Weekend of March 17, 2017

My weekend was stupendous! I toured around Flower Hill mall, went to a Japanese restaurant with Uncle Jay, played baseball, went to Shooting Stars, strolled  around Mission Bay, and did Karate.


Friday, we rode on the public city bus to Flower Hill mall and we got food at Chipotle and ate at Mcdonalds. After lunch, we went to Pier 1 Imports and the items I needed to look for were  in the front of the store. The items were a bunny, cups and plates. Luckily in the end, I was under budget. We also went to Petco. We saw 2 cats named Cappuccino and Midnight which were sleeping. In class, we watched the movie 101 Dalmatians. Around 5:30 pm at home, Sabbath started and we went to this Japanese restaurant with Uncle Jay and Liliana. Omg, the food looked delicious. It is by Vons in Del Mar and you know, it was nice and a calm night.  

Saturday morning I was not smiling because I had my pictures taken before and after baseball. For my picture, it was hard for me to smile, until Liliana told me a joke. THEN I smiled.


Not only that, but I got a home run!!!!  


Sunday, I started the movie Cheetah Girls but I paused it because I had Shooting Stars.   Everybody had to learn a script for a play but I didn’t want to do a script. I was so shy! So another kid did the skit outside without me. After snack, we danced. We did the game, freeze, and tickle your tuchus. One kid goes in the middle and says tickle your tuchus if you are wearing green…and each kid who is wearing green changes position  to a different part of the circle. Whoever who can’t find a spot to move to gets to be the new leader in the middle.

After that, Cece and I went to Mission Bay to walk around. Every half hour I heard this buzzing noise and I thought, what is that noise?  Turned out it was a toy kite. It was so cool!  Ooh cool! At home, I completed the Cheetah Girls movie and I liked the end. The movie is basically about 4 girls who want to be in a talent singing competition, but some guy named Jackal Johnston ruined their song, and decided to make each of them wear masks for the show. But they decided no they will not sing in masks. Later, Toto their dog went in a hole and the girls were looking for him and finally, they sang, “Together we can, shoot the moon and the rain.” Well in order for the dog Toto to be rescued, they needed to sing, and that’s why and how they won. At 4:30 pm, my dad and I went to Karate and my buddy is so swell . We reviewed how to handle bullies, did self defense, did something about Ninjas, had pool noodles for lightsabers and had pictures at the end. It was a lot of fun!!!



My favorite part of the weekend was that Japanese restaurant because it was nice to be with Jay and Lilliana. I didn’t have a least preferred part. Overall, my weekend was fabulous!! Next weekend, I will go to a baby shower and Boomers. I also want to get a birthday present for Arlie and Joe, or go hiking on the beach. I want to do one of these things because it will be so exciting!!!



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