Weekend of August 5, 2016

My weekend was so awesome because I did so much. I went to camp, jazz band, horseback riding, watched the Olympics, and went to the Safari Park.

Friday, I went to camp, and this time the theme was about protecting the environment. One song was the three r’s – reuse, reduce and recycle. It was so cool. After l went to camp, I came home and got ready for jazz band. It was so great, because I was awesome!


Saturday, I had horseback riding. I rode Best Boy. He was a good boy! Later that day,  I  watched part of the Olympics games on TV with my dad at home. We saw cycling, woman swimming, soccer, and tennis. Ah it was the best!

Sunday, I went to the Safari Park with Cece. Since I always go on the tram, we went to the tram first and we saw some giraffes, some bulls, and a camel. After the tram, we ate before we went back to the main area where there were some Chinese acrobats, like Circus Soleil in Vegas, which was amazing. After that, around 2:30, there was bollywood dancing lessons which is from India originally. It is a cool style because you do a move like an Egyptian camel or a snake. I love it because I have seen it before.

My favorite part was the Safari Park because it was so jungly. I didn’t have a least favorite part because it was all so fantastic. Overall, I had a fabulous weekend!  Next weekend, I want to have my makeup done for school or go out for lunch with some friends before we see a movie, because that’s what young girls like to do on a summer day.


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