Weekend of April 21, 2017

My weekend was breathtaking. I went horseback riding, I traveled to Miracle League’s tenth year anniversary, I went to Shooting Stars, attended a candle ceremony remembering the Holocaust, and had a birthday dinner for Matthew.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and then my dad and I rushed over to Miracle League. Every team played one inning because it was their 10th year festival. They had games, food, even karaoke and a fire truck tour which was my favorite part. I didn’t like the group photo, which was taken by a drone.


On Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars and I made a crown that had stickers. It was so neat because the crown was so good looking and colorful. I also attended a candle ceremony with Cece and my dad because it was an honor to light a candle to think about those who died in the Holocaust. It was at the JCC. Soon it was time for Matthew’s birthday dinner. The cake was so beautiful! I can’t remember what was on the cake. I think it was a chocolate with gumdrops on it. Lisa, Rick, Grandma, Aunt Laurie, cousin David, Uncle Steven, Uncle Robert, Bob, Julie, Anne-Marie and Ellinora came too.   


My favorite and least prefered part of my weekend was when I had the ceremony because it was so nice, but some of it made me feel down in the dumps. The Holocaust was when it was WW2 and people killed all the Jews in Europe in the 1940s, so it was 77 years ago. Overall, my weekend was part great and part not so fun. Next weekend, I either want to go to Old Town or Petco Park for it will be the weekend and that will be so exciting!


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