Weekend of February 3, 2017

My weekend was so cool because this was the best weekend ever! I did a lot of things like go to Escondido,  enjoy horseback riding, spend time at Grandma’s house, attend the Museum of Making Music, walk around  Carlsbad beach, drive to  Rite Aid, and watch the Super Bowl on TV.

Friday, we rode the bus to Escondido to the transit office and I got my bus I.D.  After the I.D., Arlie, Celia,  and I went to Souplantation.  

Saturday, I went horseback riding, and it was great because I was back in the arena! After that around 2 pm my dad and I went to my Grandma’s house because she had a backache. We watched a movie about when she was little. It even had my mom when she was a baby. I liked it because she was so cute!   


Sunday, Cece and I went to Carlsbad beach after we went to the Museum of Making Music. My favorite part of the museum was the guitar area because it was a movie about the birth of the Dreadnoughts.   


After going to see all of the Valentines cards at Rite Aid, we went home. We saw the Super Bowl and I liked the first half so much because  the Falcons were winning. The half time was so wonderful even though Lady Gaga’s dress omg it was not suitable. I especially liked how she flew at  the start of the show. After that, I glanced at the game til the end because I was bored with it, but my dad liked when Tom Brady, who was an awesome player, won the game in the last few minutes. It is true because he has won 5 super bowl games. Wow!

My favorite part of the weekend was when I saw the football game because of Tom Brady! I didn’t have a least favorite because overall, it was amazing!   Next weekend, I want to go to Vons to get Valentine’s day gifts  for Arlie or my dad because it will be so cute!


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