Week of August 26, 2016

My week was great because I had a fun time. I had Zumba, a CT scan, college homework, went to Legoland, the Safari Park, horseback riding, Seaport Village, Coronado, and had a family birthday dinner for Rick, Uncle Steven and my Dad.

Last week I had Zumba which was really nice. Also I went to Legoland and the Ninjago ride was closed. After that, I had a CT scan which I was so worried about because my dad said “when the test starts, lay still.”  I couldn’t believe it. I laid still. Hopefully the results are good. The last day of the week was on Friday, when I went to the Safari Park. The tigers that we saw were sleeping.

Saturday, during my riding lesson I did some basic jumps and I did so awesome. I did some college homework after lunch.

Sunday, I wanted to take a tour of Petco Park but some woman said they were videotaping [a new TV show called] Pitch Perfect, therefore I was not be able to take a tour.  So Cece and I went all the way from the convention center into the Hilton hotel on our way to Seaport Village. We went to the harbor to get a ferry to take to Coronado for lunch. We rode back to the convention center, taking another ferry,  and we went home after that.


At night, my family came for a special dinner; it was my Dad, Rick and Uncle Steven’s birthdays. After dinner, the whole 12 member family chowed down on a chocolate frosted [actually carrot] cake in the dining room before opening presents.


My favorite part of the weekend was taking the ship to Coronado because I liked that. My least favorite part was the CT scan because it was so ridiculous. Overall, my weekend was good. Next weekend, I want to either go swimming, or have another BBQ because it will be so fantastic.


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