Weekend of January 20, 2017

My weekend was so thrilling. Friday, it was raining a lot, so we saw the Inauguration online of President Donald Trump. I thought his speech was wonderful because he was so positive. I also saw the movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and I liked it because it was about school.

Saturday, I had a barn lesson because the horse arena was drenched. We talked about parts of a saddle and the halter.


After that, my dad and I went to get a rain barrel, which was on El Camino Real in Encinitas. Then, we went to the Dollar Tree store to get some notebooks for the nurse’s notes. The store has items that are a dollar.

Sunday, Cece and I went to the Reuben H. Fleet Museum, aka The Science Center. We saw a movie called a Beautiful Planet, which was about how Earth is such a beautiful planet. After that, we walked around the museum and it was so big; we saw how the body functions.


At home we saw the craziest football game. See, one team had 44 whereas the other had 36 and it was so huge!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite part of the weekend was when I saw that Inauguration, because when he said, “America’s first. America’s first,” I was so proud of that. My other favorite was the playoffs because it was so exciting. I didn’t have a least favorite part.

Overall, my weekend was not like hitting the sack, but it was like raining cats and dogs. Next weekend, it is a long weekend. I want to go skiing or hiking because it will be so exciting.


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