Memorial Day Weekend May 26, 2017

My Memorial Day weekend was so awesome! I had a dance party at school, went to Mason’s 5th birthday party, drove to Warner Carrillo Ranch House, hung out at a block party, and watched 2 movies at Edwards Cinema theater.  

Friday, I had a dance party in school. It was so cheerful because Ali, Nick, Alfredo, Olivia, Caleb, Duran, Acacia, Kimmy, Jason, Elizabeth, and Adriana were in room 40. I made the party amazing because I was the host [and made the invitation]!

Casey invite

We danced a lot to Barbie Girl, I Got A Feeling, and 24k Magic. We had snacks, and even did a craft. I also had disco lights that were so cool!


Saturday, on TV it was Harry Potter weekend so my dad and I watched the Sorcerer’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets. In the afternoon, we went to Mason’s 5th birthday party. I was jealous because Ms. Sarah has 2 boys. “I’m jealous,” I thought. “I wish I had 2 boys.” Ms. Sarah is my old dance teacher. The party was at the San Dieguito Park. While there was a cake, there was no theme.


Sunday, I went to Warner Carrillo Ranch house and,

  1. I rode a horse
  2. It was closed
  3. We learned the history of the ranch

It was b. Yeah pretty disappointing right?  So we headed back home. It took a hour and 11 minutes each way and it was on route 76 and we were lost. The directions said, “In one mile, the destination is on your left.” But on the left, it was not there, so we headed to the other route and this time it was 12 pm so I was so hungry and it said make a U turn.

Cece said no let’s go straight. But my annoying iPad said, make a U turn so she made one and then it said, “in 5 miles merge onto route 78.” In the end on the website it said it opens at 12 pm, but a man said it was closed. I thought, what? I was so disappointed because there wasn’t anybody there. On the way home I saw many cows. At 5:15 pm my dad and I hit the road 5 houses up to a block party. I met 14 year old Elle and her 15 year old friend Gia from CCA. I said:

  1. Hi how are you, what’s up?
  2. Hi nice to meet you… show me a dance you remember from your recital
  3. Hi. Bye.
  4. Hey girl how’s life?

It was b. They showed me every style of dance that you can think of like ballet, tap, contemporary, hip hop, even gymnastics, a little square dance, and line dance which was towards the end of the party. I watched them while the other people were talking, and eating/playing basketball. I was so tired after that because I had an exceptional time!

Monday, Arlie and I saw 2 movies, Diary of A Wimpy Kid, and Beauty and the Beast. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is about 2 families who go on a road trip to their grandy’s house for her birthday. The other one was:

  1. About a girl who meets a lovely man who is in disguise
  2. About a woman who wanted to marry the beast before the last petal falls
  3. About this couple who thinks a king, who  is in the palace, doesn’t rule a kingdom
  4. About this woman who said, “I don’t care! If the bride isn’t getting married, then we’ll never be ready for the wedding, the rehearsal dinner, the cocktail or the reception.”

The answer is b. My favorite part was the Harpsichordist character because he was phenomenal! The character’s name is Maestro Cadenza.

My favorite part of the weekend was both the block party, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Beauty and the Beast because they both were  so lovely! The thing I didn’t like about my Memorial Day weekend was when I was jealous. Overall, my Memorial Day weekend was so enjoyable! Next weekend, I want to pan for gold, like I have seen before at Old Town, or get ready for summer! I really desire to do one of these things because, it will be a summeriffic weekend!


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