Weekend of March 31, 2017

My weekend was great because it was breathtaking. I went to Sprouts, horseback riding, baseball, and Nobel Park.

Friday, I went to Sprouts to purchase my dad yellow apples. It reminded me when I volunteered at a ranch and the teacher handed me these fruits and I thought, hmm are these oysters? I shouted, “hey they aren’t oysters.” But it turned out, it was apples that were yellow. How strange!

Saturday, I horseback rode Hollywood. I did a course that deals with cones to weave through in less than 2 min which was my fastest yet. Then at baseball, I swung the bat hard and it was awesome!!!


Sunday Cece and my new Jewish nurse Barrie came and we went to Nobel park for Friendship Circle. We helped clean up the park by digging and pulling weeds. It was interesting because I had gloves but I wanted to take them off. Basically I held a big bag while my buddies took weeds and placed it into the bag. We then completed a hunt where we had to find some parts of seder plate for Pesach which is a holiday celebrating freedom. In this book called the Haggadah, every year we tell the story of the Israelites and how they were slaves over a thousand years ago. It also explains about when the pharaoh said let my people go and he wouldn’t let them go at first. Well then there were terrible  things or plagues, like frogs, blood, lice, poor animals, livestock, boils, hail, locusts, darkness for three days, and death of firstborn sons. Finally, the king changed his mind and the Israelites left Egypt. This story has a connection to Easter because Easter and Passover are similar. Easter is about when Jesus died but Passover is about when he passed over the blood. But both are about God. We found Matzah, hazeret, Maror, Onion, and the Shank bone. Then one of the volunteers taught us a dance about hanging out at the beach and surfing.  It was Isra dance and it was so fun!


My favorite part of the weekend was Nobel park because it was so exciting. My least favorite part was nothing because it was all fantastic. Overall, my weekend was Hasam elenanu, for our God it was wonderful! Next weekend, I want to learn more about the Torah or the history of Judaism. I want to do that in peace because, even though I am a Jewish adult, we are all in this together, amen.



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