Weekend of August 19, 2016

My weekend was awesome because I did so much! I went to Seaport Village, horseback riding, watched the Olympics, had a friend over, and went to UTC.

Friday, I went to Seaport Village with Sally and we saw a woman who signed to us, she was a face painter. After talking to her, Sally and I went on the carousel. We had fun because we played hand games during the ride.

After that, we listened to these men who played Latin/Brazilian music which I thought was amazing!


Saturday, during horseback riding, I played a new horse baseball game, and  I won 4 to 0. Wow! Then I came home, did my drums, and watched the Olympics. It was amazing!

Sunday I went to listen to music at UTC. It was enjoyable.

My favorite part of the weekend was UTC because I love that mall. I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was eventful. Next weekend, I want to take a nice hike in Mission Bay or go to the beach because for a last few days of summer it will be so nice.


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