Weekend of May 5, 2017


My weekend was awesome because I was so busy! I had a gig, some of my side of the family came for dinner, I went to the orchestra rehearsal, strolled to Fletcher Cove, and had a baseball game.

Friday, I went to Fletcher Cove with my class. We walked there and I saw the beach. It was so pretty there at the beach but it was so cold that we headed back and saw the movie, My Fair Lady, in the classroom. My Fair Lady is a movie about these guys who had a bet that they could take any British woman from the street and teach her to speak correctly.

At night, we went to the orchestra’s dress rehearsal and this flute player was only 21 years old and he was amazing! It lasted 3 hours but we only stayed for 1 hour. The music was like two birds that sat on a tree which then fell because a small cat came and it was like that.  

Saturday, I went horseback riding but it was sprinkling while I was going on a trail ride. I thought “oh no will there be a baseball game?”  On my trail ride, I saw many horses in the barn and some were smaller than others. Guess what happened, it didn’t rain at baseball and I got a home run! I had 3 buddies named Ben, Dave and Troy.


At home I finished the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie which was so funny! My favorite part of the movie is when they did a song dedicated to Dave who always screams “Alvin!”

Sunday was the best part of the weekend because not only was I with Cece, but I had a gig at Music Box (it used to be Anthology), and I did awesome! I stayed until 2 pm and the ladies next to me were vivid; they were rocking out to one song by a band called Rush, played by another band, but not ours. We played 3 songs named Work song, All Blues and Cantaloupe Island.



Watch my gig here:

The teachers did a song called Superstition by Stevie Wonder. They didn’t even practice it at all but they just went for it!  


After all that, we went home and got ready for family dinner with Ellinora, Matthew, Anne-Marie, my grandma, Uncle Robert, Riley, Otis and Macie.  My Dad and I and all of our family ate dinner early because Ellinora needed to go home for bed. My dad cooked salad and rice and Ellinora was walking by herself. Aww!

My favorite part of the weekend was the gig because my dad filmed my band and put on Youtube so it’s there now! “Just as a reminder, my gig was in Little Italy. Once again Little Italy was the area it was located! Thank you!” My least favorite part of the weekend was when it was sprinkling because it was so odd.  I thought, “how could it be sprinkling during my trail ride? ” Overall, my weekend was breathtaking! What was breathtaking about it was again that gig. Next weekend, I want to either go hiking at Del Mar Beach, or go camping high in the mountains because it will be so cool!


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