Weekend of September 16, 2016

My weekend was ok, but half of what I did was not good. I had horseback riding, baseball, college homework, and Shooting Stars.

Saturday, I horseback rode Hollywood and I did some trivia words like Hock, which is on a horse’s back leg.  Neigh is a sound that a horse says when they greet another horse each morning. After I rode, my Dad and I watched soccer next door and the red team won!

At around 11:30 am, I started getting tired, my neck hurt a lot. I took a power nap for a while. When it was time for baseball, I was so fatigued. I couldn’t bat the first time so I was sleeping like a log. So I decided to myself, “You know, I have an idea. Let’s bat the 2nd time!” So my buddy was a coach and he said, “it’s your turn.” I cried,”NO please don’t.” My dad said,”Ok you don’t have to.”  “No?”  “Wait,” I  said, “I want to try to bat.” My Dad said “Thank you for saying that with the right attitude.” During the game, I exhaustively  got one home run at Miracle League baseball.


Sunday was  busy. First, I went to Shooting Stars. First I did a craft when I  put the tape on this frame.  I painted the frame with the tape. When I took the tape out, it turned out great! Meanwhile, our rabbi came and played a shofar. It was so so so loud. After the shofar blowing, at a church near the cove, 10 kids from the Friendship Circle danced for 30 minutes. During story time, the leader told a story about a boy who had no food. He was in the supermarket and then all of the people had shofars. But, in the end,  this boy had a flute and he played high notes.


After Shooting Stars, Cece and I went to La Jolla Shores beach near the pier for 30 minutes to hang out there. Lastly, I finished my college homework. Phew!


My favorite part of the weekend  was finishing my homework because I worked hard on it. My least favorite part of the weekend was when I was so sleepy because it wasn’t fun. Overall, I had a so so weekend. Next weekend however, I will take a trolley from Old Town to Seaport Village with the Friendship Circle. I also want to either find some makeup for my Halloween costume or get a pumpkin also for my costume. I either will be a pumpkin or Taylor Swift. I want do one of these things because it will be a shake it off weekend!



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