Weekend of September 9, 2016

My weekend was a little humorous but most of all, it was entertaining. I horseback rode Hollywood, which was my horse’s name, attended the opening ceremony for Miracle League baseball, saw a funny movie called Ghostbusters, and went to Legoland with the Friendship Circle group. I also watched the first Harry Potter movie.


Saturday, I rode Hollywood, my horse, and when I needed to turn, my sidewalker held my legs so I wouldn’t fall off of him. Then my Dad and I went over to the field in Rancho Santa Fe for the opening ceremony for my Miracle League and omg guess what my new number on my new baseball T shirt is? Uh 34, no, 90 nah, 20 not it, 11 incorrect, 107 try again. Ooh ohh pick me I know uh is it 50? Close, shucks what was it? It was 5! When the opening ceremony started I signed the national anthem and I did great!


So then I came home and had lunch while watching Harry Potter. And at 3 pm, my Dad and I watched the most hilarious movie you have ever seen. It’s so funny that I highly recommend it, because it is an age appropriate, classic movie for ATP. I know the aides and kids will like it a lot, so maybe if the kids could see it this Friday, that is ok by me. The movie that I am talking about is called Ghostbusters, not the new one but the 1984 one.

Sunday, I  went to Legoland with Cece again with the Friendship Circle. My Legoland pass card expired so first I got my new card. Then there was a note at this table outside the entrance of Legoland that said, “Enjoy your day in the park. Meet at 2 pm in the Legoland golf course area for a snack, shofar (ram horn) blowing, and a group photo. Can’t wait to see you at 2 pm for a small break!” At 2 pm, Cece, my buddy Ella, and I went on Knights Tournament number 1 for Cece and me. For Ella she went on number 5 the highest level. img_1735

We missed the group photo because we went on that ride. But at the end of our exciting day at Legoland, I said goodbye to the rabbi.

My favorite part of the weekend was Legoland because I had a swell time. I didn’t have a least favorite part mostly because my hips did a dance that nobody saw before. Overall, my weekend was “funny as long as it is happening to someone else.”

Next weekend, I want to color my hair, or get a small pet to dress on Halloween because I will be like a college girl who never works a single day of her whole life, because I am so busy and every time work happens, it will become dull, and when it is dull dudette, I am going to knock your socks off!


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