Weekend of January 20, 2017

My weekend was so thrilling. Friday, it was raining a lot, so we saw the Inauguration online of President Donald Trump. I thought his speech was wonderful because he was so positive. I also saw the movie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and I liked it because it was about school.

Saturday, I had a barn lesson because the horse arena was drenched. We talked about parts of a saddle and the halter.


After that, my dad and I went to get a rain barrel, which was on El Camino Real in Encinitas. Then, we went to the Dollar Tree store to get some notebooks for the nurse’s notes. The store has items that are a dollar.

Sunday, Cece and I went to the Reuben H. Fleet Museum, aka The Science Center. We saw a movie called a Beautiful Planet, which was about how Earth is such a beautiful planet. After that, we walked around the museum and it was so big; we saw how the body functions.


At home we saw the craziest football game. See, one team had 44 whereas the other had 36 and it was so huge!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite part of the weekend was when I saw that Inauguration, because when he said, “America’s first. America’s first,” I was so proud of that. My other favorite was the playoffs because it was so exciting. I didn’t have a least favorite part.

Overall, my weekend was not like hitting the sack, but it was like raining cats and dogs. Next weekend, it is a long weekend. I want to go skiing or hiking because it will be so exciting.


Weekend of January 13, 2017

My 3 day weekend was so great because it was relaxing.

Friday, we went out for lunch at Panda Express. I had a great time because I was with my classmates. After speech, we saw the Lion King movie. It was about Simba a lion, and how his story brought all the animals back to Pride Rock. After I came home, my caregiver Jessica came and we did a cheer she remembered. it goes “Be Aggressive, Be Be Aggressive, B E  A G G R E S S I V E, Aggressive.”

Saturday, I had a barn lesson and we did a scavenger hunt. It was both hard and easy. I found the leadrope and the halter. At 12:30 pm , Cece,  grandma Rhoda, and I went to Ellinora’s first birthday party at Bob and Julie’s house. It was nice because Ellinora had on a tutu.


There were  some other toddlers that were so cute. There were so many gifts and people. I thought, “Omg, Ellinora you are the birthday girl!” There was also a ball pit outside. Soon after people ate, it was time for her first cake. It was a chocolate ice cream cake. It was yummy when I tried it.


Sunday, I went to the Safari Park, and omg, we rode the tram and saw rhinos, giraffes, and some antelopes. It was so fun because of these animals.  After, there were some cheetahs walking on leash. It was so cool. After that, I went on the carousel once.  

Monday, I saw the movie Undercover. It was so cool because there was a character named Molly, played by the great Miley Cyrus. I went to Boomers and I went on the go carts; I fit in the cart and it excited me.


I also tried out the Star Wars arcade game and it was hard.      


My favorite part of my weekend was Boomers because it was outstanding!  My least favorite was missing dad because it was not my favorite part. Overall, my 3 day weekend was great!  Next weekend, I want to go to a jazz festival or celebrate the coming president Trump by going to Souplantation because it will be so lovely!


Weekend of January 6, 2017

My weekend was nice, easy and half cute because well you’ll see why!  

On Friday at ATP, we saw the movie The Little Mermaid. It was so cute because Ariel was so pretty. Sebastian was the crab who tries to hurt Ariel’s father. I liked the song Part of Your World because it was about her home and what it was like in her world.

Saturday, I  went shopping for Ellinora with my dad.  Elinora will have her first birthday party at her Grand dad’s and mom’s house this coming Saturday. We bought her a cute love shirt, and my dad found a funny exercise outfit.  My dad and I went over to Mathew and Anne Marie’s house and I was so jealous because my dad gave all  his attention to Elinora. I wanted all the attention from  my dad. I was saying, aw!  

Sunday, I went to Legoland. First we went on the Coastersaurus ride and then it was time for the Lego Friends show. Well, after the girls said “Oh you guys I love when we are together,” there was no music so then the girls said, “sorry techial difficulty be back for the 11:45 show.”  I thought aw man really?  At 11:45 there was no show; it was at 12:15.  So it worked this time. I was glad. We also went on the ride Dragon, Safari Tram, and Ninjago. We had fun.   


My favorite part of the weekend was Legoland because it was so nice. My least favorite was when the technical difficity happened.  Overall, my weekend was terrific. Next weekend is a long weekend because of MLK day. If the weather is nice, I want to either go to a beach, or go to the snow. I want to do one of these things because it will be so wonderful and awesome!


Winter Break Starting December 16, 2016

My winter break was great because winter break in general is so much fun; I love this time of the year because of Chanukah and Christmas. The weekend part was so awesome, because I did a lot.

During the last day of school, it rained a lot.  I thought oh no, I can’t get a picture for the ADA ID in Escondido if it is raining. So instead, our class watched a Charlie Brown Christmas movie. It was so funny because  I liked when a girl was supposed to say  “Hark.”, but instead she said, “Hockey Stick.”

That night, Lisa and Rick came over for happy hour, which was enjoyable because it was nice to see them.


On Saturday, I had a barn lesson and afterwards, I gave Best Boy candy canes to munch on. It was tasty and that’s why he loved it.


After that, I went to the music store to buy a new Yamaha keyboard, and I  really admired it because it had some DJ patterns and more instruments. At night, I went to Elinora, Anne-Marie, and Matthew’s house. Elinora was so cute; aww!  


Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars and I made a bag of goodies to take home.    After that, we went to La Jolla Shores  beach. I walked around for few minutes.

Monday, I went to Legoland and there was a little snow in the Heartlake City area. In Fun Town, they did not have any snow, or shows. They usually have snow there. I was super disappointed. I went on Ninjago  ride, Dragon and Coastersaurus roller coaster rides.  


Tuesday, I went to Boomers. I played this game where you spin this big wheel and It   almost landed on the brass 1000 bonus. I  played many more games. I also hung out at home.


Wednesday, we went to the Safari Park. We hiked up to Condor/Safari trail leading to Tiger trail. It was raining in the morning but after, it was so pretty awesome weather.  While hiking on the trail, the tigers were awake, and walking. They are mostly sleeping all the time. This time, omg, they were so awesome! Going out the trail, we saw Santa Claus and I lined up to take pictures sitting on his lap. Then there were these people on stilts in angel costumes. We saw and enjoyed watching the live juggling, acrobatics, and hula hoops. The man with a woman was just unbelievable. They can do 36 or 40 hula hoops! After that, there was this group of 4 men wearing Christmas wrappers suits. They sang Christmas carols in acapella. They were so funny. One part was when a kid from the crowd got a prize and that prize was to buy hot chocolate and let her mom pay for it. Isn’t that funny? Then, I rode on the carousel 4 times and it was so fun because I missed it.   


Thursday, I saw the movie Moana. OMG, it was super duper funny. This rooster was always in trouble. The beginning part was good, the middle boring. The ending was where Moana and this man named Maui were trying to save the world. The producer did an amazing job on making this movie.

After that, I went to my friend’s house. It was so fun because I saw her huge Christmas tree.


Friday I went to Balboa Park. It rained a little bit, but we went and saw the reindeer and Santa’s sleigh but it looked like… rain, it was so dark. We drove away and I started to cry because I was so scared. “It might rain.” I thought. Then, I could hear this noise like Santa’s sleigh already. I said What! Already? But it is almost starting to rain. So? So what! It is almost Christmas and it is almost pouring rain.  

Saturday, I had another barn lesson. I rode on Boss the mechanical horse.


Then I got ready for Chanukah and celebrating Christmas for Lawrence Welk. Uncle Robert, Aunt Laurie, cousin Allison, Uncle Steven, cousin David, Grandma Rhoda, Dena, and cousin Riley came for Chanukah.   


Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to Legoland again to celebrate the holiday season. I thought it was a merriest Christmas time there.  

Monday, I went to the dentist. I behaved well. Then, we went to watch the movie Sing. It was so funny because the animals were singing well in a competition. Mr. Moon, the koala, was the host. He played great as an announcer.  

Tuesday, we went to the Zoo. It was so packed with people. We saw Casey the monkey and we tried to hike Tiger Trail.  We saw The Polar Express in 4D.

Wednesday, I went to Seaport Village, and there were two men who played Folk songs  and traditional Indian music from Peru. After that, I heard loud drums; it was coming from a brass band from Nebraska. I loved it because it was so neat. I didn’t know they were there. There were so many cars there that we had problem getting out of the parking lot.

That night, I went to a chanukah celebration and I saw animals like Ally the Alligator, an Armidillo, a snake, and a bird of prey. It was at Chabad in Poway. I was with my dad and  we met my friend Jaydon there. We had a fun great time!


Thursday, I went to Old Town. It was so hot! I went to Casa de Reyes to listen to the Mariachi band. I enjoyed it so much because there was an amazing violin player. We also toured the Blacksmith shop and the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which was built in the 17th century. While we were walking around this little market, we heard a familiar sound coming from those same wooden flute, pan flute /guitar duo. Those were the same people who played in Seaport Village yesterday. We walked back to the car because I was so tired.

In the afternoon, my best friend Natalie came, and I was glad to see her. She came from Costa Rica to study college. We hung out and sang songs from Wicked, Mariah Carey, The Polar Express, and Hamilton the musical. We also did snapshots. I saw her mom. I have not seen them for a long time.

Friday I went bowling at Mira Mesa Bowl. I always won.

Saturday was New Year’s eve. I had a friend over at 1:15 pm and we talked and then I fell asleep. I also saw my Aunt Laurie.

Sunday, I went to Seaport Village where the Midway Museum was, and we looked at some shops, saw Bob Hope and the kissing statue. After that, we went to Mission Beach/Belmont Park and oh boy, the kids on the big roller coaster were screaming. We walked around the beach. I had fun!


Monday, we went to Legoland, and we went on Ninjago, Project X, and saw the 4D movie. It was fun because it was 2017.

My favorite part of 2016 was school because I had a nice 2016 at school  and my least favorite was when my tummy always hurt. My favorite part of the break was Legoland, because it was so fun. My least favorite was missing school.