Weekend of February 17, 2017

My four day  weekend was relaxing. It consisted of Zumba, Musicworx, staying home, watching “The Princess Diaries” (movies 1 and 2), watching “The Lego Batman’” movie and going to Legoland.

Thursday at ATP we had Zumba in the library. There were a lot of people there  and we danced to the music. After lunch, Samantha, the Musicworx teacher, came late and the kids played games. One game consisted of using drums as a racket like volleyball. I thought that it was cool because each kid hit the ball with their drums.  

Friday, I had a cold so I stayed home because there was no school. I rested that day and I did the same thing on Saturday. I watched The Princess Diaries 1 and 2  again. I like the part when someone says  “Look out the window and welcome to Genovia.” Mia finally said that she will be queen of Genovia. Sunday, I saw “The Lego Batman” movie at UTC; Batman was evil.


Monday, Arlie and I went to Legoland and it was fun. I went on the big boat ride and the Ninjago ride. We were 3rd in the game. I also took a picture with the Lego Batman character which was sweet.


My favorite part of the weekend was going to the movies because I love going to the cinema. There was nothing terrible about my weekend. Overall, it was fantastic. Next weekend I want to either go camping  or go fishing for a fish, maybe a butterfly fish or a tang. I want to do one of these things because it will be an outrageous weekend.  


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