. Marjorie is my grandma. She will move to the Osborn in Rye.

Thursday we flew home and I had the most comfortable plane seat I ever had. We came home and to celebrate, for dinner we went to Souplantation with Grandma Rhoda and Uncle Robert. I was celebrating the arrival of San Diego with Rosalinda and my dad.

My favorite part of the trip was when I was at the memorial because the speeches were well done. My least favorite part was the rain thing because we didn’t get to eat out. Overall, my trip was so amazing! Next trip I want to go to Hawaii or Jamaica because it will be an island like trip!


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