Weekend of May 19, 2017

My weekend was part historical and part crazy. I went horseback riding, strolled around the Mission, ate at Fashion Valley, and went to the Friendship Walk.

Friday, I went to Sprouts to purchase MaryJeanette round lettuce and tortilla chips. After that, we went back to the classroom to watch the movie Stuart Little, which was about a mouse. I liked it a lot. My favorite part of the movie is when Stuart found his parents.  

Saturday, I horseback rode Hollywood and my horse was a brown gray horse. After I rode, I fed him carrots. Soon, we headed over to the first Mission (church) in California created before the USA by Father Serra. It is in a valley called Mission Valley. It was interesting because we learned that the first people in the church were the American Indians. I thought that day was so interesting! This was the first time I had been to that Mission. There was a garden that we saw which was built in the 1800s. For lunch I ate at Fashion Valley and it was so nice because it had a spectacular view!


Sunday was crazy because it was the Friendship Walk. Before the walk, I liked the puppet show because it was so cute!  When it was time for the rabbi to announce the awards for the teams who participated, I was shy because I didn’t want to get an award. My dad said, “you’re ok.” I didn’t pick up my award. I did, however, complete the whole walk in 58 min and 50 seconds!


The walk was 1 mile long and it raised money for Friendship Circle and Shooting Stars. I was last to finish and I was so tired! I saw many friends of mine like Jaydon and the friendship Dojo people. I thought that the walk was so powerful!


Cece, my Dad, and I went to the Israel festival after the walk. Because it was close, we walked to it. We only heard 4 choir groups who were phenomenal! The festival was for Israel Independence day. 

My favorite part of the weekend was the Mission because it was so historic! My least favorite was the heat at the walk because it was so hot in some areas of the walk. Overall, my weekend was so awesome! Next weekend,I want to see Jaydon or go to Dog Beach because it will be so nice!


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