My Story of My Life October 19, 2016

Hi,  I am Casey Latz and I was born in San Diego on October 19, 1995. I was so cute.


I cried a lot, and my mom and dad met me. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and I got a g tube. I have two older brothers Eric and Matthew. My first memorable event was when I  was 2 years old. I learned to play piano and at first I couldn’t make one sound on the keys

Around 6,  I went to Ashley Falls school. My friends were Troy, Helen, and Natalie. I had ESY with Ms. Carpenter. Then I graduated kindergarten and moved into middle school at CVMS. They were so nice to me. Linda was my aide, and I met some more kids like Lena and Zoe, and we had fun. We did tournaments in PE. I also started playing drums at 10 and joined the jazz band.

Then I graduated middle school and went to high school at Torrey PInes High School and Canyon Crest Academy.  I started drums and I liked it. Then in 2013, my mom died. It was sad for me. Some things I like to do are Friendship Circle, horseback riding, Legoland, Miracle League, and I love to go in the spa in my backyard.  

In 2014, I graduated high school and moved on to ATP with some awesome kids. Now I  continue to go to Bonnie and Tessa for tutoring.  Five years from now I see myself going to a program after ATP which deals with job training. Also, drinking wine is a goal. Since I am now 21, I am really a true adult.



5 thoughts on “My Story of My Life October 19, 2016

  1. Alison Black says:

    Happy birthday, again! Great personal history! That was fun! I remember all of it. It has been such a joy to have you as a cousin and friend, Casey! Love you lots!

  2. Rachel Parks says:

    It is great to learn more about you and your life, Casey! Jonah stopped doing horseback riding so we’all miss seeing you. Sending love!
    Rachel and Craig

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