Weekend of April 28, 2017

My weekend was so swell because I did so much! I went horseback riding, strolled around Old Town, and watched the movie The Boss Baby.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and after that, my dad and I moved on to Old Town. We strolled to the barn which had the old stagecoaches from the 1700s. They looked very dull, like from the gold rush. Then I wanted to do a walking tour, but my Dad said, ”A walking tour? But if you want to take the tour you need to walk a lot. Plus, it will be boring.” I then thought, “Nevertheless, it will be fun.” We eventually did the tour after all. We ate lunch in the Mexican restaurant and my Dad had fajitas. I went to the Visitor’s Center to buy 2 tickets for the walking tour after lunch. Dennis was the tour guide and he was a park ranger.


We learned about the history of San Diego 200 years ago, and we saw the schoolhouse, which was my favorite because up the hill from it is where the first mission/church was located.


We also saw the very first restaurant, the courthouse, and Casa de Estudillo. After the tour, we saw a Mariachi group dancing to different traditional Mexican songs in Plaza de Reyes, and I loved it.


Sunday, Arlie and I watched Boss Baby which was the cutest and funniest movie ever. It was about a 7 year old boy who meets his handsome baby brother called Theodore Templeton aka the Boss baby, who was delivered to their house, but he goes on a trip.  The baby has a man’s voice which was so funny. Also, the voices in it were amazing  because in several parts of the movie, the character’s voices were clean and crisp.

My favorite part of the weekend was that movie, Boss Baby, because the movie was really well done and so funny!  My second favorite was Old Town because it was so awesome! Overall, my weekend was fantastic!  Next weekend I want to get ready for my gig because it’s this coming Sunday, May 7th. I will have a gig with my jazz band and other rock groups downtown at a place called Music Box which is an awesome music club venture!


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