Weekend of October 7, 2016

My weekend was Halloween great because it was a spooky weekend. I had baseball, got a tie for my costume, went to Brick or Treat at Legoland, went to the Pumpkin Station, and drove to UTC.

Friday, I went to the Halloween store in Solana Beach to look for a Harry Potter tie but it was sold out. Instead after school I went to Party City and the store had spooky stuff and my tie. I was happy!

Saturday, I didn’t have riding, but I did have baseball and my buddy was Tawney. My base running was awesome!  Around 4:00 pm my nurse Cece came and she got me ready in my Harry Potter costume because we went to Legoland for Brick or Treat; I haven’t been before so I wanted to try it. So cool! There was a band called the Boo Gras instead of bluegrass band. Get it? Bluegrass is a famous western/country style played by a band from the south. That was my favorite part of it and it was so much fun because it was like a fall festival! I also got candy and a brick. 


Sunday, Cece and I went to the Pumpkin Station, like a pumpkin patch. It was so amazing because there were so many animals to pet. We got a tiny pumpkin. Aw! At UTC, we listened to the blues. It was so great because the music was lively.



My favorite part of the weekend was both Legoland and the Pumpkin Patch because they were both the best! My least favorite part was that it was too hot! Overall, I had a fantastic weekend! Next weekend I will go bowling for my birthday weekend. I also want to get a piano cake or get wrapping for my gifts to give to my guests for my birthday because it will be so exciting!


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