Weekend of June 9, 2017

My weekend was eventful because I had many activities planned. I went to Rubio’s, attended an orchestra rehearsal, went giddy up on my horse, went shopping for Theo, saw my friend Jaydon, and went to the zoo.

Friday, I gave MaryJeanette a goodbye gift, because next school year she will go to TPHS.


Our group went to Rubio’s but the other group took the 408 bus route because it was the same route as the Fair and Rubio’s. We took the 308, which was faster. Finally, we were eating together. At night, my dad and I went to the last dress rehearsal orchestra concert for the season and it was so pleasing.

Saturday, I did the same course in my horseback riding lesson but I took a wider turn in a part of the course. I did it badly/incorrectly the first time. Well, I was supposed to go to the outside part of the cones but I turned in the middle. The second time I did such a great job staying in the outside part ending with a high note! Then, we went to Marshalls for a present for Theo, my nephew, and there were the cutest clothes I have ever seen. Soon, at 2:05 PM, Jaydon came over and I talked to him. When I asked him what has he been up to lately he said…  

  1. nothing.
  2. that he had Taekwondo, writing his own songs on piano, and took some classes.

It was B, and I played Niagara Falls for him and he played his own songs. The first song reminded me of a pop song but it didn’t sound  like a particular pop song to me. It sounded like a Miley Cyrus or an Aqua song. The next piece  was a Sonatina that I have played before. A Sonatina is an instrumental piece with piano accompanist. In the evening, I ate and slept.


Sunday, I went to the zoo with Cece and omg, I saw gorillas that were trying/attempting  to reach a toy. This big gorilla annoyed the baby because he was the king of this enclosure. We also saw this rat that looked like a pig. In addition, in the area where the apes are there was a peacock. On the bus tour, we saw a big tiger sleeping on the back right wall of the enclosure. It was cool because I kinda think tigers are so cute when they sleep. After the zoo, I wrote my grandpa a poem which was beautiful.


My favorite part of the weekend was when I was at the zoo because I liked that tiger so much. My least favorite part was that it’s the last weekend in SD even though overall, it was the best weekend ever! This coming weekend, I will fly to NYC for my Grandpa M’s memorial service. There, I want to either visit Radio City Music Hall, or walk around the city because it will be a Frank Sinatra-like fun filled vacation!


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