Weekend of May 19, 2017

My weekend was part historical and part crazy. I went horseback riding, strolled around the Mission, ate at Fashion Valley, and went to the Friendship Walk.

Friday, I went to Sprouts to purchase MaryJeanette round lettuce and tortilla chips. After that, we went back to the classroom to watch the movie Stuart Little, which was about a mouse. I liked it a lot. My favorite part of the movie is when Stuart found his parents.  

Saturday, I horseback rode Hollywood and my horse was a brown gray horse. After I rode, I fed him carrots. Soon, we headed over to the first Mission (church) in California created before the USA by Father Serra. It is in a valley called Mission Valley. It was interesting because we learned that the first people in the church were the American Indians. I thought that day was so interesting! This was the first time I had been to that Mission. There was a garden that we saw which was built in the 1800s. For lunch I ate at Fashion Valley and it was so nice because it had a spectacular view!


Sunday was crazy because it was the Friendship Walk. Before the walk, I liked the puppet show because it was so cute!  When it was time for the rabbi to announce the awards for the teams who participated, I was shy because I didn’t want to get an award. My dad said, “you’re ok.” I didn’t pick up my award. I did, however, complete the whole walk in 58 min and 50 seconds!


The walk was 1 mile long and it raised money for Friendship Circle and Shooting Stars. I was last to finish and I was so tired! I saw many friends of mine like Jaydon and the friendship Dojo people. I thought that the walk was so powerful!


Cece, my Dad, and I went to the Israel festival after the walk. Because it was close, we walked to it. We only heard 4 choir groups who were phenomenal! The festival was for Israel Independence day. 

My favorite part of the weekend was the Mission because it was so historic! My least favorite was the heat at the walk because it was so hot in some areas of the walk. Overall, my weekend was so awesome! Next weekend,I want to see Jaydon or go to Dog Beach because it will be so nice!


Weekend of May 12, 2017

My Mother’s day weekend was so nice because I had a swell time! I went to La Colonia Park, rode my horse, had my last Miracle League baseball game, went to Balboa Park, and drove to Bob and Julie’s house for Mother’s Day and for my grandma Rhoda’s birthday dinner.

Friday, my class and I went to La Colonia Park, which was up the street from my school. It has a pretty view because the grass was green, there was a lovely bathroom and playground. I walked half a mile there. It is on a road called Drew Street, I think, and when we walked in the park, we saw a puppy.   

Saturday, after an awesome riding lesson, I had my last baseball game for the season, and I did terrific! I got a homerun!  Because of that, I got my trophy! I felt proud that I got my trophy! Taylor and the other buddies got an award for being the best buddies.  


Sunday, Barrie, my new nurse, asked me, “Well what do you want to do?” I was not sure. I said, “I don’t know, maybe go to the museum in Oceanside.” I looked some others up and it was already 9 so I thought, oh no, we better hurry and find one fast! My dad then looked up some too. Some were closed and others I had been to before. And another one was so far away. He finally said, “How about this one, the History Center in Balboa Park?” I liked that idea. What a great idea! So around 11:10 am we left and omg, the History Center had all these Jewish art displays. One painting I liked was a man who was wearing a cap and was holding the Torah. Also, there was a section about an old machine for adding money. After that, we went to the Model Railroad Museum. I loved the area where they have trains of all sizes that pass each other on the tracks. There was even Thomas and Chuggington.


The museum also had a desert route with many trains and a mini carnival with a merry-go-round, car rides, and a swing ride. We were headed in the elevator to go up but when Barrie pushed upper level it didn’t budge. So, Barrie told this guy who was working that the elevator was broken and she also told the attendant at the desk and this lady led us to the emergency exit so I thought, Oh no will there be a fire? There was not, silly. After all that, we stopped by Barrie’s house because one of her boys came to meet me. We also went to this community park where there was another one of her kids with his headphones on.

At 4:15 pm my dad and I picked up Rick and Lisa because we went to Bob and Julie’s house for Mother’s Day/Grandma’s 91st birthday. I gave my grandma a card with a piano on it! Elinora was there and at the start she was so cute, walking and then all of a sudden she cried and I was worried. And then my Dad had all of her attention during dinner and I was jealous as normal, but then I loved her and I didn’t feel that jealous anymore. Grandma sang Row Row Row Your Boat, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the ABC song. It was so wonderful!


That was my favorite part of the weekend because it was so lovely! My least favorite part was when we left to go somewhere on Sunday because I found out that one of the places I wanted to go to was way too far away past Escondido. The other places were closed. Overall, my Mother’s Day weekend was wonderful! Next weekend is the Friendship Walk. I also want to ride or build my very own train in my basement going to the patio because it will be great, choo choo!


Weekend of May 5, 2017


My weekend was awesome because I was so busy! I had a gig, some of my side of the family came for dinner, I went to the orchestra rehearsal, strolled to Fletcher Cove, and had a baseball game.

Friday, I went to Fletcher Cove with my class. We walked there and I saw the beach. It was so pretty there at the beach but it was so cold that we headed back and saw the movie, My Fair Lady, in the classroom. My Fair Lady is a movie about these guys who had a bet that they could take any British woman from the street and teach her to speak correctly.

At night, we went to the orchestra’s dress rehearsal and this flute player was only 21 years old and he was amazing! It lasted 3 hours but we only stayed for 1 hour. The music was like two birds that sat on a tree which then fell because a small cat came and it was like that.  

Saturday, I went horseback riding but it was sprinkling while I was going on a trail ride. I thought “oh no will there be a baseball game?”  On my trail ride, I saw many horses in the barn and some were smaller than others. Guess what happened, it didn’t rain at baseball and I got a home run! I had 3 buddies named Ben, Dave and Troy.


At home I finished the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie which was so funny! My favorite part of the movie is when they did a song dedicated to Dave who always screams “Alvin!”

Sunday was the best part of the weekend because not only was I with Cece, but I had a gig at Music Box (it used to be Anthology), and I did awesome! I stayed until 2 pm and the ladies next to me were vivid; they were rocking out to one song by a band called Rush, played by another band, but not ours. We played 3 songs named Work song, All Blues and Cantaloupe Island.



Watch my gig here:

The teachers did a song called Superstition by Stevie Wonder. They didn’t even practice it at all but they just went for it!  


After all that, we went home and got ready for family dinner with Ellinora, Matthew, Anne-Marie, my grandma, Uncle Robert, Riley, Otis and Macie.  My Dad and I and all of our family ate dinner early because Ellinora needed to go home for bed. My dad cooked salad and rice and Ellinora was walking by herself. Aww!

My favorite part of the weekend was the gig because my dad filmed my band and put on Youtube so it’s there now! “Just as a reminder, my gig was in Little Italy. Once again Little Italy was the area it was located! Thank you!” My least favorite part of the weekend was when it was sprinkling because it was so odd.  I thought, “how could it be sprinkling during my trail ride? ” Overall, my weekend was breathtaking! What was breathtaking about it was again that gig. Next weekend, I want to either go hiking at Del Mar Beach, or go camping high in the mountains because it will be so cool!


Weekend of April 28, 2017

My weekend was so swell because I did so much! I went horseback riding, strolled around Old Town, and watched the movie The Boss Baby.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and after that, my dad and I moved on to Old Town. We strolled to the barn which had the old stagecoaches from the 1700s. They looked very dull, like from the gold rush. Then I wanted to do a walking tour, but my Dad said, ”A walking tour? But if you want to take the tour you need to walk a lot. Plus, it will be boring.” I then thought, “Nevertheless, it will be fun.” We eventually did the tour after all. We ate lunch in the Mexican restaurant and my Dad had fajitas. I went to the Visitor’s Center to buy 2 tickets for the walking tour after lunch. Dennis was the tour guide and he was a park ranger.


We learned about the history of San Diego 200 years ago, and we saw the schoolhouse, which was my favorite because up the hill from it is where the first mission/church was located.


We also saw the very first restaurant, the courthouse, and Casa de Estudillo. After the tour, we saw a Mariachi group dancing to different traditional Mexican songs in Plaza de Reyes, and I loved it.


Sunday, Arlie and I watched Boss Baby which was the cutest and funniest movie ever. It was about a 7 year old boy who meets his handsome baby brother called Theodore Templeton aka the Boss baby, who was delivered to their house, but he goes on a trip.  The baby has a man’s voice which was so funny. Also, the voices in it were amazing  because in several parts of the movie, the character’s voices were clean and crisp.

My favorite part of the weekend was that movie, Boss Baby, because the movie was really well done and so funny!  My second favorite was Old Town because it was so awesome! Overall, my weekend was fantastic!  Next weekend I want to get ready for my gig because it’s this coming Sunday, May 7th. I will have a gig with my jazz band and other rock groups downtown at a place called Music Box which is an awesome music club venture!