Long Weekend of January 27, 2017

My 4 day weekend was so amazing, because I did so many things. I had my last peer group of the semester, I went horseback riding, I watched the movie Sing, I went to Shooting Stars club at Chabad, I walked around the beach, and I went to the Zoo. Friday, we had our last peer group. We hung out and I got an award for participation! Wow! After that I went to get my car fixed while Arlie and I walked about 3,000 steps  back and forth to Zion market and the Honda service department. Zion is a Korean mall. There was a stuffed bear sitting on a piano bench. aww!

Saturday, I went horseback riding. Since the arena was wet, the parking lot was our arena and I rode Hollywood; I did a figure eight. After that, we went to see the movie Sing, and it made me remember my childhood memories because their costumes and voices were super excellent!    


Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars and we colored some stuff, and then we put on tutus because we had to learn a dance using pom poms, which is a prop that cheerleaders mostly use.  


After, we went to the Oceanside pier, and we saw this big poster of Pearl Harbor. Now that was when many ships sank.


Monday, I went to the Zoo. There were some marsupials and giraffes. I always dreamed of riding one. Also, there were these kookaburras flying all over the aviary. Lastly, we went to the carousel and because it was closed, I was so disappointed.


Tuesday I walked for 30 minutes while watching Family Feud; OMG, the Brown family won $20,000 and a new car.  Then we went to Kohl’s and we couldn’t find the rain boots, and we were wondering if the store carries it there. The lady who was working said, sorry we don’t have any, you can only get it online. Oh man, I thought. Anyways, after that we drove to Boomers and I was saying, “Where are you, go karts?” There was no response, and just then there was a closed gate at the back. What! I thought, as we parked in front of the entrance. So we went inside and played Deal or no Deal. I won the total of 400 e tickets.. My favorite part of it was when I won 100 tickets for Deal or no Deal game.  


My favorite part of the weekend was when I was at Boomers because it was amazing! I didn’t like missing my dad because he was in Florida again. I missed him a lot. When he gets home, he will kiss me. Overall, my weekend was really enjoyable because I was busy. Next weekend, I will watch the Superbowl. Besides that, I want to either see Jaydon, my friend, or see Natalie, who is also my friend. I want to do one of these things because it will be marvelous!


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