Weekend of February 24, 2017

My weekend was nice because of David’s  birthday celebration, and I had Shooting Stars and Karate.

Saturday, I went horseback riding and it was great because I rode Hollywood. After that my dad and I went to Marshalls to buy my cousin, David, a nice shirt for his birthday. Next, we went to my grandma’s house to comfort her because of her back. There we heard chattering about David’s birthday dinner  and I joined the conversation by saying, “I want to come tonight.” My Grandma said, “ok you can come.” So, that night I went with Cece and omg, David is so handsome looking. He had a muffin cake and the lights on the cake were sparkling! So cool!  


Sunday, Sally was my nurse. When she came last time we always do this hand game that goes ”down down baby down by the roller cross the sweet sweet baby sweet…“ In the morning, we went to Shooting Stars where the kids got ready for the Purim celebration next Sunday. First, we made cards for Purim, which is a holiday in 2 weeks. Then we walked on this long line like a tightrope and on the edges were names of  the people in the Purim story. The people were King Ahashuerus, Mordecai, Queen Esther, Haman, and Vashti. We also made masks for Purim. The masks remind us that Haman wore a mask and is evil. That event  was at a temple in La Jolla.

After Purim, we had trouble finding the aquarium. We were on a dirt road past La Jolla Shores, but the aquarium sign pointed this way so we got there late and it was sprinkling. I did not want to go in because I figured let’s go to the beach. So, we went to La Jolla Cove beach instead and it was warm there, but I  didn’t want to walk because of the heat.

At 4:30 I got ready to go to Karate with my dad. It was at a place in Sorrento Valley close to Musicworx but it was on the other side of the freeway. The teachers were professional black belt warriors. We did self defense and had a battle.


At home that night, I watched the Oscars and saw the sexist dresses on the red carpet on tv. The opening song for the Oscars was Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake.  

My favorite part of the weekend was the  Oscars because the host was so funny. I did not like when it rained at Shooting Stars because that stunk. Overall, my weekend was outstanding! Next weekend, I want to either go to Souplantation, or go to a kite festival. I want to do one of these things because it will be fabulous!!!


Weekend of February 17, 2017

My four day  weekend was relaxing. It consisted of Zumba, Musicworx, staying home, watching “The Princess Diaries” (movies 1 and 2), watching “The Lego Batman’” movie and going to Legoland.

Thursday at ATP we had Zumba in the library. There were a lot of people there  and we danced to the music. After lunch, Samantha, the Musicworx teacher, came late and the kids played games. One game consisted of using drums as a racket like volleyball. I thought that it was cool because each kid hit the ball with their drums.  

Friday, I had a cold so I stayed home because there was no school. I rested that day and I did the same thing on Saturday. I watched The Princess Diaries 1 and 2  again. I like the part when someone says  “Look out the window and welcome to Genovia.” Mia finally said that she will be queen of Genovia. Sunday, I saw “The Lego Batman” movie at UTC; Batman was evil.


Monday, Arlie and I went to Legoland and it was fun. I went on the big boat ride and the Ninjago ride. We were 3rd in the game. I also took a picture with the Lego Batman character which was sweet.


My favorite part of the weekend was going to the movies because I love going to the cinema. There was nothing terrible about my weekend. Overall, it was fantastic. Next weekend I want to either go camping  or go fishing for a fish, maybe a butterfly fish or a tang. I want to do one of these things because it will be an outrageous weekend.  


Weekend of February 10, 2017

My weekend was outstanding because I did a lot of neat things. I went to CVS, saw the dress rehearsal for a concert, had a barn lesson, and went to the aquarium.

Friday, I went to CVS where I did a scavenger hunt with Jason, my aide, for stuff for Valentine’s Day. It was lovely because all of the cards were so cute! At night, my dad and I went to the dress rehearsal for the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus, at Mandeville Hall at UCSD, which is a huge university! I loved the Beethoven Violin Concerto because I knew the third movement, which made me feel happy inside.


Saturday, I had a barn lesson because it rained all morning long. I rode Boss the Artificial Horse. I can’t ride in the rain because then it’s too wet. I was ok riding Boss but I missed riding Hollywood. In the afternoon I hung out at home while watching Harry Potter.   


Sunday there was no nurse. I was saying, “ what?” Cece had a friend visit which was why she did not come. So where was Kara my new nurse? She came around 12 pm and we didn’t go to the aquarium until 2:15 pm. My favorite part of it was when we saw the new exhibit about the Sally Ride ship because it was interesting. I felt inspired by the crewmembers because it was informative.   

My most enjoyable part of the weekend was the aquarium because it reminded me of Del Mar beach especially the water in the tide pools. My least favorite was when there was no nurse in the morning, but at least I had a nurse in the afternoon, which made me feel better. Phew! Overall, my weekend was so relaxing. Next weekend is President’s Day so it will be a three day weekend. I want to either go to a pond (not like the lily pond in Balboa Park) but maybe the Miramar Reservoir, or go to a beach like   Coronado because ahh this will be the most relaxing weekend. If it rains then I might want to try Laser tag.


Weekend of February 3, 2017

My weekend was so cool because this was the best weekend ever! I did a lot of things like go to Escondido,  enjoy horseback riding, spend time at Grandma’s house, attend the Museum of Making Music, walk around  Carlsbad beach, drive to  Rite Aid, and watch the Super Bowl on TV.

Friday, we rode the bus to Escondido to the transit office and I got my bus I.D.  After the I.D., Arlie, Celia,  and I went to Souplantation.  

Saturday, I went horseback riding, and it was great because I was back in the arena! After that around 2 pm my dad and I went to my Grandma’s house because she had a backache. We watched a movie about when she was little. It even had my mom when she was a baby. I liked it because she was so cute!   


Sunday, Cece and I went to Carlsbad beach after we went to the Museum of Making Music. My favorite part of the museum was the guitar area because it was a movie about the birth of the Dreadnoughts.   


After going to see all of the Valentines cards at Rite Aid, we went home. We saw the Super Bowl and I liked the first half so much because  the Falcons were winning. The half time was so wonderful even though Lady Gaga’s dress omg it was not suitable. I especially liked how she flew at  the start of the show. After that, I glanced at the game til the end because I was bored with it, but my dad liked when Tom Brady, who was an awesome player, won the game in the last few minutes. It is true because he has won 5 super bowl games. Wow!

My favorite part of the weekend was when I saw the football game because of Tom Brady! I didn’t have a least favorite because overall, it was amazing!   Next weekend, I want to go to Vons to get Valentine’s day gifts  for Arlie or my dad because it will be so cute!


Long Weekend of January 27, 2017

My 4 day weekend was so amazing, because I did so many things. I had my last peer group of the semester, I went horseback riding, I watched the movie Sing, I went to Shooting Stars club at Chabad, I walked around the beach, and I went to the Zoo. Friday, we had our last peer group. We hung out and I got an award for participation! Wow! After that I went to get my car fixed while Arlie and I walked about 3,000 steps  back and forth to Zion market and the Honda service department. Zion is a Korean mall. There was a stuffed bear sitting on a piano bench. aww!

Saturday, I went horseback riding. Since the arena was wet, the parking lot was our arena and I rode Hollywood; I did a figure eight. After that, we went to see the movie Sing, and it made me remember my childhood memories because their costumes and voices were super excellent!    


Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars and we colored some stuff, and then we put on tutus because we had to learn a dance using pom poms, which is a prop that cheerleaders mostly use.  


After, we went to the Oceanside pier, and we saw this big poster of Pearl Harbor. Now that was when many ships sank.


Monday, I went to the Zoo. There were some marsupials and giraffes. I always dreamed of riding one. Also, there were these kookaburras flying all over the aviary. Lastly, we went to the carousel and because it was closed, I was so disappointed.


Tuesday I walked for 30 minutes while watching Family Feud; OMG, the Brown family won $20,000 and a new car.  Then we went to Kohl’s and we couldn’t find the rain boots, and we were wondering if the store carries it there. The lady who was working said, sorry we don’t have any, you can only get it online. Oh man, I thought. Anyways, after that we drove to Boomers and I was saying, “Where are you, go karts?” There was no response, and just then there was a closed gate at the back. What! I thought, as we parked in front of the entrance. So we went inside and played Deal or no Deal. I won the total of 400 e tickets.. My favorite part of it was when I won 100 tickets for Deal or no Deal game.  


My favorite part of the weekend was when I was at Boomers because it was amazing! I didn’t like missing my dad because he was in Florida again. I missed him a lot. When he gets home, he will kiss me. Overall, my weekend was really enjoyable because I was busy. Next weekend, I will watch the Superbowl. Besides that, I want to either see Jaydon, my friend, or see Natalie, who is also my friend. I want to do one of these things because it will be marvelous!