Weekend of June 2, 2017

My weekend was so great because our class went on the Flex bus to go to Target, I attended horseback riding, hung out at home, and went to the Safari Park.    

Friday, our class drove to Target in Encinitas to go shopping for the last time this school year. Arlie and Norma had trouble finding long sleeved pjs. I asked the lady at the store if they have long sleeved pjs and she said, “Maybe by the women’s shirts?” They didn’t have anything because the winter sale was over. I also looked at some Father’s Day cards because it will be a nice Father’s Day. I found one that had a heart and bought it. Avery bought a Father’s Day card as well. Some of my classmates went to Mcdonald’s while I had lunch at Pizza Hut. It took us half hour to get back to Earl Warren on the Flex bus.

Saturday, I went horseback riding. I did a course in 2 different times. It was from 2 minutes 40 seconds to just 2 minutes. Then, I arrived home and I emailed Jaydon my friend from outside of class. I said, “Can you come today?” There was no email response. Instead I practiced piano and drums. At 3:15 pm, I got a message on my email from Jaydon, “Nope sorry how about next weekend?” I replied, “Sure!”

Sunday, I slept in, which was nice. Cece and I went to the Safari Park and I saw this chinchilla which was similar to a cute bunny.


I also stared at some bats and one was hanging upside down. The funny thing was I had a picture in the face of a bat and bat-eared fox. A bat-eared fox is a special kind of fox. The caption is Casey as Batgirl and Casey the bat-eared fox.  


My favorite part of the weekend was the Safari Park because it was so hilarious taking a photo with that iconic fox and bat. My least favorite was when we could not find the pjs. Overall, my weekend was wonderful! Next weekend, I really want to get ready for my trip or hang out with Jaydon. I want to do both of these things because it will be a fabulous and awesome weekend!


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