Weekend of November 18, 2016

My weekend was relaxing because it was a nice weekend. I rode in a horse show, finished my music homework just in time, went to UTC, and painted my nails.

On Saturday, I rode in the Helen Woodward Animal Center annual horse show. I liked that all the riders were participating too. In the show, I showed everyone, including the staff, what I have been practicing for this moment. I did an obstacle course on Hollywood, my horse. Guess what? IT WAS AWESOME! It really was.


Why was it awesome? First, we got first place, and 2nd:

A. I got soup and put it on my horse. Eww!

B. His leg hurt a lot, so I went to the vet with my dad and then he was getting a lot better and we both missed the awards.

C. I got a ribbon with a silver plate.

It was C. Shocking right? Then we stayed for a while and watched Luke ride. He was like a cowboy on the range. Yeehaw, partner!   


That afternoon, I finished my music homework for this week. Phew!

Sunday, I went to U.T.C. I saw the Christmas trees at Sears already. Also, there was a huge Christmas tree and a line for pictures with:

  1. Santa
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Taylor Swift
  4. Mickey
  5. Bruno Mars
  6. Lady Gaga
  7. ACDC
  8. Afi
  9. Led Zeppelin
  10. Kenny G
  11. Kenny Loggins
  12. Some girls and boys scout

LONG list right? It was A, and boy I wanted to stand in line, and Daddy, guys, guess what. I didn’t go in line.  But I DID listen to pretty guitar music that made me fall fast asleep. I like it a lot!

After that my dad packed for my trip.

My favorite part of the weekend was that music because it was so calming. I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was wonderful! Tomorrow I am getting on Delta Airlines and flying to NYC for Thanksgiving week. WOO!


Veteran’s Day Weekend of November 11, 2016

My weekend was busier than any other weekend because it was Veteran’s Day last Friday. I went to the Zoo with Connie, Arlie’s niece from the Philippines, and Arlie. I also went horseback riding, had my last baseball game for the season, and bought an awesome new game, Paper Mario Color Splash. In addition, I went to Shooting Stars, and to La Jolla Shores beach.

If someone asks me, how was your long weekend? I would say, Great! What did you do? On Friday, I went to the Zoo with Connie, Arlie’s niece. Well, what did you do at the Zoo? At the Zoo, we went on the bus tour and we saw elephants, giraffes, some flamingos, koalas, birds, hippos, polar bears, condors, and the freeway 805 south. We also saw Rio the 4d movie. I also went on the train and the carousel. Wow! How did you feel about the tour? I felt good because it was a neat tour and my friend the zoo man did an elephant sound! My favorite part of the Zoo was watching the 4d movie Rio because it was so funny.


Saturday, I went horseback riding early and I practiced my routine for the horse show. I did so well! Then, I rushed to baseball because I had my last baseball game of the season. What was odd was that when it was time for trophies, after my awesome game, my name was in the middle and so I  was thinking “wow am I next? In the middle, huh? Why me?” So, the trophy that I got reminded me of the other day when I was seeing who won in the last world series last year and it was Dodgers and they had the same trophy as mine. Weird right?  


After that I went to GameStop to buy a new game called Paper Mario Color Splash. I loved it because you get to paint in this game.


Sunday was also busy. First of all, Cece and I exercised while listening to 80s music. Next, we went to Shooting Stars. Remember how I made a frame and had a picture of my makeup? Well, first thing I knew it was on a table outside the place. When it started, the kids made tutus and when my buddy tied a belt like thing around my waist, it felt good for a while but then it was painful. I was like oww owwww ow it hurts. Then we did music, dance, snack.


When it was over, we went to La Jolla Shores Beach and we walked around. It was so lovely because these men were camping and one man lit a candle underneath this big box like soil so it was like a campfire because you light a match underneath the fire pit.  


My favorite part of the weekend was the beach because it was calming. My least favorite part was that it was tiring. Overall, my weekend was too busy. Next week is Thanksgiving so Rosalinda, my Dad and I will go to New York. There, I will see my nephew Theo, his mom Alex, his dad Eric, my cousins Jonathan, Benjamin, David, Uncle Ron, Aunt Julie and my grandma and my grandpa M. I am so excited and I can’t hide it because I hope it will be the best trip ever!



Weekend of November 4, 2016

My weekend was relaxing because it was a nice weekend. I watched the Finding Nemo  movie in school, went horseback riding, played baseball, and stayed home and watched the Chargers football game.

On Friday, we saw the Disney classic  Finding Nemo with Ellen Degeneres who voiced Dory, omg she is so funny! Remember that part “well I have a bit of short term memory loss.” Also Dory can speak whale, and that is my other favorite part. The funniest part is when Dory reads the mask. “The first line is  P Sherman.”  Marlin says ”P Sherman doesn’t make any sense.” The last line is 42 Wallaby Way, Sidney. The ending is also great. In the end, Marlin hears Nemo saying daddy and Marlin is shocked. Dory? NEMO!  The credits had the song Beyond the Sea and I loved dancing to it.

Saturday, I went horseback riding. At baseball, only a few players showed up. Before the game, I saw Berni my peer, but I did not talk to her. We played a hand game which was great. I played well because I got a first pitch hit!  


On boring Sunday, I stayed home because Cece’s apartment had a flood. So my dad and I did chores like exercising, music, and watched the AMAZING Chargers game. It was Chargers vs Tennessee. The score was 47 to 38 and our team won!

At 4 pm Alison, my cousin, came. For Halloween, she was Professor McGonagall. Also, she is pregnant now. I was so excited because that is cool news!


My favorite part of the weekend was watching Finding Nemo because fish are friends not food. My least favorite part was no nurse because I was disappointed that there was no nurse. Overall, my weekend was average. Next weekend, I will have my last baseball game of the season! I also  want to go to a jungle, maybe in northern  California, or go on a really nice nature hike. I want to do one these things because it sounds terrific!


Weekend of October 28, 2016

My weekend was super because it was a Halloween weekend. I went to Homegoods, a concert, horseback riding, baseball in my costume, Shooting Stars, and went to La Jolla shores.

Friday, Arlie, Letty and I went to Homegoods and it was fine because I  saw some Christmas decorations there. That night, Jenny, the girl who was at the Haunted Aquarium, my dad and I went to the Orchestra concert and most of the young musicians had costumes on. One dressed up as Luigi. So funny!  Steven Schick, the conductor, did a young people’s concert; that means he talked about the music.  In this case, it was  Symphony no 5 by Beethoven. It is a bit halloweenish because there’s a rest and 4 notes and then midway into the 3rd movement it gets soft and then finally it gets  louder and  louder till the final movement. 


Saturday, I went horseback riding. It wasn’t halloweenish, but, at 12:50, it was, because at baseball there were a lot of kids in costume like Anya was a witch and I was Harry Potter so it was perfect!


[Casey Potter with Jim Brogan, NBA Clippers player during the 1980’s]

There was a special Halloween Lawerence Welk show.  Something cool was there were Frankenstein and Harpo Marx, a famous actor, costumes playing music. The song was called Mr. Ghost Comes To Town.         

Sunday, I went to Shooting Stars at a temple on the way to Kellogg Beach. First, we made a frame, and then the kids, including me, did makeup and next month kids will place the picture of their makeup in the middle of the frame. Then, we played music.


After that, we went to La Jolla Shores beach and I didn’t want to walk around because it was rainy. Because of that, I was in my van. At home, I watched the Chargers game on tv. They were losing so badly.  

My favorite part of the weekend was the orchestra young people’s concert because it was amazing! My least favorite part was the beach because it was not good. Overall, my weekend was wonderful!!!! Next weekend I mainly want to get ready for my Thanksgiving trip because it will be awesome!