Weekend of November 4, 2016

My weekend was relaxing because it was a nice weekend. I watched the Finding Nemo  movie in school, went horseback riding, played baseball, and stayed home and watched the Chargers football game.

On Friday, we saw the Disney classic  Finding Nemo with Ellen Degeneres who voiced Dory, omg she is so funny! Remember that part “well I have a bit of short term memory loss.” Also Dory can speak whale, and that is my other favorite part. The funniest part is when Dory reads the mask. “The first line is  P Sherman.”  Marlin says ”P Sherman doesn’t make any sense.” The last line is 42 Wallaby Way, Sidney. The ending is also great. In the end, Marlin hears Nemo saying daddy and Marlin is shocked. Dory? NEMO!  The credits had the song Beyond the Sea and I loved dancing to it.

Saturday, I went horseback riding. At baseball, only a few players showed up. Before the game, I saw Berni my peer, but I did not talk to her. We played a hand game which was great. I played well because I got a first pitch hit!  


On boring Sunday, I stayed home because Cece’s apartment had a flood. So my dad and I did chores like exercising, music, and watched the AMAZING Chargers game. It was Chargers vs Tennessee. The score was 47 to 38 and our team won!

At 4 pm Alison, my cousin, came. For Halloween, she was Professor McGonagall. Also, she is pregnant now. I was so excited because that is cool news!


My favorite part of the weekend was watching Finding Nemo because fish are friends not food. My least favorite part was no nurse because I was disappointed that there was no nurse. Overall, my weekend was average. Next weekend, I will have my last baseball game of the season! I also  want to go to a jungle, maybe in northern  California, or go on a really nice nature hike. I want to do one these things because it sounds terrific!


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