Weekend of August 12, 2016

My weekend, which started on the 12th, was so strange. It was because over this past week my Dad was not here; he went to Puerto Rico, which I heard was so excellent! I had a fun weekend anyways. I had my last day of Camp Let Loose, had a Jazz band concert, went horseback riding, watched Pete’s Dragon, and went to Old Town.

Friday morning, I woke up and  Cece and I were out, bam! to my last day at Camp Let Loose. I wanted to play London Bridge so my buddies held hands and I went under so many times. It was amazing!


In the afternoon, I got dressed in my awesome bathing suit and we went outside for “Water Day.” That was when they had a blow-up slide and what worried me was every time the kids sprayed water, I got wet. I didn’t want to get wet, but the last kid far away sprayed my eyes so I was in pain. I quickly changed my clothes and that was that. Later in the day, I thought this will be a good concert ahooooooo!!! Jason the pianist was soloing like it’s the 1970s and Sophia was soloing like a nice hot summer day.

Saturday, after horseback riding, we went to Cinepolis theater and Cece and I watched Pete’s Dragon, which was about a little boy and a dragon that live in the woods. Unfortunately, it was a little sad.

Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to Old Town. We went to this tour about the Mormons. These  people had on medieval dress-like clothes. While the lady talked, the paintings in front of us started talking like in Harry Potter. Outside the Mormon building, there was a gate and through it was an area where you could mine for gold. After the expert dug out rocks, I had to find as many gold nuggets as I could and I could only pick two to take home.


My favorite part of the weekend was when I was at Old Town because it was so interesting! My least favorite was when it was so hot because it was like an oven.

Overall, I had an awesome weekend. Next weekend, I want to go to Sacramento, or go see the movie Because of Winn Dixie because I know the plot so far and I really really want to see the movie.


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