Weekend of October 28, 2016

My weekend was super because it was a Halloween weekend. I went to Homegoods, a concert, horseback riding, baseball in my costume, Shooting Stars, and went to La Jolla shores.

Friday, Arlie, Letty and I went to Homegoods and it was fine because I  saw some Christmas decorations there. That night, Jenny, the girl who was at the Haunted Aquarium, my dad and I went to the Orchestra concert and most of the young musicians had costumes on. One dressed up as Luigi. So funny!  Steven Schick, the conductor, did a young people’s concert; that means he talked about the music.  In this case, it was  Symphony no 5 by Beethoven. It is a bit halloweenish because there’s a rest and 4 notes and then midway into the 3rd movement it gets soft and then finally it gets  louder and  louder till the final movement. 


Saturday, I went horseback riding. It wasn’t halloweenish, but, at 12:50, it was, because at baseball there were a lot of kids in costume like Anya was a witch and I was Harry Potter so it was perfect!


[Casey Potter with Jim Brogan, NBA Clippers player during the 1980’s]

There was a special Halloween Lawerence Welk show.  Something cool was there were Frankenstein and Harpo Marx, a famous actor, costumes playing music. The song was called Mr. Ghost Comes To Town.         

Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars at a temple on the way to Kellogg Beach. First, we made a frame, and then the kids, including me, did makeup and next month kids will place the picture of their makeup in the middle of the frame. Then, we played music.


After that, we went to La Jolla Shores beach and I didn’t want to walk around because it was rainy. Because of that, I was in my van. At home, I watched the Chargers game on tv. They were losing so badly.  

My favorite part of the weekend was the orchestra young people’s concert because it was amazing! My least favorite part was the beach because it was not good. Overall, my weekend was wonderful!!!! Next weekend I mainly want to get ready for my Thanksgiving trip because it will be awesome!


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