Weekend of February 10, 2017

My weekend was outstanding because I did a lot of neat things. I went to CVS, saw the dress rehearsal for a concert, had a barn lesson, and went to the aquarium.

Friday, I went to CVS where I did a scavenger hunt with Jason, my aide, for stuff for Valentine’s Day. It was lovely because all of the cards were so cute! At night, my dad and I went to the dress rehearsal for the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus, at Mandeville Hall at UCSD, which is a huge university! I loved the Beethoven Violin Concerto because I knew the third movement, which made me feel happy inside.


Saturday, I had a barn lesson because it rained all morning long. I rode Boss the Artificial Horse. I can’t ride in the rain because then it’s too wet. I was ok riding Boss but I missed riding Hollywood. In the afternoon I hung out at home while watching Harry Potter.   


Sunday there was no nurse. I was saying, “ what?” Cece had a friend visit which was why she did not come. So where was Kara my new nurse? She came around 12 pm and we didn’t go to the aquarium until 2:15 pm. My favorite part of it was when we saw the new exhibit about the Sally Ride ship because it was interesting. I felt inspired by the crewmembers because it was informative.   

My most enjoyable part of the weekend was the aquarium because it reminded me of Del Mar beach especially the water in the tide pools. My least favorite was when there was no nurse in the morning, but at least I had a nurse in the afternoon, which made me feel better. Phew! Overall, my weekend was so relaxing. Next weekend is President’s Day so it will be a three day weekend. I want to either go to a pond (not like the lily pond in Balboa Park) but maybe the Miramar Reservoir, or go to a beach like   Coronado because ahh this will be the most relaxing weekend. If it rains then I might want to try Laser tag.


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