Weekend of March 24, 2017

My weekend was

  1. Boring because I stayed home.
  2. Exciting because I went to watch Beauty and the Beast, went horseback riding, played baseball, and went to Boomers.

The answer is 2. It was so thrilling.

Friday, I went on the 308 bus to

  1. Escondido
  2. Del Mar
  3. Carmel Valley
  4. None of the above

It’s 1 and we saw Beauty and the Beast. It was enjoyable because

  1. Mickey was in the movie.
  2. Arlie was Belle in it.
  3. The pots were funny.

It was 3 because the pots were so off the wall. Their voices were so hilarious. I also liked Belle because for one, she was so beautiful and second, it was played by the amazing star, Emma Watson, who was Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.  

Saturday, I went horseback riding and

  1. My horse was flying.
  2. It was a unicorn.
  3. My horse was Hollywood.

Hmm, it must be 3 because it’s true.

After horseback riding, I went to baseball and then I changed into my nice, unsexy clothes because I went to my cousin Alison’s baby shower. It was so fun and it was at Myst which is a venue on Mira Mesa Ave.  Turns out Alison was opening gifts we got there at 2:30 pm, not 1:30 pm because we were getting dressed while watching the live streaming of the Mountbatten Festival of music on her Majesty’s Royal Marines page on Facebook. Basically it was a concert and for the first time in history the Switzerland Top Secret Drum Corps joined in. The gifts Alison opened were a card from me, a mini drums set, clothes, and other gifts. She is having a baby boy. The baby shower finished fast.


Sunday, I went to Boomers with the Friendship Circle. I played driving games. I didn’t go on the go karts because it was not on the cards my buddy had. It was super great!


My preferred part of the weekend was Boomers because I got 3rd place for 1 game. My least favorite part was when we got to the baby shower late. Overall, my weekend was so fantastic! Next weekend, I will go to a park to pull weeds. I also want to help dad with gardening or water the lawn because it will be another perfect day!!!


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