Weekend of January 13, 2017

My 3 day weekend was so great because it was relaxing.

Friday, we went out for lunch at Panda Express. I had a great time because I was with my classmates. After speech, we saw the Lion King movie. It was about Simba a lion, and how his story brought all the animals back to Pride Rock. After I came home, my caregiver Jessica came and we did a cheer she remembered. it goes “Be Aggressive, Be Be Aggressive, B E  A G G R E S S I V E, Aggressive.”

Saturday, I had a barn lesson and we did a scavenger hunt. It was both hard and easy. I found the leadrope and the halter. At 12:30 pm , Cece,  grandma Rhoda, and I went to Ellinora’s first birthday party at Bob and Julie’s house. It was nice because Ellinora had on a tutu.


There were  some other toddlers that were so cute. There were so many gifts and people. I thought, “Omg, Ellinora you are the birthday girl!” There was also a ball pit outside. Soon after people ate, it was time for her first cake. It was a chocolate ice cream cake. It was yummy when I tried it.


Sunday, I went to the Safari Park, and omg, we rode the tram and saw rhinos, giraffes, and some antelopes. It was so fun because of these animals.  After, there were some cheetahs walking on leash. It was so cool. After that, I went on the carousel once.  

Monday, I saw the movie Undercover. It was so cool because there was a character named Molly, played by the great Miley Cyrus. I went to Boomers and I went on the go carts; I fit in the cart and it excited me.


I also tried out the Star Wars arcade game and it was hard.      


My favorite part of my weekend was Boomers because it was outstanding!  My least favorite was missing dad because it was not my favorite part. Overall, my 3 day weekend was great!  Next weekend, I want to go to a jazz festival or celebrate the coming president Trump by going to Souplantation because it will be so lovely!


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