Weekend of September 23, 2016

My weekend was really great because I was so busy. I went horseback riding, played baseball, and took the trolley to Seaport Village.

Saturday around 9, at Helen Woodward Animal Center, I went horseback riding on Hollywood. I went on a trail ride which was fun. At baseball, I got a home run, which always happens, and it was amazing!


Sunday, I rode the trolley with the Friendship Circle from Old Town to Seaport VIllage. I liked the ride, and the view at the park was beautiful.


My favorite part of the weekend was when I rode the trolley because it was  enjoyable. I didn’t have a least favorite part because it was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Overall, my weekend was perfect. Next weekend, I want to either watch Mary Poppins or Princess Diaries because it will be fun, I  guess.


Weekend of September 16, 2016

My weekend was ok, but half of what I did was not good. I had horseback riding, baseball, college homework, and Shooting Stars.

Saturday, I horseback rode Hollywood and I did some trivia words like Hock, which is on a horse’s back leg.  Neigh is a sound that a horse says when they greet another horse each morning. After I rode, my Dad and I watched soccer next door and the red team won!

At around 11:30 am, I started getting tired, my neck hurt a lot. I took a power nap for a while. When it was time for baseball, I was so fatigued. I couldn’t bat the first time so I was sleeping like a log. So I decided to myself, “You know, I have an idea. Let’s bat the 2nd time!” So my buddy was a coach and he said, “it’s your turn.” I cried,”NO please don’t.” My dad said,”Ok you don’t have to.”  “No?”  “Wait,” I  said, “I want to try to bat.” My Dad said “Thank you for saying that with the right attitude.” During the game, I exhaustively  got one home run at Miracle League baseball.


Sunday was  busy. First, I went to Shooting Stars. First I did a craft when I  put the tape on this frame.  I painted the frame with the tape. When I took the tape out, it turned out great! Meanwhile, our rabbi came and played a shofar. It was so so so loud. After the shofar blowing, at a church near the cove, 10 kids from the Friendship Circle danced for 30 minutes. During story time, the leader told a story about a boy who had no food. He was in the supermarket and then all of the people had shofars. But, in the end,  this boy had a flute and he played high notes.


After Shooting Stars, Cece and I went to La Jolla Shores beach near the pier for 30 minutes to hang out there. Lastly, I finished my college homework. Phew!


My favorite part of the weekend  was finishing my homework because I worked hard on it. My least favorite part of the weekend was when I was so sleepy because it wasn’t fun. Overall, I had a so so weekend. Next weekend however, I will take a trolley from Old Town to Seaport Village with the Friendship Circle. I also want to either find some makeup for my Halloween costume or get a pumpkin also for my costume. I either will be a pumpkin or Taylor Swift. I want do one of these things because it will be a shake it off weekend!



Weekend of September 9, 2016

My weekend was a little humorous but most of all, it was entertaining. I horseback rode Hollywood, which was my horse’s name, attended the opening ceremony for Miracle League baseball, saw a funny movie called Ghostbusters, and went to Legoland with the Friendship Circle group. I also watched the first Harry Potter movie.


Saturday, I rode Hollywood, my horse, and when I needed to turn, my sidewalker held my legs so I wouldn’t fall off of him. Then my Dad and I went over to the field in Rancho Santa Fe for the opening ceremony for my Miracle League and omg guess what my new number on my new baseball T shirt is? Uh 34, no, 90 nah, 20 not it, 11 incorrect, 107 try again. Ooh ohh pick me I know uh is it 50? Close, shucks what was it? It was 5! When the opening ceremony started I signed the national anthem and I did great!


So then I came home and had lunch while watching Harry Potter. And at 3 pm, my Dad and I watched the most hilarious movie you have ever seen. It’s so funny that I highly recommend it, because it is an age appropriate, classic movie for ATP. I know the aides and kids will like it a lot, so maybe if the kids could see it this Friday, that is ok by me. The movie that I am talking about is called Ghostbusters, not the new one but the 1984 one.

Sunday, I  went to Legoland with Cece again with the Friendship Circle. My Legoland pass card expired so first I got my new card. Then there was a note at this table outside the entrance of Legoland that said, “Enjoy your day in the park. Meet at 2 pm in the Legoland golf course area for a snack, shofar (ram horn) blowing, and a group photo. Can’t wait to see you at 2 pm for a small break!” At 2 pm, Cece, my buddy Ella, and I went on Knights Tournament number 1 for Cece and me. For Ella she went on number 5 the highest level. img_1735

We missed the group photo because we went on that ride. But at the end of our exciting day at Legoland, I said goodbye to the rabbi.

My favorite part of the weekend was Legoland because I had a swell time. I didn’t have a least favorite part mostly because my hips did a dance that nobody saw before. Overall, my weekend was “funny as long as it is happening to someone else.”

Next weekend, I want to color my hair, or get a small pet to dress on Halloween because I will be like a college girl who never works a single day of her whole life, because I am so busy and every time work happens, it will become dull, and when it is dull dudette, I am going to knock your socks off!


Labor Day weekend September 2, 2016

My weekend was super because it was Labor Day. I saw my nurse supervisor, Rachel, went horseback riding, did my music work, went to Legoland, and went to Old Town.

Friday after school, I saw my nurse supervisor, Rachel, at home. I was glad to see her when she came.

Saturday, on my horse, I did a figure eight. During the first, second and third time, I didn’t do well but the 4th time I did so amazing. In the afternoon, I read in my college music textbook about enharmony which deals with sharps and flats. That means the notes are the half step higher or lower. So E flat is the same as D sharp and an E sharp is F. Amazing right?

Sunday I went to Legoland with Cece and for some reason, I didn’t want to see the Lego friends show. I don’t know why but finally I decided I might want to go see them so I did. First thing Cece and I did was go on a ride, next to the gift shop and first aid, called Ninjago, where you are in a cart and you shoot Lego people using your hands. It was awesome!


On Monday, I went to Old Town to hear this Mexican band who wanted requests. One person said Besame Mucho and omg this violin player was playing a beautiful sound like it was singing. I loved that and Arlie took a movie of it.

My favorite part of the weekend was Legoland because at Legoland, everything is awesome! I had no least favorite part because it was wonderful! Next weekend, I want to look for a costume for Halloween, or get invitations for my birthday because it will be an exciting weekend.


Week of August 26, 2016

My week was great because I had a fun time. I had Zumba, a CT scan, college homework, went to Legoland, the Safari Park, horseback riding, Seaport Village, Coronado, and had a family birthday dinner for Rick, Uncle Steven and my Dad.

Last week I had Zumba which was really nice. Also I went to Legoland and the Ninjago ride was closed. After that, I had a CT scan which I was so worried about because my dad said “when the test starts, lay still.”  I couldn’t believe it. I laid still. Hopefully the results are good. The last day of the week was on Friday, when I went to the Safari Park. The tigers that we saw were sleeping.

Saturday, during my riding lesson I did some basic jumps and I did so awesome. I did some college homework after lunch.

Sunday, I wanted to take a tour of Petco Park but some woman said they were videotaping [a new TV show called] Pitch Perfect, therefore I was not be able to take a tour.  So Cece and I went all the way from the convention center into the Hilton hotel on our way to Seaport Village. We went to the harbor to get a ferry to take to Coronado for lunch. We rode back to the convention center, taking another ferry,  and we went home after that.


At night, my family came for a special dinner; it was my Dad, Rick and Uncle Steven’s birthdays. After dinner, the whole 12 member family chowed down on a chocolate frosted [actually carrot] cake in the dining room before opening presents.


My favorite part of the weekend was taking the ship to Coronado because I liked that. My least favorite part was the CT scan because it was so ridiculous. Overall, my weekend was good. Next weekend, I want to either go swimming, or have another BBQ because it will be so fantastic.


Weekend of August 19, 2016

My weekend was awesome because I did so much! I went to Seaport Village, horseback riding, watched the Olympics, had a friend over, and went to UTC.

Friday, I went to Seaport Village with Sally and we saw a woman who signed to us, she was a face painter. After talking to her, Sally and I went on the carousel. We had fun because we played hand games during the ride.

After that, we listened to these men who played Latin/Brazilian music which I thought was amazing!


Saturday, during horseback riding, I played a new horse baseball game, and  I won 4 to 0. Wow! Then I came home, did my drums, and watched the Olympics. It was amazing!

Sunday I went to listen to music at UTC. It was enjoyable.

My favorite part of the weekend was UTC because I love that mall. I didn’t have a least favorite part. Overall, my weekend was eventful. Next weekend, I want to take a nice hike in Mission Bay or go to the beach because for a last few days of summer it will be so nice.


Weekend of August 12, 2016

My weekend, which started on the 12th, was so strange. It was because over this past week my Dad was not here; he went to Puerto Rico, which I heard was so excellent! I had a fun weekend anyways. I had my last day of Camp Let Loose, had a Jazz band concert, went horseback riding, watched Pete’s Dragon, and went to Old Town.

Friday morning, I woke up and  Cece and I were out, bam! to my last day at Camp Let Loose. I wanted to play London Bridge so my buddies held hands and I went under so many times. It was amazing!


In the afternoon, I got dressed in my awesome bathing suit and we went outside for “Water Day.” That was when they had a blow-up slide and what worried me was every time the kids sprayed water, I got wet. I didn’t want to get wet, but the last kid far away sprayed my eyes so I was in pain. I quickly changed my clothes and that was that. Later in the day, I thought this will be a good concert ahooooooo!!! Jason the pianist was soloing like it’s the 1970s and Sophia was soloing like a nice hot summer day.

Saturday, after horseback riding, we went to Cinepolis theater and Cece and I watched Pete’s Dragon, which was about a little boy and a dragon that live in the woods. Unfortunately, it was a little sad.

Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to Old Town. We went to this tour about the Mormons. These  people had on medieval dress-like clothes. While the lady talked, the paintings in front of us started talking like in Harry Potter. Outside the Mormon building, there was a gate and through it was an area where you could mine for gold. After the expert dug out rocks, I had to find as many gold nuggets as I could and I could only pick two to take home.


My favorite part of the weekend was when I was at Old Town because it was so interesting! My least favorite was when it was so hot because it was like an oven.

Overall, I had an awesome weekend. Next weekend, I want to go to Sacramento, or go see the movie Because of Winn Dixie because I know the plot so far and I really really want to see the movie.